Buying valuable diamonds


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Buying valuable diamonds

  1. 1. BUYING VALUABLE DIAMONDSDiamond evaluation consist of the four C’s - Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat which wereformed by the Gemologist Institute of America (GIA). This structure was designed as astandardized diamond rating and evaluation system that has become the norm withinthe jewelry industry.Below are the details on the significant factors to help navigate you through purchasingdiamond wedding bands and how to use the four C’s that is help in your diamondassessment.Cut- Most people confuse the cut of a diamond with its shape, these are two separateentities. Though some shapes, primarily round, have more ideal proportions that give itmore brilliance, the cut is basically how cleanly and accurately a diamond is made tobring out its sparkle and shine. How well a diamond is cut is the main reason for thediamond’s brilliance.Clarity- Diamond clarity is simply the amount of inclusions in a diamond. Diamonds cancontain many different types of inclusions, depending on the type of inclusion it canaffect the light return of a diamond, therefore diminishing the stones value. Evidentlythe cleaner the diamond the more valuable it will be. Inclusions are one of the mostimportant factors when it comes to gem valuation. Diamond clarity ranges on a scalefrom IF-internally flawless (no visible inclusions under 10x magnification) to I-included(eye visible inclusions).
  2. 2. Color- The color of a diamond or absence thereof is another factor that you need toconsider before buying a diamond. The more crystal clear and colorless the diamondis the higher quality it has along with a high price. Though, the color does not affectthe brilliance of a diamond, the more preferred diamonds are the colorless ones thattruly show off a diamonds scintillation or “fire” which is the full spectrum rainboweffect you see as light returns out back through the top of your diamond. Color isgraded in groupings designated by letters; D,E,F- Colorless G,H,I,J- Near Colorless.Anything below J you start to see light brownish or yellow tints until those colorsbecome more saturated and you enter the spectrum of fancy colored diamonds.Carat- Carat weight is the unit of measurement by which a diamond is calculated.Usually the first question asked by anyone about the diamond they want to purchaseis: What shape and size diamond are you thinking about?. To put into scale the caratweight of a diamond, a one carat is approximately .2 grams.To learn more to assure you have a full understanding of the 4Cs you can In todays market place you have many different laboratories gradingdiamonds, the ones that hold the most value are the diamonds graded by theGemological Institute of America.For more articles on topics like, his and hers wedding bands, Diamond WeddingBands, Celtic wedding rings, eternity wedding bands, wedding bands, EternityBands, platinum wedding bands, wedding rings, check out –