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Course information

  1. 1. Course Information
  2. 2. Description of the Course• The following course has been created to meet specific needs of the learners and helps them to accomplish their English skills; it can be called English for Specific Purposes (ESP) this kind of program get the possibility to use the language for their needs, for example in this case, for tourism purposes.
  3. 3. General Objective• Students in this course will learn the importance of tourism industry, in order to improve their knowledge about grammar, vocabulary, reading and speaking.
  4. 4. Unit 1 “Welcome to El Salvador” Specific Objective: The students will be able to learn about Salvadorian culture, important dates, and heritage. • History of El Salvador • Military Dictatorships (1931-1979) • Salvadoran Civil War (1980–1992) • Post-war period (1992-)02/12/13 Free template from 4
  5. 5. Unit 2 “Beaches” Specific Objective:The students will learn about Salvadorian beaches,sea life and resorts where those places are located, tourism vocabulary and how to talk with tourists. • La Libertad Playa El Sunzal • Playa El Tunco Costa del Sol • Playa El Zonte Playa El Majahual • Playa El Cuco Playa San Diego02/12/13 Free template from 5
  6. 6. Resorts • Las Veraneras Resort • Royal Decameron Salinitas • Las Flores Resort • La Cocotera Resort & Eco-Lodge • Sea life • Los Cóbanos • Jaltepeque Estuary - Costa del Sol02/12/13 Free template from 6
  7. 7. Unit 3 “Mountains and Volcanos” Specific Objective: The students will be able to explain the importance of mountains and natural resources in our country. • Cerro Grande de Apaneca • Cerro Verde • Cerro San Jacinto • Sierra de Apeneca • Izalco (volcano) • Santa Ana Volcano • Guazapa (volcano)02/12/13 Free template from 7
  8. 8. Unit 4 “Archeological sites” Specific Objective: The students will be able to demonstrate their previous knowledge about Salvadorian archeological sites • San Andrés • Joya de Cerén • El Tazumal and Casa Blanca • National Museum of Anthropology02/12/13 Free template from 8
  9. 9. Unit 5 “Rivers and Lakes” Specific Objective: The students will be able to promote the Salvadorian rivers and lakes. Rivers • Paz River Sensunapan River • Jiboa River Lempa River • Torola River Sumpul River • Ostúa River Río Grande de San Miguel • Goascorán River Aselhuate River Lakes • Coatepeque Lake Ilopango Lake02/12/13 Free template from 9
  10. 10. Unit 6 “Food that enjoy in different places” Specific Objective: The students will be able to rediscover the variety of Salvadorian food. • Typical food ( pupusas,tamales, nuegados,etc) • Seafood (Puerto de la Libertad or different beaches)02/12/13 Free template from 10
  11. 11. Methodology• Designed for entry level students, this introductory course provides in-depth knowledge of the tourism industry from economic, social and environmental perspectives. The course lays down a foundation of knowledge to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the current issues and provides specific methodologies for managing tourism sustainably. Online lectures, videos, case studies and discussions provide an interactive platform to review how small and mainstream tourism companies can more effectively take on the challenge of social, cultural and environmental management worldwide.
  12. 12. Evaluation INDIVIDUAL GROUP FORUMS EVALUATIONTYPE OF COURSE ACTIVITIES WORK PARTICIPATION EXERCISES Curse on line 25% 0 3 75%- This model takes into account, in particular, the individual work of students and their ability toovercome the previously scheduled activities...In this case the activities are:Reading Exercises,Write short paragraph about the different topic of the Unit- The course design projects the automated assessment tests are the primary means, andsometimes only, to check the learning acquired by students.In his case Teacher took to the student bye chat and asks some question whit out material and thisis an important evaluation.- The group activity is not taken into account and the contact with the tutor / is exceptional. Theactivity in the forums is Obligatory.In this Case the teacher put a forum in which students can participate and put their comment inthis forum, this evaluation is obligatory for students because the teacher needs to motivatedstudents participate.
  13. 13. Guide Lines• Student will be responsible with their e-learning.• Student should participate in all the exercises that the teacher put in the on line course.• Be responsible with the date of upload home work in the course on line.• Enter every single day to the online course assigned to them.• Complete all assessments that indicate at the beginning of the course.• Students have to participate in all group discussion.• Students have to share extra information about a specific topic for the rest of the group• Students have to be on time at the beginning and the end of the course.