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  2. 2. BEACH  Spanish Banks, Jericho Beach, Kitsilano Beach  What can I do? Swim, snorkeling, beach party and play in the sand
  3. 3. WRECK BEACH  Is a nube beach around the columbia university  What can else I do? Party, bonfire, swim, play guitar and sing
  4. 4. NATIONAL PARK PACIFIC RIM  You can go to the forest, swim in the beach and camping in some places
  5. 5. ROBSON STREET  In this street you can go to the shopping and eat in exclusive restaurants.
  6. 6. VANCOUVER ART GALLERY  This gallery have 9.100 paints and is the fifth biggest gallery in Canada.
  7. 7. WHISTLER  Is a ski park, about 2 hours to Vancouver