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Plan de Negocios - Business Plan


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Comparto el Plan de Negocios para desarrollar una competencia deportiva intencional que desarrollé para mi último proyecto GLOBAL BEACH RUGBY para presentar ante la WORLD RUGBY. Espero sea úti para quien necesite comenzar algo similar.

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Plan de Negocios - Business Plan

  1. 1. Preliminary draft business plan for discussion January 2017
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS • Who we are • Why we are here • The Global Beach Rugby proposition • Addendum • Annex 1 • Annex 2
  3. 3. WHO WE ARE Juan Manuel Lauria • Founding Partner. • Former rugby player. • International Lawyer with a Masters Degree in International law and a Degree in Sports Law and Management with vast experience in sports events. • Juan is responsible for legal and financial issues. • • Founding Partner. • Former Professional Rugby Player. • Gonzalo is responsible for commercial and sponsorship strategies. .and opportunities. • Founding Partner. • Feche is responsible for logistic and event production.
  4. 4. WHY WE ARE HERE We are here to share a draft proposal to conduct the first Beach Rugby World Cup along with Regional beach rugby tournaments with the ultimate goal of enhancing rugby worldwide. Key elements of our proposal include: • ENSURE LEGITIMIZED BEACH RUGBY COMPETITIONS, CONDUCTED UNDER A SINGLE QUALITY STANDARD, AND DELIVERED WITH THE INTERNATIONAL WORLD RUGBY SEAL OF APPROVAL World Rugby’s endorsement will enable us to develop and unify beach rugby competition at the highest standards, maintaining and protecting the values and ethics of Rugby. • ENABLE FASTER PENETRATION INTO NEW MARKETS AND ENHANCED PRESENCE IN TRADITIONAL ONES Beach rugby is a cheaper and easier rugby format than Seven Series or Fifteens, and provides an optimal vehicle to increase the global profile of Rugby through presenting an exciting major international Rugby event to audiences in target markets with large populations and expanding economies. • INCREASE GLOBAL PARTICIPATION By involving national teams and Member Unions across all Tiers in regional competition formats, qualifiers to a Beach Rugby World Cup. Also, beach rugby can assist in bringing new players into the Game as participants, especially into Sevens. • DRIVE AND ACCELERATE TREND OF BEACH RUGBY EVENTS TOWARDS THRILLING LIVE SPORTING EVENTS ENJOYMENT EITHER IN/AT THE VENUE AND VIA COMMUNICATION PLATFORMS (BROADCASTED TRADITIONAL TELEVISION, DIGITAL PLATFORMS, ETC.) Opportunity to promote the Game and stage an entertainment to the widest audience possible and opening up new commercial and participation opportunities for the Game as a whole. • ENSURE FINANCIAL VIABILITY AT NO COST FOR WORLD RUGBY, DEVELOPING IN THE LONG RUN A WELL ESTABLISHED NEW SOURCE OF REVENUES FOR THE ORGANIZATION Opportunity to retain control and leadership in securing and managing the commercial opportunities associated with Beach Rugby. • LEVERAGE EXISTING CONNECTIONS (E.G., SPONSORS) AND DEVELOP NEW ONES (E.G., PARTNERSHIPS WITH OTHER SPORT ASSOCIATIONS) IN CONJUNCTION WITH REGIONAL ASSOCIATIONS, RUGBY UNIONS, AND PLAYERS. We will elaborate on our proposal in the following pages.
  5. 5. THE GLOBAL BEACH RUGBY PROPOSITION Context and opportunity In 2016, more than sixty nine (69) beach rugby tournaments were conducted around the world, with Europe holding the large majority of them (fifty (50)) and America only hosting six (6). These tournaments were mainly organized by private entities and, in the case of France, the National Union has been organizing a tour within France 1 for a few years now. On another note, the Olympic Council of Asia organized in 2016 the fifth edition of the Asian Beach Games staged in Danang, Vietnam, including beach rugby among 22 other disciplines and 45 participating nations 2 . Also in America, beach rugby has been included in the Bolivarian 3 and South American beach games which are also promoted by Olympic Councils 4 . Beach games are been promoted by Olympic Councils with great success due to the relatively low costs of staging the beach sports festival, with temporary rather than permanent venues, and high potential for tourism and resort promotion and development have attracted massive interest from around the continent 5 . Beach rugby joins the trend of many other sports, with the notable examples of beach soccer and beach volleyball, which are the fastest growing beach sports in the past few years. This is due to multiple factor, ranging from existing infrastructure, audience appeal, and how competition structures are staged. Beach soccer expand television coverage to an audience of 250 million households in 180 countries worldwide 6 , converting it into a major showcase for international commercial opportunity 7 , while beach volley records an average of more than 138 millions cumulative television audience between 2007-15 8 . Beach rugby is proving that it is a new way to showcase the game, another way to compete, and is growing fast and engaging new players to the game. This form of rugby competition is proving to be fun and attractive to play and watch by men, female and kids due to its attractive, easier and cheaper way of competition- compared to 7s or XV’s formats-. For these reasons, we are convinced that beach rugby can be a major and effective vehicle for the World Rugby to fulfill its goals. World Rugby Goals 9 : • Protect: Drive player welfare best practice; Protect and promote rugby, Protect its values, spirit and ethos. • Grow: Increase global participation; maximize commercial values and increase the financial sustainability of international rugby. • Inspire: Olympic participation is successful in every way; provide strong inspirational Inspire leadership. Nowadays beach rugby tournaments are growing aimlessly- there are no regular and organized competitions engaging Europe, America, Asia, Africa nor Oceania-, and they are develop without the rugby integrity standards needed, neither with the quality needed to properly develop its potential. 1 Desktop research, expert interviews conducted in Nov-Dec 2016, Jan 2017 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 FIVB-BVB-Handbook2016-CH01_v02.pdf 9 2016-2020_Strategic_Plan_English.pdf
  6. 6. We believe this is an opportunity to centralize coordination and set standards for the game by World Rugby in order to achieve its goals, which we are sure will drive the sport forward spreading rugby to every area of the world, at every level. THE TOURNAMENT Our long-term vision is to set up a circuit of professional international beach rugby events. In its initial step towards fulfilling this goal we have a three-year execution plan, which will be divided in two phases: • First phase (2018-2019) will deliver a total of three (3) events in one year: two regional tournaments format (American Cup and Asian Cup), crowned by the first Beach Rugby World Cup staged in Europe. Competition structure: eight (8) men’s and four (4) women’s teams participating in regional competitions. Twelve (12) men’s and eight (8) women’s teams participating in the Beach Rugby World Cup. • Second phase (2019-2021) will deliver four (4) events per year. We will repeat first phase’s tournaments format, plus one (1) more regional tournament staged in Europe (European Cup).
  7. 7. BUSINESS MODEL THE TOURNAMENT The following chart shows First Year Calendar: Buenos Aires Ordos Danag, Vietnam Moscow WHERE WE WANT TO GO10 : AMERICA ASIA EUROPE Argentina Malasya Spain Brazil China Russia USA EAU Uruguay Thailand Venezuela 10 Please refer to Addendum for more information.
  8. 8. KEY SUCCES FACTORS We identified the key success factors of our proposal: KEY SUCCESS FACTORS Stadium Infrastructure Between 2.500 and 3.000 seated spectators. Broadcasting Operations 3 events broadcasted live on TV and streaming. Tournament Structures Regional tournaments to avoid flight expenses. We will engage every continent with the first Beach Rugby World Cup. Team's Quantity and Quality 8 men and women national teams recruited by Rugby Unions. Event Production Tournaments staged to deliver a great in-venue experience. Commercial & Sponsors Funding Global sponsorship structure. MAIN RISKS AND MITIGATIONS We forsee the main risks of developing our Plan and define the response to those issues are the following: RISKS MITIGATION FACTORS Stadiums Infrastructure We will engage in turnkey – fixed price contracts to avoid financial volatility risk. We will partner with local authorities and other sport organizers (e.g., city of Mallorca, etc.; advanced communications with other tournament organizers such as “Beach Soccer World Wide”: FIFA’s beach soccer organizer). Event Production Performance We will ensure a high standard performance, we have highly proven experience in the business. Broadcasting Operations We will engage in a turnkey fixed price contracts to avoid financial volatility risk. We are in advanced communications with broadcaster operators such as “United Sports Content Providers LLC” (USCP). Commercial & Sponsors Funding We will engage with top global leader agencies (e.g. Havas Sports or IMG). Difussion & We will ensure the support of key rugby stakeholders. We are in advanced communications with Rugby Unions, Regional Associations and elite rugby players (e.g. Sudamerica Rugby, Argentina, Venezuela, Spain, etc. Rugby Unions). Team's Quantity and Quality Financial Risks Is highly limited. Cost sources are easily delimited and leveraged by sponsors.
  9. 9. FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS Beach rugby tournament has the potential of high profits under a base case, with limited downside and strong upside. Main sources of income are sponsorship and media rights revenues, and the main sources of expense are stadium infrastructure and broadcasting operations. There are no records in regards to beach rugby TV audience and media rights revenues, due to the fact that it has never been performed before. In this sense, estimations have been provided by broadcasters and commercial agencies and based on our criteria and on our own experience in developing beach rugby events in Europe and America. SOURCES OF EXPENSE The main costs related to the business are described are below: YEAR 1 (3 events) YEAR 2 (4 events) YEAR 3 (4 events) TOTAL p/ item INFRASTRUCTURE € 225.000,00 € 300.000,00 € 300.000,00 € 825.000,00 BROADCASTING OPERATIONS € 150.000,00 € 200.000,00 € 200.000,00 € 550.000,00 FLIGHTS & ACCOM. € 90.000,00 € 120.000,00 € 120.000,00 € 330.000,00 MARKETING € 75.000,00 € 100.000,00 € 100.000,00 € 275.000,00 MERCHANDISE € 90.000,00 € 120.000,00 € 120.000,00 € 330.000,00 SUBTOTAL p/ year € 630.000,00 € 840.000,00 € 840.000,00 TOTAL 3 YEARS € 2.310.000,00 1. INFRAESTRUCTURE Turnkey stadiums for 2.500 – 3.000 seated spectators have been quoted in €75.000 per event. This includes liability insurance in compliance with local regulations among many other costs 11 . 2. BROADCASTING OPERATIONS USCP United Sports Content Providers LLC. is a leading specialist sport broadcaster company, who produces and distributes TV and streaming content for every type of platform in 6 continents. They quoted each event (America, Europe and Asia) in 11 More information on Annex 1.
  10. 10. €50.000 12 for live TV and streaming production. 3. PLAYERS FLIGHTS AND ACCOMODATION These expenses will be borne by the event organization. Eight or ten players plus 1 coach and 1 physician compose men and female teams. Players will fly within their belonging continent in order to reduce flight expenses. These costs varies among each event, nevertheless an estimation based on our experience in Mallorca and America have been made. In this sense, the cost per event is €30.000. 4. MARKETING SERVICES Production of promotional material per event €25.000. 5. MERCHANDISE Cost estimation based on 6.000 T-shirts and caps at €5 each. In this sense, the cost per event is €60.000. SOURCES OF INCOME The main sources of income related to the business are described are below: YEAR 1 (3 events) YEAR 2 (4 events) YEAR 3 (4 events) TOTAL p/item SPONSORSHIP € 660.000,00 € 880.000,00 € 880.000,00 € 2.420.000,00 MEDIA RIGHTS € 120.000,00 € 160.000,00 € 160.000,00 € 440.000,00 MERCHANDISE € 180.000,00 € 240.000,00 € 240.000,00 € 660.000,00 SUBTOTAL p/ year € 960.000,00 € 1.280.000,00 € 1.280.000,00 TOTAL 3 YEARS € 3.520.000,00 1. SPONSORSHIP In terms of sponsorship’s structure, 1 title sponsor and 3 others tier 1 sponsors have been estimated by a sports commercial agency. In this sense, sponsorship revenues estimated per event are 13 : 12 Please refer to Annex 1 for more information. 13 Estimation performed by a commercial agency.
  11. 11. INDUSTRY REVENUE TYPE OF SPONSOR Bank € 100.000,00 Title Automotive € 40.000,00 Tier 1 Travel & Hotel € 40.000,00 Technology € 40.000,00 Total p/event € 220.000,00 2. MEDIA RIGHTS Due to the fact that our broadcaster also works with beach soccer, we are certain that beach soccer media rights revenues are €110.000 for the same set of events we want to perform. We estimated our media rights revenues in comparison with beach soccer. If we compare audience from “2014 FIFA World Cup” 14 and “2015 World Rugby World Cup” 15 , the result would be almost a 60% of difference between each other. In this sense, estimation is based on 60% less than beach soccer media rights revenues. Consequently, beach rugby media rights revenues estimation per event is €40.000. 3. MERCHANDISE We estimated the sale of 6.000 T-shirts and hats at €10 each per event. In this sense, the estimated revenue per event is €60.000. NET INCOME We estimated net income based in two scenarios. As mentioned before, we are working on a partnership with Beach Soccer Worldwide to share stadiums and split its cost in order to reduce our infrastructure costs. Scenario A – Bottom Case: net income excluding partnership with BSWW: YEAR 1 YEAR 2 YEAR 3 Gross income p/year € 960.000,00 € 1.280.000,00 € 1.280.000,00 Expenses p/year € 630.000,00 € 840.000,00 € 840.000,00 Net Income p/year € 330.000,00 € 440.000,00 € 440.000,00 TOTAL 3 YEARS PLAN NET INCOME € 1.210.000,00 14 2745549.html 15
  12. 12. Scenario B – Top Case: net income including partnership with BSWW, assuming only 50% of infrastructure’s cost YEAR 1 (3 events) YEAR 2 (4 events) YEAR 3 (4 events) TOTAL p/item INFRASTRUCTURE € 112.500,00 € 150.000,00 € 150.000,00 € 412.500,00 BROADCASTER € 150.000,00 € 200.000,00 € 200.000,00 € 550.000,00 FLIGHTS & ACCOM. € 90.000,00 € 120.000,00 € 120.000,00 € 330.000,00 MARKETING € 75.000,00 € 100.000,00 € 100.000,00 € 275.000,00 MERCHANDISE € 90.000,00 € 120.000,00 € 120.000,00 € 330.000,00 SUBTOTAL p/ year € 517.500,00 € 690.000,00 € 690.000,00 TOTAL 3 YEARS € 1.897.500,00 As shown on the table above, infrastructure’s cost is reduce in a 50% along the 3 years, and as shown in the table here below, net income would be increase in almost a 34%. YEAR 1 YEAR 2 YEAR 3 Gross income p/year € 960.000,00 € 1.280.000,00 € 1.280.000,00 Expenses p/year € 517.500,00 € 690.000,00 € 690.000,00 Net Income p/year € 442.500,00 € 590.000,00 € 590.000,00 TOTAL 3 YEARS PLAN NET INCOME € 1.622.500,00
  13. 13. KEY RESOURCES & PARTNERS VENUES & STADIUMS Customized stadium at the chosen venues, with stands for 2.500 - 3.0000 seated spectators will create a great atmosphere. We maintained conversations with several experienced constructors who can provide us this type of structure in each venue (turnkey), and they showed great interest in the project. On another note, as mentioned before, we are working on a partnership with other sports event producers in order to share the cost of the venues. This partnership would reduce the cost and would let us reach other venues in a near future. BROADCASTING We want to send images around the world, we consider that broadcasting all the events is a key resource of the project; it will change the way the game is presented. We had conversations with several broadcasters who have the required experience and the required sophisticated technology to showcase and deliver an exceptional live sporting experience in America, Europe and Asia, and they are willing to work in our project. PLAYERS Are our number one consideration. As mentioned before, local players- male, female and kids- are also key resources. We consider that is necessary to leave them a legacy and make them play a key role at the event. We think in a first stage that professional XV’s rugby players won’t be allowed to play due to contract’s issues. The best options are 7’s and amateur rugby players. In a following stage the aim is to involve all type of players. SPECTATORS Our goal is to try to transform spectators into future consumers of rugby, either looking at television or start playing rugby. We want to deliver a great in-venue entertainment experience to the spectators. NATIONAL RUGBY UNION, REGIONAL ASSOCIATIONS & ELITE RUGBY PLAYERS Due to our experience as rugby players and rugby event organizers, we have a close relationship with the main rugby’s stakeholders who are a key partner in order to develop our proposal (e.g. “Venezuela Rugby Union” offered us to host an event in Venezuela, in a stadium prepared for beach games). We will ensure their support to provide teams and players to the tournaments. They will be involved in scouting beach rugby National Teams.
  14. 14. GOVERNMENT ORGANISATIONS / LOCAL AUTHORITIES FROM VENUES We want to leave a legacy in each hosting community; so hosted councils or local authorities are key partners in order to achieve this aim. On another note, their economic support for staging the event is also important as well as the event’s diffusion among its community. BEACH SOCCER Beach Soccer is the entity who organizes FIFA’s beach soccer competition around the world. We are working on a partnership with its C.E.O. and they are looking forward to share venues and split infrastructure and TV production’s costs with us.