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A true paradise powerpoint


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Published in: Travel
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A true paradise powerpoint

  1. 1. Pohnpei• Pohnpei is a beautifully magestic island full of adventure and history.
  2. 2. The History of Pohnpei• Many have tried to • Ponhpeians follow three conquer but none have principles, one of them succeeded. being, value the land and care for its resources. • Today they have traditional government run by high chiefs as well as a modern government.
  3. 3. Family Ties• Family is a big part of Pohnpeian life.• Families consist of Husband, Wife, many children, and their children’s offsprings.• The average family will have between eight to twelve children!
  4. 4. Family Ties
  5. 5. The Garden State• Pohnpei is known as the Garden state of Micronesia.• Though small is size, Pohnpei has over 250 species of plants that are indigenous to the island.• Also, their are dozens of waterfalls and mountains reaching 2,600 feet.
  6. 6. Beauty of the Garden State.
  7. 7. Nan Madol• The construction of Nan Madol started around 500 A.D.• Coral and massive basalt stone logss were used.• Nan Madol was meant to be a political and religious city.
  8. 8. Nan Madol
  9. 9. Nan Madol
  10. 10. Paradise• From rich history to breathtaking landscapes Pohnpei has it all.• This small island is full of adventure and beauty that will satisfy most anyone’s thirst for life.
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