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A Day In The Life

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A Day In The Life

  1. 1. The Westside Way Juan Izquierdo DIMM 1
  2. 2. Entering the school… You can either enter through the front doors, which lead to the main commons, office & North house… Or through the back doors, which lead to the same, except they lead to the South & East houses
  3. 3. Don’t forget! We have an extensive parking lot for your car… … Even for the big ones!
  4. 4. Once inside… You begin your day with a loud bell; by this time, you should be in class. Class usually begins with a warm-up… Followed by a lecture from the teacher. Each class lasts about 55 minutes
  5. 5. You’ll see a lot of these in the hall… As you go from class to class, you’ll notice an extensive amount of bulletins for… Awards & organizations Clubs
  6. 6. Lunch Time! We’re equipped to handle & fit the thousands of students here… & still have room left for over 4 different food bars, including subs, panninis, mexican cuisine, & Papa John’s
  7. 7. In addition… You have the option to eat out in the courtyard… & even watch television on the two flat-screen TVs. Plus, off-campus!
  8. 8. Talk about sports (& P.E)! We’re big on sports, & we’ve got plenty of space for it. From a 10ft swimming pool, to multiple tennis courts, basketball courts, football fields, soccer fields & baseball domes, we’ve got it all! You’ll need P.E or sports credits to graduate!
  9. 9. There are MANY unexplored places… That’s how spacious & big the campus is!
  10. 10. And as the day goes on… As your school day continues, you’ll go on with the rest of your classes, talk with friends, visit your locker; the usual. Maybe you’ll even visit the library for research… Or go out to the Outback Steakhouse for culinary… Or the multi-class art wing…
  11. 11. In conclusion There’s a lot Westside has to offer. From great teachers, active students & hands- on learning, There really isn’t any better than The Westside Way!


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