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Presentation of WAQE by Jortilles on PCM '15


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Presentation of WAQE a Pentaho plugin to query any database through metadata. This plugin has been developed by Jortilles and presented by first time in Pentaho Community Meeting 2015 in London

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Presentation of WAQE by Jortilles on PCM '15

  1. 1.  OSBI consultant: Jortilles  Open Source evangelist located in Barcelona  100 ideas per second to conquer the world About Me
  2. 2.  100 ideas per second to conquer the world  Frustration  Let’s try…  Maybe its time to give back…. Err… we are near Christmas…. Why am I here?
  3. 3. … WAQE …. yes I like that kind of names…  We had WAQR  We had Saiku Reporting  We have datasource wizard to make metadata … what for? Web Adhoc Query Executor
  4. 4.  We have all that… and we have Sparkl  Unlimited number of monkeys with an unlimited amount of time could write Quixote … I have time! Let’s Try…
  5. 5.  Its painful… but its possible  Works with Pentaho 5.4  WAQE fits my (initial) needs  Create a data source wizard  Query the database for some stuff Where am I?
  6. 6. DEMO
  7. 7.  Export to csv/xls  Save queries  Customize column names  Whatever Roadmap
  8. 8. Juanjo Ortilles @Jortilles Thank You  Download WAQE from the marketplace  Try it, use it, give feedback  Contributions and collaborations are welcome