Scrum basics


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Scrum fundamentals presentation distributed to undergrad students.

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Scrum basics

  1. 1. Scrum BasicsPresented by Juan Banda
  2. 2. Problems in SoftwareIndustry•Releases take toolong•Stabilization takestoo long•Changes are hardto make•Quality is falling•Death marches arehurting morale•People are notcommunicating well 2
  3. 3. Roots of Scrum•Lean•KnowledgeManagement byNonaka & Takeuchi •Built-in instability •Self-organizing project teams •Overlapping development phases •“Multilearning” •Subtle control •Organizational transfer of learning 3
  4. 4. Make your own pathThere is no fixed and•patented Agileprocess, onlyPrinciples andValues•Principles and Valuesare not somethingfixed, they can guidebut not dictate howthings should beRules are rigid,•Principles and Valuesare flexible like Agile 4
  5. 5. Scrum is a framework•The frameworkset the basicrules that a teamuses to play agame•Each team hasits own style•A team needs toconstantlyreinvent itself 5
  6. 6. Scrum comes handyIt will help you to build•better software inshorter releasescycles and with morequality associatedScrum is an•empirical process;not a formal, rigid andout of the box one•Like a Swiss Armytool, Scrum is nice,shiny, easy to use,made for last,adaptable and not 6expensive
  7. 7. Scrum four pillarsScrum rests on fourlegs of•iterativedevelopment thatgenerates•increments offunctionality using•self-organizingteams that arecross-functional 7
  8. 8. Scrum flowThis flow defines thedifferent artifactsand ceremonieswithin the ScrumframeworkOne importantconsideration is thatthe flow is based onan incremental anditerative process 8
  9. 9. Product backlog•The Product Backlogcontains a prioritized listof items – user storiesthat will be developed bythe team during thesprint, the current andthe next release•The Product Backlog isnot static; it increaseswhen new requirementsarrive and decreaseswhen user stories havebeen completed 9
  10. 10. Sprint backlog•The Sprint Backlogis the list of userstories that theteams commits towork in an sprint•This list comes fromthe Product Backlogand should bechanged without theteam consensus andthe Product Owner’sapproval 10
  11. 11. Burn down charts•The Burn Down charis not exactly amonitoring tool thatshows productivityOn the contrary, this•chart could be used asa predictive tool forplanning next sprints•It’s key that theScrum Master and theteam keep this chartupdated and know itsmeaning 11
  12. 12. Scrum roles & responsibilities 12
  13. 13. Chickens & pigsThese guys are fullycommitted These are not 13
  14. 14. Team ResponsibilitiesEstimating size of•backlog items•Committing toincrements ofdeliverable software –and delivering it• Tracks own progressIs self-organizing –•but accountable to theProduct Owner fordelivering as promised•Improving constantlyits own processes 14
  15. 15. Basic truths aboutteam motivation•People are mostproductive when theymanage themselves•People take theircommitment more seriouslythan other people’scommitment for them•People have many creativemoments during down time•People always do the bestthey can•Under pressure to “workharder” developersautomatically andincreasingly reduce quality 15
  16. 16. Basic truths aboutteam performance•Teams and people dotheir best work whenthey aren’t interruptedTeams improve most•when they solve theirown problems•Broad-band, fact-to-face communicationsis the most productiveway for teams to worktogether 16
  17. 17. Basic truths aboutteam composition•Teams are moreproductive than thesame number ofindividuals•The optimum size teamis around seven people,and no more than nine•Products are morerobust when a team hasall of the cross-functionalskills (development +QE) focused on the work•Changes in teamcomposition often lowerproductivity for a time 17
  18. 18. Scrum MasterResponsibilities•Empowering andshepherding theteam•RemovingimpedimentsKeeping the•process movingSocializing•Scrum to thegreaterorganization 18
  19. 19. Additional resources Scrum Bolivia LinkedIn user group goback=.gmp_2229883.gde_2229883_mem ber_72362318.anp_2229883_13173858743 82_1 19
  20. 20. Thanks for attending