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Smartphones keep getting larger and tablets are getting smaller, beginning to totally blur what was just a few years ago considered a group of distinct form factors. The platforms that power these blocks of glass, plastic, and silicon have also seen improvements, with iOS7 appearing to be able to keep the iPhone growth alive and Android utterly dominating countries such as China in its path to 1 billion activations. New operating systems such as Firefox are in the wild as companies such as Microsoft frantically try to right the ship and save their platforms and devices from obscurity.
Across Europe 4G LTE is beginning to see deployments that will allow its users to see the speed and latency benefits that those in parts of Asia, the US, and others have over the past years. This in turn will begin to accelerate mobile data consumption and creation across a greater global footprint. Live and high quality video from mobile devices will become amazingly commonplace.
Today we are also seeing new products from Google, Samsung and even possibly Apple that are serious entrants to the wearable technology arena – and all of them are running mobile operating systems. Apple has thrown down the gauntlet against NFC technology with its new iBeacon service which means that all parties involved are taking mobile payments and other types of direct interactions over secure mobile channels very seriously.
Organizations who are late to the mobile game are hurrying to catch up. Many who have focused more on the consumer aspect of mobility are starting to put serious efforts into B2E mobile initiatives. Those who are already mobilizing their workforce are looking for ways to improve, standardize, and focus their efforts.
Also, the Web isn’t going anywhere….
So what does this all mean to you?

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Mobile Insights for 2014 J.Boye13 - Aarhus

  1. 1. Mobile Insights for 2014 AND BEYOND Dan Lewis Judge Consulting Group JBoye13 - Aarhus
  2. 2. Obligatory Bio Slide My name is: Dan Lewis I am from: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - USA I work for: The Judge Group, Inc. – A global professional services organization As the: Head of Mobile Solutions for Judge Consulting For my job I: Help diverse global organizations to better leverage mobile and web technology I used to: Build intranets, websites, and database stuff
  3. 3. The Market A LOOK BACK AT 2013
  4. 4. Platforms – 2013 Notable Notes Android BlackBerry iOS • De-fragmentation strategy in place • Major growth continues • Dependency on OEMs • Not for sale – not a contender either • BBM for all (years late) • Major refactoring and platform refresh • Slowed growth • 64-Bit strategy Windows Other • Major write-downs on Surface • Microsoft buys Nokia mobile • Firefox is in the wild • Samsung Tizen device soon?
  5. 5. Platforms – Smartphones Global Smartphone Projected Platform Market Share 2017 MARKET SHARE (%) 2013 MARKET SHARE (%) Android iOS Windows Phone BlackBerry OS Others Source: IDC Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker, September 4, 2013 2013 Market Share (%) 75.30% 16.90% 3.90% 2017 Market Share (%) 68.30% 17.90% 10.20% 2.70% 1.20% 1.70% 1.90%
  6. 6. OEMs - Smartphones Global Smartphone OEM Market Share and Totals 3Q13 MARKET SHARE (%) 3Q13 UNIT SHIPMENTS (MILLIONS) 3Q12 MARKET SHARE (%) 3Q12 UNIT SHIPMENTS (MILLIONS) Samsung Apple Huawei Lenovo LG Others 3Q12 Unit Shipments (millions) 57.8 26.9 7.1 6.9 7 80.5 Source: IDC Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker, October 29, 2013 3Q12 Market Share (%) 31.00% 14.40% 3.80% 3.70% 3.80% 43.20% 3Q13 Unit Shipments (millions) 81.2 33.8 12.5 12.3 12 106.6 3Q13 Market Share (%) 31.40% 13.10% 4.80% 4.70% 4.60% 41.30%
  7. 7. OEMs - Tablets Global Tablet OEM Market Share and Totals 3Q13 MARKET SHARE (%) 3Q13 UNIT SHIPMENTS (MILLIONS) 3Q12 MARKET SHARE (%) 3Q12 UNIT SHIPMENTS (MILLIONS) Apple Samsung Asus Lenovo Acer Others 3Q12 Unit Shipments (millions) 14 4.3 2.3 0.4 0.3 13.5 Source: IDC Worldwide Tablet Tracker, October 30, 2013 3Q12 Market Share (%) 40.20% 12.40% 6.60% 1.10% 0.90% 38.80% 3Q13 Unit Shipments (millions) 14.1 9.7 3.5 2.3 1.2 16.8 3Q13 Market Share (%) 29.60% 20.40% 7.40% 4.80% 2.50% 35.30%
  8. 8. 2014 - Trends to Watch WHAT WILL BE HOT
  9. 9. Mobile Payments Maturing Carriers Overthe-Top Providers Financial Institutions
  10. 10. iBeacon vs NFC Source: GigaOM
  11. 11. Mobile and Location-Based Advertising Location is the new cookie • Collecting data has always been difficult because mobile does not support third-party cookies that travel easily across the ecosystem, allowing for straightforward tracking and data-gathering. • That's where location-based mobile technology comes in. It gives marketers new ways to identify and track mobile audiences, and with the aid of algorithms, it can also group them into behavioral and demographic segments for targeting. Source: Business Insider August 2013 Money is flowing into locationbased mobile marketing • A recent survey of 400 brand executives by Balihoo found that 91% planned to increase their investments in location-based marketing campaigns in 2013. • Finally, a study by Berg Insight found that location-enabled ad spend reached about 8% of total mobile ad spend for 2012. This proportion is expected to increase to 33% by 2017. Location-based data is driving much of the interest - and success • Enabling campaigns with local data produces measurable results. • In a study of over 2,500 of its mobile marketing campaigns, Verve found that its location-based ad efforts were about twice as effective as the mobile industry average click-through rate (CTR) of 0.4%. • Geo-aware ads, geo-fenced ads, and location data paired with audience demographics or purchase intent are all proving to be extremely successful.
  12. 12. IT is Losing Control Bring Your Own Everything Source: 2001 Australian Grand Prix
  13. 13. How are we building this stuff? ALL OF THE “GEEK SPEAK”
  14. 14. Mobile Web vs Responsive vs App vs ??? Source: Brad Frost
  15. 15. Native vs Hybrid vs Web Native Hybrid Web • • • • • • • • • • • • Best performance 3D and Gaming App store presence Expensive – especially across platforms Native SDK access App store presence Performance can be questionable Cross-platform faster/cheaper than Native No Native SDK access Not offline-friendly Low cost of entry Cross-platform cheapest of all
  16. 16. Rethinking the Enterprise Lifecycle Frequent Platform Updates Constant Application Patches Specific Testing is Mandatory Short Hardware Lifespan Multi-Device Users
  17. 17. Changing Methodologies Waterfall Agile Wet Agile?
  18. 18. Take a break!
  19. 19. So how (mobile) mature is your organization? EXERCISE #1
  20. 20. Exercise #1: Mobile Maturity Inventory Evaluate How many separate mobile-available applications are present in your organization – internal AND external? Does your organization have an official mobile strategy – if so share an overview? Does your software lifecycle policy account for mobile application support and maintenance? Is your organization supporting more than one mobile platform – if so which ones? Are mobile employees regularly using 3 devices (PC, tablet, smartphone)? Devices BYOD COPE Apps Android Sales / CRM BlackBerry Intranet iOS External Web Windows Consumer App Other Collaboration Virtual Desktop Mobile Web Responsive Native App
  21. 21. Anyone care to share?
  22. 22. Take a break!
  23. 23. Empowering Mobile Content Creation THE MOBILE WORKER WILL BE ENABLED
  24. 24. Who is a mobile worker? Courtesy: Frank Carter
  25. 25. Remote Courtesy: Dakar Rally
  26. 26. Remote Courtesy: Dakar Rally
  27. 27. Field Courtesy: Boeing
  28. 28. Travelling
  29. 29. How has this worker’s mobile toolset evolved?
  30. 30. From Email & Calendar
  31. 31. To Staff Directories and CRM
  32. 32. And Collaboration
  33. 33. Soon we will be creating
  34. 34. Empower the ability to create
  35. 35. Treat clients as more than consumers
  36. 36. Collect and curate mobile content
  37. 37. Provide friendly access…
  38. 38. Responsive Websites
  39. 39. Platform-agnostic “Apps”
  40. 40. Make Security EASY!
  41. 41. Is this being done today? AND BY WHO?
  42. 42. CNN iReport
  43. 43. Waze
  44. 44. PlanGrid
  45. 45. What is preventing us from creating the way we do on a PC? AND IS IT REALLY A PROBLEM?
  46. 46. Screen Size?
  47. 47. Processing Power?
  48. 48. Storage?
  49. 49. The Keyboard and Mouse!
  50. 50. What is the new input pattern? WHAT CAN REPLACE THE KEYBOARD & MOUSE?
  51. 51. Touch?
  52. 52. Voice?
  53. 53. Eye Movement?
  54. 54. A Hybrid?
  55. 55. Only you will decide
  56. 56. Can you help make content creation more mobile-friendly? EXERCISE #2
  57. 57. Exercise #2: Making Creation Mobile CHALLENGES Application Photoshop SOLUTIONS Problem Area Right Click and Keyboard Modifiers (Alt,Ctrl,Shift) Input Method Touch Voice Eye Other Provide Examples of this Method to Solve Challenge
  58. 58. Anyone care to share?
  59. 59. The road to Empowerment passes through Enablement A FINAL THOUGHT