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Evaluation – Question 4


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Evaluation – Question 4

  2. 2. How effective is the combination of your mainproduct and ancillary texts? I believe the three texts I have produced are all relatable and work well together for the main cause; to produce a noticeable image of the horror genre into the audience members mind. This ‘image’ has to be similar to the effect real media texts have on audience members through the use of codes and conventions that I researched in my pre-production stage. My Poster and magazine cover share similarities as they both use a similar colour coding on them; the use of white and red. The red has been used to symbolize danger, death and blood to link with the make up used on the actors faces. I have also used dark images in both products to link with the genre of my products; the darkness creates a sense of fear that is needed for the horror genre. I believe that the trio of my products capture the horror genre well.
  3. 3.  I believe my poster relates well to the other texts for a number of reasons. I have included the logo and names of my institution as seen in the trailer. The poster also presents the primary protagonist and the antagonists; all of these actors feature heavily in my trailer and are presented here. In my trailer I used a dark location and to link my poster with that, I have darkened the image I have used. The use of the colour red is a further link between the three products; it was used on the intertitles in my trailer and on some of the headings on my magazine cover. The colour symbolizes blood, relates to the make up, and has been used on the poster for emphasis and to detail the title and reviews.
  4. 4.  I have used action-packed screenshots from my trailer on my magazine front cover to highlight the link between the two texts but also to provide the audience with potential screenshots of the movie. This will help to build anticipation and excitement ahead of its release. I edited the filter on the image useed as a background image; I lowered the brightness, increased the contrast and added a red filter to relate to the theme of blood and danger conveyed throughout the texts. Also, have specifically coloured the ‘dead’ section of my title red to emphasize it and make it noticeable to the reader. The use of the exclamatory sentence ‘world exclusive!’ attracts the readers eye and will lure them to the main article.
  5. 5.  A common link to all three texts is the use of the colour scheme. I have used red on the titles in my trailer, the subheadings on my magazine front cover and as a ghostly, glow effect on the main text of my poster. This creates a sense of danger in the audience’s mind and will also allow them to recognize the genre easier. In contrast, I have used the white colouring on the bold fonts to make them stand out to the reader such as on the masthead and on the title in my trailer. All three products have to be as eye-catching as possible and I feel that they all successfully grab the attention of the viewer. As my poster is of the landscape orientation, I believe it will take up more space and be more noticeable to viewers in locations where posters are typically found such as the underground or billboards. My trailer, of 1 minute 7 seconds, is a good length for a teaser trailer, designed to ‘drip feed’ plot to the audience and retain an enigma, a suspense that will pose questions in the readers head that they will wish to answer. This will then lead them onto the next stage; to the magazine to find out more information about the film. The inclusion of a website increases the intertextuality and the level of content between the products.