Leaping into Content


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Leaping into Content

  1. 1. LEAPING INTO CONTENT: VIEWS, SALES, SCALEJudi HuckSocial Media & Community Strategist
  2. 2. Why do we produce content - such as blogposts and email campaigns?
  3. 3. Before taking on anything content-wise,first we must build trust by providingvalue.
  4. 4. PART I. ViewsQuality content gets the most visits and shares
  5. 5. SUCCES from Made to StickEasy to understand, easy to remember• Simple• Unexpected• Credible• Concrete• Emotional• Story
  6. 6. SIMPLE• Don’t bury the lead • Inverted pyramid• Simplicity in terms of UX• Exercise • High concept pitches – make your case compact • Hemingway complete stories in 6 words: “For sale: baby shoes, never used.” • Tell your brand story as a children’s book to focus on its core message
  7. 7. UNEXPECTED• Element of surprise• Spark interest• Test of eyebrows and jaws• Make people think• Example • AIDS training for professional athletes
  8. 8. CONCRETE• Touchable• Clear• Example • Giving tree - donating X dollars produces Y effect • Other charities seeking donations
  9. 9. CREDIBILITY• Interesting details• Stats (internal)• Authorities (external) • Idea: interview industry leaders• Caution with stats! • Active part of brain
  10. 10. EMOTIONAL• 2x as effective• Makes people care ( and give, in the case of nonprofits)• Argument “The mere act of calculation reduces people’s charity” • Case studies•
  11. 11. STORYTELLING• Retention• Visualization and photographic memory• Example • Jared of Subway Easy to identify, easy to take away (simple)• Exercise • Examine an article you like and determine the elements that apply • Share a customer testimonial of a positive product or service experience Bonus: use all elements of SUCCES from Made to Stick
  12. 12. PART II. SalesHow does your content drive the bottom line?
  13. 13. Knowing what sellsBack to the Trojan Horse• Importance of audience• Leveraging organic search (SEO)• Exercise • How does our product or service enrich the lives of customers in their day to day lives?
  14. 14. PART III. Scale Content & Community are not silos,but in fact: concerted, collaborative acts
  15. 15. How to scale content• Style Guide to unify multiple contributors • Example: NY Creative Interns blog contributor guidelines • Exercise: Missing piece• Playbook for response and engagement• Editorial Calendar to plan for the long term• Apps & tools to make sharing content convenient Questions? email Judi Huck @7huck on Twitter judihuck.com