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Mens Top 10 Casual Fashion Trends


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Top 10 fashion and style trends for men. Timeless fashion trends that any man can wear. Classic and current sportwear trends including denim, all-over prints, stripes and plaids.

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Mens Top 10 Casual Fashion Trends

  1. 1. MEN’S TOP 10 CASUAL FASHION TRENDS By Juan E. Romero
  2. 2. 1) Men’s Striped Tops 2) The Biker Trend 3) Men’s Print Trends 4) Men’s Denim Trends 5) Men’s Casual Bottoms 6) Men’s Hoodies And Sweatshirts 7) Men’s Sweatpants 8) Men’s Statement Graphics 9) The Plaid Trend 10) Men’s Knit Tops
  3. 3. Men’s Striped Tops STRIPED TOPS ARE A KEY ITEM Stripes have always been a key trend and brands such as Rag & Bone, Armani Exchange, Polo Ralph Lauren and Iceberg consistently deliver stylish and wearable options for men. Much like plaids and checks, stripes provide a break from the bland monotone landscape that is often associated with menswear. It’s a way for men to spruce up their style with smart striped combinations and inject some color and personality into their wardrobes. Striped tops include sweaters, polos, henleys and even tanks and tee shirts. This key category has been an important staple in every man’s wardrobe for decades and now more than ever, men have a host of striped options to choose from. In Fall, stripe combinations typically become darker and more subdued than their Spring counterparts. This is especially true for menswear where neutral combinations are most important. POLO RALPH LAUREN Long-Sleeved Striped Waffle-Knit Henley Salsa Knitted Sweater With Narrow Stripes My favorite stripe combinations are neutrals infused with a shot of color. These include tonal grey, blue and brown stripes that have a bright color such as red, yellow or orange mixed in. There are even some newer printed stripe styles that mix stripes with other pattern motifs such as florals or geometrics. Some of the latest options combine stripes with color or fabric-blocked styling to break up the all-over stripe look. Other printed stripes take the lead from activewear and are strategically cut-off or engineered to fall in new and interesting locations on the body. Check out my Pinterest board, Striped Men’s Tops, to see more directional stripe styles and how they are being merchandised and worn by men everywhere this season. Are striped tops part of your look?
  4. 4. The Biker Trend The Biker Trend Hits The Runway Road The motorcycle jacket has been cool item for decades and this season, this item was embraced by designers as an important look for both their men’s and women’s collections. Designers such as Belstaff, Fausto Puglisi, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Burberry Brit and Richard Nicoll included this look in their Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer runway collections. For men this key item has become a staple and is being worn and merchandised with just about every type of garment. It can be worn as a casual look with jeans and a tee shirt or dressed up with trousers and a shirt and tie for a more formal look. There are more color and fabric options available and the styling has also evolved. Biker Looks From Various Men’s Collections. Kin And Gin Studded Hand Painted Leather Jacket Today, there are even more choices and biker jackets are available in every color and a plethora of fabrics. Updated styling details include all manner of studs, printed options and new piecing designs. The biker trend even extends to denim and pants to incorporate a total look. No longer satisfied with the traditional black leather staple, designers have embraced bright pop colors such as blue, mustard and orange and embellished this item with metal studs, buckles and zippers. Quilted design details are also important and the newest incarnations are the various printed designs that reflect the current print-driven trend cycle. To see more cool ways to wear the biker trend, check out my Pinterest board, Biker Inspiration. There you can see how this classic look has been updated and is currently being worn. Is a biker jacket one of the key pieces in your collection?
  5. 5. Men’s Print Trends Men’s Print Trends Evolve Fashion has been in a print cycle for the past few seasons and men’s print trends have evolved tremendously recently. Menswear designers such as Etro, Dolce & Gabbana, Christopher Kane, Roberto Cavalli and Givenchy were eager to experiment with various print motifs for Fall and Spring. Now more than ever, men have a variety of print options to choose from. From ditsy florals, paisleys, retro hawaiian, graphic-mix stripes, spliced & mixed prints to every form of animal print, there is no shortage of patterns to incorporate into your wardrobe. Men have started to embrace floral patterns that were once almost exclusively reserved for women. Even more minimal prints like polka dots and geometrics have been updated in new colors and combinations, often mixed with stripes or other bold patterns. ETRO Washed Cotton Satin Print Shirt Dolce & Gabbana Floral Printed Jacket With the typical explosion of color for Spring, there is no excuse for men to add life and newness to their Fall ensemble. The new print patterns are a sure-fire way to coordinate a wider range of colors and spice up drab, monochromatic dressing that is all too common in menswear. Prints are so popular today that they are available in almost every clothing category from outerwear to underwear and everything in between! To see all of the current print trends and how they are being worn by style-savvy men around the world, visit my Pinterest board, Print & Pattern Direction. There you can find some great ideas on how to include this important trend as part of your look for Fall and Spring. Are you going to include some printed looks this season as part of your wardrobe?
  6. 6. Men’s Denim Trends How To Wear Denim This Season Denim is a staple in any man’s closet. But how to dress it up or update it each season can be a challenge. For men, it’s all about the fit and the wash when it comes to denim. Most guys will settle on one fit that they like, be it relaxed, straight-leg, boot-cut or skinny. The most popular washes are a medium to dark indigo with assorted treatments. These can be whisker, grinding, tinting or any number of distressed or destroyed tech- niques depending on how weathered and worn you want the jeans to look and feel. Most men should own at least one pair of a relaxed and straight-leg fit jean. Skinny fit jeans tend to be for younger guys or those with the Ectomorph body type. Then a range of washes should be incorporated into your wardrobe ranging from medium to dark. These all come with various shades of tinting and distressing giving you more options. Lighter washes and acid treatments have been coming back in style but I would focus on the key fits and washes for now. Pearly King Fall Double-Denim Look Express Fall/Winter Contrast Denim Look Over the past few seasons we seem to be moving away from overly detailed jeans with all the bells and whistles. Premium denim, with a focus on great fit and beautiful washes is where the market is currently at. Denim also requires great workmanship in order to ensure that these two key elements are executed properly. Denim is so popular that your wardrobe should include some key pieces including denim shirts, shorts, blazers, jackets and all manner of accessories in this versatile fabric. Want some more great ideas on how to wear denim this season? Follow my board on Pinterest, Men’s Denim Inspiration for the latest denim trends and how guys around the world are wearing and styling their denim looks. Are denim pieces an important part of your look?
  7. 7. Men’s Casual Bottoms Chino And Cargo Pants Dominate The Menswear Landscape Men’s casual bottoms traditionally tend to be conservative in styling. Men usually opt to make a fashion statement with their tops and shirtings and let their trousers blend into the background. Today, men have more choices when it comes to casual pants and can complement their outfits with stylish bottoms. Cargo pants are a popular category in men’s bottoms. Not only do they give a utilitarian alternative to jeans but depending on the styling, they can be a fashion statement unto themselves. Pockets come in every shape and size and added embellishments like buckles, toggles, draw-cords, zippers, patches and labels elevate the styling to from basic to trendy. Cargos are also a key item in the military look that is also popular and that I discussed in a previous article. Cargo shorts are especially popular as they offer a way for men to store more items without having to carry a backpack or bag. The newest cargos come in a slim fit and seem to be a hybrid between a chino and a cargo pant. Gant by Michael Bastian Skinny Men's Cargo Pant Burberry Slim-Fit Gabardine Chinos Chino or khaki pants are another staple in menswear and have evolved to include every color shade and even all-over prints and patterns. The latest versions are flat front, low-rise chinos that come in a slim or skinny fit. The drop-crotch version is also becoming more popular, especially with young men and teens. They are a sleeker, more contemporary alternative to cargo pants and can be easily dressed up for business or a night out on the town. Fabrications can include twill, canvas, poplin and dressier fabrics like linen, wool and gabardine. Pleated styles are down-trending and are worn only by the most conservative consumers. There has also been a cross-over with denim reflected by jean detailing such as 5-pocket styling, back yokes, metal hardware trims and heavy- duty stitching. To see some current examples of what’s happening in men’s casual bottoms, visit my Pinterest board, Men’s Chinos & Cargos. There you can see how men are wearing and styling their cargo and chino pants. Do you own a great pair of cargos or chinos?
  8. 8. Men’s Hoodies And Sweatshirts Men’s Hoody And Sweatshirt Trends Evolve To Fit Every Lifestyle Hoodies and sweatshirts have become key items in any man’s wardrobe. No longer relegated to only being worn for athletic activities, hoodies and sweatshirts are an integral part of the casual lifestyle. Today men have a variety of options that are easily substituted for outerwear and can be worn for any occasion. Some of the newest styles are fabric-blocked hybrids that are trimmed with leather to give them an upscale appeal. Designers such as Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent and Frankie Morello have updated hoodies and sweatshirts with soft leather fabrics that elevate them to couture status. Another favorite trend are color-blocked styles with new piecing and splicing detailing. These designs have dark color shades paired with a contrast accent color and were on display in the collections of Dirk Bikkembergs, Kris Van Assche and Neil Barrett. The use of melange and marled fabrics also gives these styles a sophisticated look. Marc Jacobs Thompson Zip Hoody Versus Leopard Print Hoody The edgiest styles are printed looks that merge every type of pattern, most notably leopard prints like the one shown by Versus or floral patterns on display at Ami. Plaid and striped-blocked designs are also popular and are a safer bet for those that are a bit more conservative. Hoodies also come fully lined in faux fur or sherpa to make them into true outerwear pieces. This group continues to grow with the addition of new silhouettes such as cardigan, bomber jackets and blazer looks that are made in fleece fabrications. Pull-over sweatshirts with contrast pockets in denim or all-over prints are also a newer style option. Many designers also used neoprene and bonded fabrications to update their assortments. To see some of the latest versions in this important category, visit my Pinterest board, Men’s Hoodies & Sweatshirts. There you can see how men everywhere are incorporating these versatile garments into their Fall and Spring looks. Do you own a great hoody or sweatshirt that can be dressed up?
  9. 9. Men’s Sweat Pants Elevated New Options Arrive For Men’s Sweat Pants Traditionally sweat pants were only worn when participating in athletic activities. Today, with a greater emphasis on a casual lifestyle, sweat pants have become a key item in every man’s closet. Men’s sweat pant trends have evolved to include upscale versions and are embraced by designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Dirk Bikkembergs, Thom Browne, Dries Van Noten and Alexander Wang. These are not the same sweat pants you wear to the gym or for recreational activities. Rather, these are elevated casual sportswear designs that can be worn instead of jeans or chinos and provide an extra level of comfort. Trainer and lounge pants also fall into this category and usually come in active fabrications like tricot and nylon or in woven plaids. The colors are more subdued than true activewear sweat pants. Bright pop colors are only used as accents and more neutral, sophisticated shades dominate. This is an important factor to differentiate these sportswear versions from their activewear counterparts. Details are more subtle and embellishments are usually kept to a minimum. Whiteraven Printed Snowflake Men's Sweatpant Thome Brown Navy Sweat Trouser The latest versions are printed or come in unexpected fabrications like python-embossed lambskin leather. Sweat pant styling is even making inroads into denim and there are more jean styles being offered with ribbed or elastic waists and hems. The proportions are also more fitted reflecting the slim/skinny spec that is currently popular. To see some of the newest options for men’s sweat pants, visit my Pinterest board, Men’s Sweat Pants. There you can see the latest versions being worn by style-conscious men around the world. Do you own a great pair of dressed-up sweat pants that you can wear anywhere?
  10. 10. Men’s Statement Graphics Slogan Tees Provide A Platform For Self-Expression Men’s statement graphics seem to run the gamut from humorous to political and everything in between. Slogans can be observational, inspirational, motivational, sarcastic, witty or just plain silly. Statement tees allow a wearer to express their personality without having to say a word. Best of all, each slogan can be interpreted differently by the wearer and the observer. Designers such as Moschino, DSquared, Dirk Bikkenbergs, Dolce & Gabbana, Vivienne Westwood and Philipp Plein have highlighted statement t-shirts as part of their collections. The sayings often give some insight into the brand’s point of view on a variety of topics and can also emphasize the direction of the collection for a particular season. This also provides a forum for further discourse and an opportunity for a deeper connection with customers. John Richmond Statement Tee I’m Jealous Of Me Too Statement Tee The most effective statements are usually those that are witty or humorous or comment on a particular aspect that the wearer identifies with. This can be timely social commentary, a political statement or an inspirational or motivational quote that strikes close to home. Slogan tees are a way to start a conversation without saying a word. They’re an ice-breaker of sorts that instantly provokes a reaction from the observer and hopefully leads to a deeper connection. Statement tees are so popular that they can be found for every size range from infants to adult and for both men and women. They are also popular for activewear brands like Nike and Adidas where they can express sports related mantras such as“Just Do It”or other tag lines that identify the company with a specific quote. To see examples of some cool slogan tees and how men everywhere are expressing their personalities, check out my Pinterest board, Men’s Graphics. Do you own some hip statement tee-shirts that allow you to express yourself and connect with others?
  11. 11. The Plaid Trend Designers Go Mad For The Plaid Trend Plaids have been popular for centuries and a perennial favorite for Fall. Today, consumers can wear plaids in just about every category available. Last Fall the plaid trend was clearly on display in the ready-to-wear collections of designers such as Moschino, Versace, Junya Watanabe, Celine and Tommy Hilfiger. In menswear there seems to be no limit as to the variety of plaid patterns and styles that are available this season. From oversized checks to madras and tartans, designers embraced every plaid variation this year. Especially strong were the plaids shown in outerwear with an assortment of patterns to choose from. There have also been a plethora of printed plaid patterns, many mixed with other print motifs such as geo- metrics and florals. I especially like the plaid mix trend where different plaids are combined to make a fresh new look. There was also a Punk revival with many designers such as Vivienne Westwood updating signature patterns in bold new ways. Hackett Fall/Winter Plaid Jacket Peter Millar Everton Washed Plaid Pants For men the traditional patterns are still going strong in men’s suitings and outerwear. What’s new is the emergence of bolder patterns and color combinations in trousers. Plaid shirts remain a key category for men of all ages and can be worn for business or for a more casual look. Plaid flannels are an important layering piece and provide a shot of color and pattern into every man’s wardrobe. For more insight on how to style and wear plaids this season, check out my Pinterest board, Mad For Plaid!. There you can see how plaids are being worn on the street and shown on the runways for Fall and Spring this year.
  12. 12. Men’s Knit Tops A Wide Variety Of Men’s Knit Tops Men’s knit tops come in a variety of styles. Polo, Henley, V-neck and Crew-neck tops in both long and short sleeve make up the majority of styles. Today more than ever, men have more style options to choose from in an assortment of fabrics and colors. Recently, color-blocked styles seem to be especially on-trend. Designers have experimented with different color combinations and engineered piecing to come up with some fun and creative styling. The tonal combi- nations work best for men especially the neutral mixes with a shot of color. The military trend still is important in menswear. Military detailing such as epaulets and patch pockets are a masculine way to add interest and functionality to a style. This combined with the neutral color palette and the addition of camouflage prints makes this trend a winner for men of all ages. Theory Jersir Tee Salsa Pocket Polo With Denim Trim Along with military looks, utilitarian or workwear looks are also popular. This is a great way for men to merch- andise denim and plaid fabrications and layer key items like a plaid flannel shirt or a vintage distressed jean or jacket as part of their look. Designers are also incorporating many woven shirt details into knit tops with great effect. There are also more printed styles available for men this season. The strong all-over print cycle that we are currently in has given men more options to spice up their wardrobe this year. Some of my favorites styles include key items such as pocket tees that incorporate print and fabric mixing. To see some cool options for this category, visit my Pinterest board, Men’s Knit Tops. There you can get some great ideas on how to update your knit top assortment for 2014. Do you have some fun knit tops to wear next year?
  13. 13. BLOG: northstar-designs-llc Connect with us on our other social media platforms! Northstar Designs LLC, FDR Station PO Box 294, New York, NY 10150 Toll Free: 877-638-4642 email: Juan E. Romero is the Owner and Creative Director of 65MCMLXV. He has more than twenty years of Fashion and Design Trend experience.