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final presentation

  1. 1. The adventures of Charlie Once upon a time there was a mischievous child in Peacefulland who enjoyed playing tricks, annoying people and causing troubles to everyone; his name was Charlie.
  2. 2. Peacefulland was a verysmall village which hadmany persons in spite ofbeing not so large.Everyone in this smalltown was happy, the baddays were when Charliehad made one of his jokes.
  3. 3. One day in a midnight while everybody wasslepping Charlie broke into a house. The housebelonged to a bad man called Yamil. People saidhe was a wizard and Charlie wanted to confirmso he decided to paint the walls and the saints ofthis place; he wanted the wizard to get angry.While he was doing that he was caught redhanded and what he wanted happened, thewizard got angry and he immediatly cast a spellon him shouting "Charlie you wont ever smile,you are a naughty boy and you deserve to bepunished".
  4. 4. Charlie didnt believe that hewas going to lose his smile, hejust run outside the house butdeep down he was very scaredthinking about the spell andwhen he got home he realizedhe couldn’t smile, he tried doingbut he couldnt ... Poor Charliehe didnt do more pranks.
  5. 5. The time went by and Charlie was very sad because hecouldn´t smile and playing tricks, he had been lookingfor a cure for the spell. He did many things and visitedmany old people from the town who supposed to knowabout that but nobody had found a solution. One dayan old man told him there was a witch in a isolatedplace of the village but nobody had seen her, only herlaugh was heard at midnights. "She is not like otherwitches, this is a good one called Betty, she isbeautiful and friendly" said the old man. Then Charliedecided to look for Betty to talk to her and so shecould help him.
  6. 6. Charlie set out his searchfor Betty in theoutskirts, he had to findher one way or another...The days passed and hestill didnt find her but onone occasion while hewas lying on a field atnight he heard her smileand followed the soundinto the night up to abeautiful place which hada waterfall, there werefairies flying in all overthe place and the starsshined more. Charlie waspuzzled.
  7. 7. The witch Betty was so kind sowhen she saw Charile shecame up to him and shewelcomed him. They sat downtogether and Charlie told herhis situation. He wassurprised because she hadtold that she knew Yamil andthey had been in love up to abad spell made by himseparated them. So theywaited for the dawn to go toYamils house and to recoverCharlies smile.
  8. 8. They arrived the houseand when Yamil sawBetty he got nervous andshe did it too. In spite ofbeing older Betty stillloved him, they talkedabout the spell of Charlieand at the end he broke itup. Charlie laughedagain!
  9. 9. Charlie decided to play his last trick and whileYamil and Betty were talking he found a magicwand and a book of spells. He found the love spelland cast them. Suddenly Yamil was young andBetty was prettier. They were in love again, Charliewent back the village and he didnt do more tricks.Now people from the small town didn’t hearanything at midnights. Peacefulland was better andeveryone was happier. The End