Worksheet "Healthy Habits" 2º ESO Secciones


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Worksheet "Healthy Habits" 2º ESO Secciones

  1. 1. HEALTHY HABITS  Carbohydrates. They provide mainly energy and they are very important for WHICH BENEFITS DO WE OBTAIN WHEN students and athletes. They are found in WE PRACTISE A PHYSICAL ACTIVITY cereals, bread, sugar, vegetables and fruit. REGULARLY? The proportion of carbohydrates in the diet is 60%. A better working of the heart and the  Proteins. They are found in milk, fish, circulatory system: meat, eggs…either the abuse or the lack of • It improves the respiratory them are harmful. The proportion is 15 %. capacity.  Fats. They provide energy. It’s better to eat • It improves our muscles, bones and uncooked fats and to avoid fats form joints. animal origins and fried products. Olive oil • It improves the activity of the and blue fish are very healthy. The nervous system. proportion of fats in the diet must be • It improves the PHYSICAL 25-30%. It’s advisable not to take too many CONDITION. fats because they’re fattening. • It helps you to make friends.  Vitamins and minerals. Some vitamins are only present in some vegetables and fruit, REST so, it’s important to eat them.  Water is essential for life. You must drink a It’s necessary to keep great quantity of water after a physical enough time to sleep. activity. During a long physical exercise you Otherwise: must drink as well but every now and then. Your quality of life will get worse. START YOUR DAY WITH A GOOD  Your productivity will be reduced. BREAKFAST, you need energy to study, do  You’ll suffer from more physical and exercise, enjoy…. psychological damage.  You won’t pay attention to what happens ORGANISE YOURSELF BECAUSE YOUR around you. HEALTH IS AT STAKE!!! Advice to sleep in a better way: HABITS OF BODY HYGIENE • Sleep for as long as necessary (7 hours)  Go to the doctor and make sure you don’t • Don’t take either long siestas or very close have physical problems. to the time of sleeping. (these siestas must Wear the right clothes be for 15 or 20 minutes) for the activity. • Physical activity, if you get tired, it will be Wear sports clothes easier to sleep. Avoid useless accessories • Think about positive things, leave aside the (rings, watches, dangerous negative thoughts. earrings…)  Wear trainers. Tie them up correctly. • Sleep in the darkness.  Wait for 2 hours after eating before • Choose a fixed time to get up every day. starting any kind of physical activity.  Do a good warm up. A CORRECT DIET  Get washed after the exercise, clean your sweat. A correct diet is essential  Drink enough water and if possible, eat to get a good physical some fruit (not sweets or snacks). condition. The nutrients we get from FAIR PLAY food are:
  2. 2. WORKSHEET HEALTHY HABITS NAME AND SURNAME: GROUP: QUESTIONS 1. What are the benefits of doing physical activity? 2. What happens when you don’t sleep well? 3. How many hours do you need to sleep every day? 4. Describe three pieces of advice to sleep better in your life 5. What foods are full of carbohydrates? 6. What high-protein foods must you eat to regenerate your muscle? 7. What are the benefits of fats and why can we eat too much? 8. When is it more important to drink water? 9. Why is breakfast important? 10. What do you think about healthy habits?