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3 research psychiatric


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3 research psychiatric

  1. 1. NATIONAL UNIVERSITYPedro Ruiz Gallo HUMAN MEDICINE SCHOOL Lambayeque, October 2012
  2. 2. Pedro Ruiz Gallo NATIONAL UNIVERSITY TEACHER:TEAM: Dra. Rosa Gonzales LlontopNº 03 CURSE: Medical English STUDENTS: Carlos Elera Gustavo Adolfo Hinostroza Huamán Adler Farroñay Antón Iván Llanos Tenorio Edgar Jhasler Guerrero Jaramillo Sergio Daniel Quesquén Neciosup Víctor
  3. 3. are a to How do these Researchers have grown the list of known genes associated with the most commondiscoveries help form of the condition, which affects patients? memory and brain function the elderly
  4. 4. The discoveries double thenumber of known genes to beinvolved in Alzheimers, to 10 from 5
  5. 5. lot of mutations in the gene of amiloides precursive protein CAUSES
  6. 6. -Inflammation-Cholesterol-Cell transport systems