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Title of the Lesson: The Rainbow fish Date: 8/5/2014 and 12/5/2014
Unit of Study: Sea project
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The Rainbow Fish Lesson Plan


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Published in: Education
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The Rainbow Fish Lesson Plan

  1. 1. LESSON PLAN Title of the Lesson: The Rainbow fish Date: 8/5/2014 and 12/5/2014 Unit of Study: Sea project Level and group 4 th graders Number of children: 25 Background Information: In class we are working the sea project. In the English classroom we are working with animals; we are learning the characteristics of the animals, especially the sea animals and we are learning to classify them. On the other hand, we are working on animals’ descriptions. Learning objectives (both language and content): Students will be able to: - Identify fish parts. - Tell an alternative ending. - Identify the events in the story that take place. - Answer questions through the reading. - Sequence the story using pictures and sentences. - Understand most of the vocabulary used in the book. Competencies involved: - Linguistic and audio-visual - Information handling and digital competence - Learning to learn - Autonomy, initiative and decision taking - Knowledge of and interaction with the natural world Assessment: To participate in the lessons. To write a good sea animal description. Lesson development: Activity title Time Description Interaction Skills Materials Session1 Mystery box 2’ Using a mystery box with sparkling scales and a fish drawing we are going to guess the book I’m going to tell. T-Ss/ Ss-Ss S/I Mystery box, sparkling scales, fish drawing. The Rainbow fish story 20’ I’m going to tell pupils the story using the book and while telling the story I’m going to ask them comprehension questions. While telling the story each student is going to receive a sparkling scale. T-Ss/Ss-T L/S The Rainbow fish book, questions, sparkling scales. Brainstorm 3’ Pupils are going to think about the feelings of the little blue fish and Rainbow fish at the beginning and at the end, and two of them are going to share it with the whole class. Ss-Ss I/S Alternative ending 15’ In groups they are going to think of an alternative ending of the story. One member of each group is going to explain it to the others. Ss-Ss I/L/S Session 2 Put in order 15’ In groups pupils are going to put in order sentences related to the story so they are going to have a summary. When everybody has finished they are going to put some story pictures in order on the digital whiteboard. Ss-Ss I/ L/ S/ R Story sentences, story pictures. Describing- Who is it? 25’ Each student is going to choose a sea animal and is going to write a short description. The others will guess the animal. While reading the description aloud record them using audioboo and hang it in the moodle. Ss-Ss I/ S/ L/ W Description worksheet, microphone Song-Round up 5’ As a way to finish we are going to listen to “Under the sea” song from “The little mermaid”. A song we already worked. L “Under the sea” from “The little mermaid” ICT resources Digital whiteboard Audioboo (and a microphone) Personal notes/reminders/homework/other considerations: There is one pupil with some kind of personal needs, bear in mind to help her doing the description. Important: Prepare the pictures and the sentences.