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Christmas Homework 2º ESO PTI English


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Christmas Homework 2º ESO PTI English

  1. 1. CHRISTMAS HOMEWORK<br />PTI 1ST TERM Physical Education<br />2º ESO SECCIONES EUROPEAS<br />STUDENT:<br />Select an athletic event:<br />Speak in 60 lines about its history.<br />Find three athletes who have been relevant in this event, and explain why.<br />Complete the next athletics questions:<br />WHAT IS ‘THE ATLETICS’?<br />HOW MANY SHORT DISTANCES DO YOU KNOW? Explain them.<br />WHAT DO THE LONG DISTANCES RACES CONSIST OF?<br />HOW MANY RELAY EVENTS DO YOU KNOW AND EXPLAIN THE DIFFERENTES TYPES OF EVENTS?<br />HOW MANY HURLES EVENTS DO YOU KNOW? Differences between them.<br />EXPLAIN THE DIFFERENTS ROAD EVENTS WE CAN WATCH IN OLYMPIC GAMES.<br />HOW MANY JUMPING EVENTS ARE THERE IN ATLETICS?<br />HOW MANY PRINCIPLES HAVE THE JUMPING EVENTS GOT?<br />HOW MANY THROWING EVENTS ARE THERE IN ATLETICS?<br />WHAT ARE THE MIXED EVENTS?<br />You must give me the homework the 1st day after Christmas, with a:<br />FrontPage.<br />Index<br />An Athletic event, you must choose only one, explain it.<br />Biography about three athletes in this event.<br />The ten questions about athletic.<br />1st Term Worksheet<br />HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!!<br />