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Big History

  1. 1. Big History<br />James Stewart<br />10/18/2010<br />
  2. 2. The Movement of People<br />The movment of people can be triggered from a variety of sourcessuch as conquest or food.<br />A great example of early movement comes from exploration and the will of a leader to want more power or to broaden the influence of their kingdom.<br />Alexander the Great for example wanted to unify the east and west regions under one banner, his own. <br />"covered-wagon-minnesota." Covered Wagon Tours: Travel Like Pioneers. Web. 18 Oct 2010.<br />"Netherlands_Teutonic_Tribes." Ancient Netherlands: The History of the Dutch . Web. 18 Oct 2010. <>.<br />
  3. 3. The Effect of Alexander the Great<br />The seemingly noble act of Alexander the great had a huge lasting effect on the history of Europe<br />Many rulers ranging from Cesar to Napoleon all attempted to accomplish, although also failing, what Alexander was unsuccessful in doing which is uniting all of Eurasia under one flag<br />While Alexander wanted to spread the civilized world with the many advancements of Greek culture he never really thought of anyone but Greeks as human but as savages. <br />"Alexander_the_Great." SPARTAN GREEK HOPLITE WARRIORS of HISTORY and LEGEND. Web. 18 Oct 2010.<br />
  4. 4. Greed of Rule and its Influence from the Church<br />While early spread can be considered noble the greed of those that rule became stronger as the years went on.<br />With the misguided use of the Christian church doctrine and jurisprudence allowed rulers to claim stake and divine right to take land from pagans along with their gold and valuable possessions.<br />The church allowed a variety of divine rights to be given out ranging from the loosely guided borders to the right of any and all people to be used as seen fit by the ruler on that land.<br />"TCoin2." Pirates Buried Tresures. Web. 18 Oct 2010.<br />
  5. 5. How Geography Became the Trumpcard<br />The continent of Eurasia come to be more technologically advanced not because they are smarter but because the land they live on allowed more control.<br />The native plants such as wheat, barley, and rice are easier to domesticate then other parts of the world. <br />In addition to the plants the land also provided animals that gave food, muscle, and resources for clothing. <br />With the natural land providing such abundant resources they could afford to have part of the population to work on other projects such as metallurgy and science. <br />"Fertile Crescent." Fertile Cresent Photo by David Boyette. Web. 18 Oct 2010.<br />
  6. 6. Germs That Fought the War<br />While the rest of the world struggled to feed themselves without the luxury of domesticated plants and animals Europe was being killed off by numerous plagues.<br />Many of the plagues came from bacteria and viri that mutated from the animals that Europeans came to depend on. <br />Although the germs spread and killed much of the population in the areas generations of selective breeding, through those that were not effected by the plague survived and brought offspring, allowed immunities to the diseases.<br />When colonization of the Americas started the new population from Europe brought over the same bacteria and disease that they had spent years becoming adapted to and effected the native American population in the same way leading to a depleted resistance force.<br />"Bacteria Purple." Ed's meme Archive. Web. 18 Oct 2010.<br />
  7. 7. Geographic Social Advantage<br />The advantage with food and bacterial immunities was not the only advantage that Eurasia had.<br />Another large advantage was the transference of knowledge that came from the geographical ease of movement. While the Americas were long from north to south the Eurasia/African Continent was long from east to west. <br />The Difference from the two different respective directions allowed people to communicate much better since the climate was much the same as you go from east to west and varies greatly north to south.<br />An example of this as talked about in the video “Guns, Germs, and Steel” is that while the Spanish had books of prior conquests the Incans who were not that far from the recently conquered Aztecs had no idea of the tactics used that would have saved them in the end.<br />"Masoretic Text." Ink & Blood: Dead Sea Scrolls. Web. 18 Oct 2010.<br />
  8. 8. Ancient Slavery<br />Slaves of ancient time composed of those that were conquered and forced into labor.<br />Ancient slaves were used as tools for nearly any job that wasn’t worth doing by a higher member of society<br />Slaves were treated as nothing better then an animal and in that way they acted like one resulting in cannabilism and even being sacrificed much like a sheep would have been. <br />Due to people treating slaves as less then themselves slaves have more often then not been from outside their culture or community.<br />"Women and Children Becoming Slaves of Egypt."Ancient Prisoners Made Slaves. Web. 18 Oct 2010.<br />
  9. 9. African Slave Movment<br />As Colonist sailed over to the Americas they started using the natives as their slaves just like they would for any other conquest.<br />The new American slaves did not live up to their expectations as they were not able to do the work they needed, as the farming of sugar and cotton were very new to the natives, and were not as resistant to the disease that they had brought over to the new land.<br />The Slave Trade had already been established in Europe where it was already a strong industry it was only a matter of time until African slaves were brought over that already had the immunities and skill of the money crops from the years of being European slaves. <br />"The Slave Trade by George Morland ." Paintings by George Morland. Web. 18 Oct 2010.<br />