Easy Peasy Email Newsletter Presentation with Mail Chimp


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Judi Knight of New Tricks presents information from her Easy Peasy Email Newsletter Course at Digital Atlanta 2012. Judi talks about the what to do and then discusses how to do it. Special attention is paid to how to decide on the type and content for your newsletter. She talks about having a plan and finding your voice. If you like the slides, they are a teaser for the online course which provides a PDF along with modules and lessons and "How to" Videos on getting the job done with Mail Chimp. Check it out. http://easypeasyemailnewsletter.com

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  • Looks great! I think you nailed it,
    a friend of mine created a tool that works with Mailchimp (FlashIssue.com) I think you'll love it, it answers the issues that you described in this presentation, they recently integrated with Mailchimp, check it out here: http://blog.flashissue.com/quicker-mailchimp-newsletters-from-your-rss-feed-blog-content/ (I'm not affiliated by any way, but I really think you'll find it useful)
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Easy Peasy Email Newsletter Presentation with Mail Chimp

  1. 1. @JUDIKNIGHTSerial Entrepreneur• Ph.D. Psychologist• CEO Med Records Software Co.• Designed and Built Historic Lofts• Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast• New Tricks Web Design Co. www.newtricks.com
  2. 2. Business+ Psychology+ Technology + DesignHelp businesses to create a strong and effective online presencedesigned to meet their goals. www.newtricks.com
  3. 3. HOW IT WORKSStatic Brochure Style Website. OrDynamic Website That Provides GreatContent and Brings Many and RepeatVisitors. Develops Loyal Fans. www.newtricks.com
  4. 4. www.newtricks.com
  5. 5. www.newtricks.com
  6. 6. www.newtricks.com
  7. 7. Shhhh… My Email Newsletter is my secret weapon www.newtricks.com
  8. 8. DO YOU HAVE ONE? Knowing how to make the most effective use of that opt-in mailing list is the place where most people get stuck. www.newtricks.com
  9. 9. EASY AS BAKING A CAKE? NO! www.newtricks.com
  10. 10. EMAIL NEWSLETTERWhat Do I Do?Is the question that stopsPeople and then they get to. . .How do I do it? www.newtricks.com
  11. 11. EMAIL MARKETING PLANTwo Rules Don’t send bulk Emails from your own email program • They won’t get through as well • You may be sharing private emails • No way to unsubscribe Don’t Spam • You have to have permission • Know Can Spam Act www.newtricks.com
  12. 12. EMAIL MARKETING PLANWhich ESP (email service provider) To Use? Mail Chimp: • Free for lists up to 2,000 people. • Easy to set up your first lists. • Well designed web interface. • Great reports. • Social media integration. • Local Atlanta company. www.newtricks.com
  13. 13. EMAIL MARKETING PLANWhat to Send? Who are your people? On the Internet nobody knows you’re a dog! Need to know your audience, fanscustomers, clients, readers, peeps. . . www.newtricks.com
  14. 14. ITS NOT ABOUT YOU!It’s about them!What do they want?What problems do they have?What information do they need?What would make them happy?What are their interests? www.newtricks.com
  15. 15. EMAIL MARKETING PLANTypes of Newsletters:• HTML Newsletter ( pictures and hyperlinks)• Plain Text ( looks like a plain e-mail)• RSS (automated delivery of blog content) www.newtricks.com
  16. 16. DEVELOP YOUR VOICEWhy do they want to get it from YOU?• Be unique.• Get personal.• Develop the voice of your brand.• Let your readers be in the know.• Create “Know, Like and Trust”. www.newtricks.com
  17. 17. EMAIL MARKETING PLANSet Goals and set activities to meet them:Develop Mailing List to:Sell Information Products, Increase Attendance at Special Events, Create Loyalty,Develop a Following for a Book Release, Highlight Specials to Lure people toShop, Sell CDs. When you create loyalty, people will buy from you and tell others.Grow Subscriber List to x # subscribers in 6 months.1. Send out Weekly Email Newsletter every Wednesday.2. Include a “Click to Tweet” Tweetable - to Share on Twitter3. Optimize Opt-in Forms on website by updating design, position, wording, and developing and testing free offers.4. Ask people to sign up at events where I am speaking.5. Do free webinars that are shared on Twitter and Facebook & add sign- ups to my main mailing list. www.newtricks.com
  18. 18. HOW TO DO A NEWSLETTER1. Start a Mail Chimp Account2. Create a List3. Make a Form for Sign-ups toList4. Create a Campaign ( newsletter)5. Test Your Campaign and Send6. Check Yourwww.newtricks.com Reports
  19. 19. HOW TO DO A NEWSLETTERFree PDF of course for attending today.http://easypeasyemailnewsletter.com (the online course includes videos) www.newtricks.com