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Fundraising & Development Seminar for Arts Administration Interns


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Fundraising & Development Seminar for Arts Administration Interns

  1. 1. Cultivating leadership in danceDevelopment seminar/pizza partyJudi HuckArts Communications
  2. 2. Did someone say pie?
  3. 3. Americans for the Arts kind of pie
  4. 4. Where to search•Friends, family members!•Customers•Other ideas?
  5. 5. Tips for content
  6. 6. Tips for writing•Allow for reviewProcrastination costs!•Lead/journalistic writing
  7. 7. Tips for hosting eventsIt’s about all things behind-the-scenes!Cheat sheetPre-eventBig eventPost-event
  8. 8. GO FORTH & FUNDRAISE!• Use the FREE Foundation Center Library, online resources andclasses – audiobook Guide to Proposal Writing• Join networking events & groups:501Tech NYC, Nonprofit Coordinating Committee (NPCCNY),Arts & Business Council (ABC/NY)• Attend conferences and symposiums• Build relationships, seek mentor(s)• Don’t say “no” to yourself *and* don’t make an ask beforesomeone is ready to say “yes”Questions? email Judi Huck