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Sony tv conectada

  1. 1. Jornada AEDETI LA NUEVA TELEVISION La vision de los fabricantes La nueva oferta de televisores y descodificadores, clave para el desarrollo de la interactividad 12 de Mayo de 2010, Auditorio SETSI, Madrid
  2. 2. La clave es el consumo de contenidos y servicios Contenidos Aplicaciones Dispositivos +Conectividad Usuarios
  4. 4. Diversidad de dispositivos Para diferentes contenidos: Musica , Video , Foto …… juegos ……, Cada vez ciclos de vida de modelos mas cortos
  5. 5. ALWAYS ON CONNECTED: :COMUNICATION CHANNEL The h Th phone is highly important to stay in touch with family but also with close i hi hl i t tt t i t h ith f il b t l ith l Outer friends. Obtaining news, information, other knowledge 90% However, the online channel to connect with friends is relevant too internet Browse the Inner Mobile M bil Telephone Email 61% 74% 63% Socialise/go out with friends Text messaging/ Family Home SMS Telephone 74% Text messaging/ 72% Level of immediate interaction declining SMS Gen Y 47% Mobile Telephone Email 72% 63% Online social networks Home 46% Telephone 48% Close friends Less close friends 46% Use online social networks How do you keep in touch with your family and various groups of friends? Nunwood “Generation Y”
  6. 6. Conectividad Dispositivos Personas
  7. 7. In home: DLNA CD ♪ Web Living ♪ Contents browse on server ♪ Wireless 802.11g/h Wireless 802.11g/h One touch transfer Personal Library ♪
  8. 8. Situation de las Soluciones Interactivas para IPTV Open approaches DVB-IPTV, OIPF DVB-IPTV OIPF, HBBTV Telco‘s & Providers solutions T-home, Orange, Maxdome, ... Broadcaster sol tions solutions 4 grupos BBC, ARD, Canal+, ZDF, ... CE-Manufacturer‘s solutions Philips, Samsung, Panasonic, ...
  9. 9. Europe is not so easy 1. UK MHEG / Connected TV 2. 2 Italy MHP 3. 3 France and Germany - HbbTV
  10. 10. UK MHEG+IP • MHEG + IP already delivers: – FreeSat supporting BBC iPlayer • ITVPlayer coming soon • BBC Archive over IP – DTG now preparing FreeView HD support for MHEG+IP • Australia and New Zealand now follow
  11. 11. MHEG iPlayer looks identical to “Bigscreen”
  12. 12. UK Connected TV / BBC Canvas DTG Connected TV Project • Basic Connected Device Profile (MHEG+IP+Metadata) – comply with the basic Freeview specification – i l d support f IP connectivity and streaming include t for ti it d t i video services. – Satisfy the needs of the BBC and other PSB's in providing access to non-linear content. • Enhanced Connected Device profile (HbbTV?) – comply with the Freeview+ HD specification – provide support for progressive download, DRM and associated services.
  13. 13. Italy MHP • Mediaset much more positive about MHP – Recognise current limitations, but want to drive the value towards MHP 1.1.3 • DGTVi believe it is their HBBTV solution • Including PVR control for Push VoD • Important for network capacity management • Pushing towards Gold Label as market driver – enabling HBB in Italy in 2011
  14. 14. HBBTV approach = Web Based Hybrid Broadcast / Broadband Terminal Profile for DVB Markets - Founders: Ant, Astra, IRT, Philips, TF1, Canal+, France Televisions, and OpenTV (French HD Forum) - Interested: ORF (Austria), RAI (Italy), some broadcasters from Spain and EBU (Austria) (Italy) Spain, Manufactures which plan to support HbbTV: Philips, LG, TechnoTrend, Humax, VideoWeb, Sony (according to IRT), Loewe Schedule 04/09: HbbTV workshop at IRT 04/09: Specification v0.5 released for “public consultation” 08/09: Specification v0.8 released 10/09: Specification v1.0 Q4/09: Submission of specification v1.0 to ETSI
  15. 15. Resumen: Soluciones Interactivas de Sony • Soporte en Europa de Bravia Internet Video desde Abril 2010 6 radiodifusores 3 en España 2010, radiodifusores, • Soporte de MHEG+IP en UK e Irlanda • Soporte de MHP 1.0.3 → 1 1 3 en Italia 103 1.1.3 • Soporte HbbTV para Alemania Francia Alemania, Francia, ...expectativas de soporte en España, paises Nordicos,…
  16. 16. Resumen (y2) Historias de éxito: conseguido ASO y TV de pago Siguientes éxitos, sin duda: HDTV, 3D-TV Temas abiertos: • Interactividad Ninguno de los “standards” tiene Interactividad. standards cerrado el DRM. -Funcionalidad limitada a TV a la carta • Clara fragmentación en Europa g p – MHEG, MHP y HbbTV, pueden ser necesarios todos
  17. 17. Muchas gracias
  18. 18. Back up