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The hook


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This power point was taken from and was created by Connie Campbell

Published in: Education, Technology
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The hook

  1. 1. CatchyComposition Clichés
  2. 2. The HookTo catch the reader, use a hook in the introductory paragraph. Ask the reader a question. Use a catchy phrase or quote. Create a tongue twister. Make an exclamatory sentence. Use a lead in sentence that entices the reader to read on.
  3. 3. The Hook Ask the Reader A Question Entice the reader to continue reading to find the answer. The question may be rhetorical, but the reader will still be hooked to draw his/her own conclusions.
  4. 4. The Hook: Question My Most Embarrassing Day Have you ever had a day when nothing went right? Do you ever feel like everything is going against you? Can you remember a day when everything went wrong?
  5. 5. The Hook: Question  My Best Friend Have you ever had a friend who could tell you what you were thinking? Do you have a friend you could call on at anytime? Can you think of someone who knows your deepest thoughts?
  6. 6. The Hook: Phrase or Quote Start your composition with an entertaining flair by using a catchy phrase.
  7. 7. The Hook: Exclamatory SentenceVivid exclamatory sentences start the composition off with a bang!Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine a worse day!My summer vacation was gone in a hot flash!She’s smart, she’s caring, she’s funny; and she’s my best friend!
  8. 8. The Hook: Tongue TwistersTongue twisters are sentences in which several words begin with the same sound.Loving, laughing, and loyal would be my best friend in a nutshell.Some days soar into the stratosphere of our memories.
  9. 9. The Hook: Lead InA lead in sentence is a technique often used by the news media. How many times have you heard a news intro use this type of teaser? Why would a dog go to school? Tune in tonight at 6 to find out. Kind, loving, trustworthy, and covered with fur describes my best friend.
  10. 10. The HookIn the introductory paragraph, use techniques that hook the reader. Ask a question. Use a catchy phrase or quote. Make up a tongue twister. Make an exclamatory sentence. Use a lead in sentence that entices the reader to read on.