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Innovation Place is the Open Innovation platform supporting collaborative research through the matching of pre-screened R&D projects, qualified organisations, and public funding opportunities.

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  • Kun je wat invlieganimaties hieraan koppelen?
  • PNO's Innovation place

    1. 1.© PNO
    2. 2. OverviewPractice Offered by: PNO Consultants Arno Schoevaars; Arno.Schoevaars@pnoconsultants.comTeams © PNO 2
    3. 3. INNOVATION PLACE: A unique platform- Hundreds of promising R&D projects- Hundreds of innovative funding programs- Thousands of potential attractive project partners- Creating innovative project ideas together with PNO All in one place!© PNO 3
    4. 4. How can your organizationbenefit from this?Become a free member:• go to the website:;• register your organization/department(s) and your area(s) of attention;• for FREE!Become a premium member:• in case you wish to join Innovation Place as a premium member and benefit from additional services, the only step you need to take is sending an e-mail to:;• the costs are just € 1000 per year.© PNO 4
    5. 5. Innovation Place helps youwith the search for:grants for your R&D projects:With this membership you gain acces to an up-to-date databasefilled with European and national grants.participation in R&D projects from other organizations:You are able to search for project ideas and preparations to participate tofrom the most leading European who can join your R&D project:Membership provides you the possibility to search for suitable partnersfor your research project ideas.© PNO 5
    6. 6. Other functions ofInnovation Place:Free support at identifying funding opportunitiesfor your R&D projects:You can involve an PNO expert who will check funding opportunities foryour R&D projects, with an estimatet budget of at least 750,000 Euro.Notifications on R&D grant- and project opportunities:You will recieve monthly information about grant opportunities and projectopportunities.Network possibilities:Be part of the Innovation Place community and join events relatedto funding and research activities at European level.© PNO 6
    7. 7. Extra servicespremium membership:Each year your R&D projects will be screenedfor grant opportunities:• This screening will be executed by one of our R&D grant experts.• A continuous support in the evaluation of your project ideas.Project collaboration opportunities:• We will assist you to get involved/during involvement in R&D project proposals during the preparation phase.• This support is available during all phases of the proposal, also during the contract negotiations with the granting authority.© PNO 7
    8. 8. Extra servicespremium membership:A special & confidential project managementplatform:Here you can store project files and share these with all the otherproject partners.Discount on PNO support at the preparation of proposals:You will receive a discount on the support by PNO in the preparatoryphase of your proposal.Just € 1.000 per year.© PNO 8
    9. 9. Thank you for yourattention!If you have any questions or remarks, please do nothesitate to contact us.PNO Consultants,Arno Schoevaars: Arno.Schoevaars@pnoconsultants.comwww.pnoconsultants.com© PNO 9