Assembling Scrum Teams: A Nonviolent Story


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Slide deck for my session presented in the Scrum Gathering New Orleans.

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Assembling Scrum Teams: A Nonviolent Story

  1. 1. Photo by Sonel-SA Assembling Scrum Teams: A Nonviolent Story Juan Banda
  2. 2. My journey started back in 2007 when I re- joined industry and started to work in a very fun and motivating environment Photo by Yckhong
  3. 3. Photo by Whiny Dancer After three years in that company I decided to leave to take another job that pay me more but where I felt that I didn’t belong
  4. 4. I felt a very deep feeling of frustration for not being able to change things in such a way that communication can be more effective and less violentPhoto by esuckow2
  5. 5. Photo by Tessek There I discovered that the problem was not only a hierarchical structure but violence in communication
  6. 6. Violence in communication eventually affected my personal live and before falling I decided to look for other opportunities Photo by kiandraa
  7. 7. Photo by TZA I found a new job an a new challenge: assemble a team of happy and productive people
  8. 8. I started by recognizing that we all human beings are different but still there are common feelings and needs Photo by Joel Shlabotnik
  9. 9. Based on that I wrote and explain to the consultants that I hired the profile of the people that I was looking for Photo by Shamma Mia
  10. 10. It worked for me to explain things that I didn’t want in the people that I was recruiting: I definitely was not looking for people with huge egos Photo by fede 1845
  11. 11. I was looking for individuals with the collaborative spirit and the ability to empathize with others Photo by Toyamarie
  12. 12. Crucial to this effort was to find individuals that feel the need to belong to a team and collaborate with others Photo by Ice birdy
  13. 13. I was also looking for courageous individuals that won’t be afraid to do things that none has done before and learn stuff that they didn’t know Photo by WR Bricks
  14. 14. These individuals should also have the ability to laugh and don’t let that stress ruin their days Photo by tylerburkphotography
  15. 15. I was not looking for employees that needed a manager, I was looking for people that were needing inspiration Photo by Pasukaru76
  16. 16. I’ve finally found nonviolent people that only wanted to work in an environment to let them to be happy, but that was only the start Photo by Atomicity
  17. 17. They started their learning path by meeting each other and learning to communicate without violence Photo by ReilandN166
  18. 18. Our first steps were not easy, we learned technology and tools in record time Photo by busiguy6
  19. 19. Our teams started to created their own working agreements that little by little were defining interactions Photo by Sailor Tokyo
  20. 20. Each team member can do many things – we don’t have titles or specialties Photo by Funesphoto
  21. 21. We have a limited budget and we are running against the clock to release a product Photo by 401 (K) 2013
  22. 22. In spite of external pressure communication among us is still nonviolent Photo by useitinfo
  23. 23. As time passed our knowledge, product and communication skills has improved Photo by Darko Sikman Photography
  24. 24. We are obsessed with the elegance or our code and with continuous learning Photo by Maxim Kushpel
  25. 25. Of course our CEO wants results but we keep him at the bay by producing metrics and reports that we believe worth doingPhoto by digital_stability
  26. 26. We use things like Agile, Scrum, XP, NVC, Mob Programming and we are aspire to become true software craftmenPhoto by fifoescudero
  27. 27. We don’t have a recipe to create copies of our teams; even if they use the same technology people can’t be cloned Photo by Allahu Akbar2008
  28. 28. We believe in principles and values that have allow us to harvest great results Photo by Aleeph
  29. 29. Photo by Shaun_Sheep Nobody can predict what is going to happen in the future but so far we’ve been happy at work
  30. 30. @juanbandajara (twitter) (site) (blog)
  31. 31.