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WordPress Development - Taxonomies


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An introduction to WordPress Taxonomies, what they're how you can use them and some examples

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WordPress Development - Taxonomies

  1. 1. WordPress Development: Post Types, Taxonomies & Metaboxes By: Juan Pablo De la torre Valdez ( @JuanDevWP )
  2. 2. What are Taxonomies? It’s a feature to group content. You can relate content to another based on a common term
  3. 3. Default Taxonomies WordPress already have some Taxonomies built in: • Categories • Tags
  4. 4. Categories & Tags Tags • Optional (non mandatory) • No Hierarchical Categories • Every post has a category (are mandatory) • Hierarchical (parent and child)
  5. 5. Custom Taxonomies Can be: No hierarchicalHierarchical
  6. 6. Taxonomies & Terms A Taxonomy separates content in groups that are called Terms, example: Musical Genre Electronic Music Taxonomy Term ChildTerm Rock World EDM Trance House Alternative Punk Rock Metal Caribbean Celtic Polka
  7. 7. What we will have at the end of this section?