High V Ali Box From Fairhope, A L


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High V Ali Box From Fairhope, A L

  1. 1. February 1, 2011 I SSUE V
  2. 2. Strategizing Her Way to Quick SuccessAs a Level V leader Ali increased her monthlyvolume by an average of more than 30,000 over afour month period.Strategy has been the guiding word for Level V Executive Consultant Ali Box eversince she joined Rodan + Fields® Dermatologists in January of 2009. Thatsbecause Ali has placed high importance on creating a strategy for herself and herteam as she has built her very impressive Rodan + Fields business.This Florida Gulf Coast leader, who began her business in Alabama, quicklylearned that the key to success in direct selling is duplication and one of the bestways to achieve this is through the Rodan + Fields Big Business Launch (BBL)event. "My goal is to get the maximum return on the investment of my time. Irealized early on that it is far more productive to do one presentation to manyrather than one-on-one meetings," explains Ali. "The BBL is the perfect vehiclefor driving large and rapid growth each month."Key to Alis success and rapid rise to Level V Executive Consultant - a title shereached in just six months - and qualification for the Elite V program isperfecting the BBL event and teaching her team to do exactly the same. Shethinks the genius in the BBL model is that you can invite a new team member toattend a BBL so they can see how it works and then duplicate the agenda,talking points and experience stations. Proof of the power of duplication is in herown volume: As a Level V leader she increased her monthly volume by anaverage of more than 30,000 over a four month period.
  3. 3. Helping New Consultants Earn Back Their InvestmentAli also learned that the BBL is the ideal way to help new Consultants earncommissions right away. "People who earn back their investment in their first 30days are more likely to develop their business at a fast pace," says Ali. To helpthem do this, Ali and her team help new Consultants hold their BBLs within thefirst 14 days of joining the company. Today Ali helps train people throughoutRodan + Fields on the power of the BBL and how simple it is to do.Ali focuses right now on helping her direct recruits hold BBLs for their newConsultants, a schedule that has her doing two to three presentations a week.She says Thursday evenings are good times, as well as Saturdays from 4 to 6p.m. and coffee presentations during the week at 10 a.m., with each launchlasting about an hour and a half. Her advice to new Consultants: "Keep it simpleand dont over think it. People are going to join your business because of yourexcitement; you dont have to be an expert."For Ali, teamwork has made all the difference for her and those in herorganization. "Were all successful because of each other," she points out. She isespecially proud that she has helped two other business partners on her team,Tiffany Donald and Iz Head, qualify for the Elite V program. In addition to thefinancial goals she and her team members are reaching, Ali credits Rodan +Fields for the building of so many new friendships. "Its really amazing how thistype of business creates such unbelievable friendships," she adds.
  4. 4. "People are going to join your business because ofyour excitement; you dont have to know all of thedetails." Ali Box Ali Box with her team
  5. 5. Products Backed by Clinical StudiesStrategy and teamwork are important components of Alis success, but she isquick to point out that it was the quality of the products that caught herattention. As a top performer in the launch of billion dollar pharmaceuticalproducts, she was used to the world of research and development protocolssteeped in rigid clinical trials. "The thing that really intrigued me about thisbusiness was that it promoted a clinical product developed by physicians," sheexplains. "Our products are backed by clinical studies." But unlike thepharmaceutical world where she never knew if physicians actually prescribed thedrugs she presented, her Rodan + Fields business allows her to "close the sale"and know immediately that she has a new Consultant or Customer. "This is somuch more fun," Ali says with a laugh. "I love what I do now." A Family AffairIn addition to running one of the fastest growing Rodan + Fields organizations in thecountry, Ali is a wife and mother. Alis husband, David, "retired" from his job as apharmaceutical company executive after Ali had been working her Rodan + Fields businessfor 15 months. "Ive now replaced his income," says Ali. "He helps me a lot, whether its inrecruiting or running the numbers for me. He also does three-way calls with husbands orother men who want to come into the business. It says a lot for someone like him to retirebecause he saw this vision."
  6. 6. Ali and David Box at convention 2010 in New Orleans, LAIn January, Ali and David achieved the Road to RFxCar Incentive Program and are nowdriving a beautiful new starfire pearl Lexus. Now, they are setting their sights on reachingthe next level, RFx, as they enjoy the freedom Rodan + Fields gives them to be with theirchildren, Caden, 6, and Blakely, 4. Ali is also committed to helping her team grow and reachtheir goals so they can "change their lives the way [Rodan + Fields] has changed mine."
  7. 7. Ali Box at with her new Lexus at the AMP Up the Possibilities Tour in 2011Disclaimer: Personal testimonials reflect individual experiences of Rodan + Fields Consultants. Rodan +Fields does not guarantee that Consultants participating in the Rodan + Fields program will generateany income. As with any business, each Consultants business results may vary. Earnings depend on anumber of factors, including the area in which you live and your individual effort.Copyright ©2011 Rodan & Fields, LLC. All rights reserved. www.rodanandfields.com