Organizational presentation community building


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Using Balanced Scorecard and Baldrige to develop strategy for community building

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Organizational presentation community building

  1. 1. CITI Works Community Improvement Through InvolvementUsing Community/Stakeholder Input in Decision Making 2705 Church Street Suite 200 Atlanta, Georgia 30344 (404) 768-1313 Fax:768-0898 A Presentation of the Hudson 1 Strategic Group
  2. 2. Business MissionThe Provision of Superior Leadership Support Services (Strategic or Tactical) for:Assuring Leadership of Stakeholder Buy-In by: Assuring Stakeholder Input in a planned way that – Aligns Management Actions with Stakeholder Interests – Supports and Strengthens Management of a Community or Organization – Includes the Voice of Stakeholder in Process A Presentation of the Hudson 2 Strategic Group
  3. 3. Services Delivery ResultsResults Desired HsG Offer• Discovery of Current • Dynamic Information Realities within Targeted Gathering Entities • A Framework for• Naming of A Shared Collaboration Vision • A Responsive Action Plan• Developing Bridges • Accountability through• Monitoring the Journey Scorecards A Presentation of the Hudson 3 Strategic Group
  4. 4. Current Reality• Description of the “Way Things Are”• Describes the Entities as What They Are, Here and Now• Yields What is Most Likely to Succeed and• What is Actually Appreciated and Useful A Presentation of the Hudson 4 Strategic Group
  5. 5. Naming a Shared Vision• Helps People See Their Own Desires Linked to a Larger Shared View• Creates Deeper Commitment and Involvement• Accomplished by Asking People about Their Lives and By Listening Carefully• Event Provides a Logical Starting Point for Collaboration A Presentation of the Hudson 5 Strategic Group
  6. 6. Developing Bridges• Spans the Gulf Between Current Reality and the Hope Expressed in the Shared Vision• Develops the Actions (Strategic or Tactical) and Systems/Processes to Bridge the Various Expectations While Embracing the Current Priorities• Yields the Alignment Between Competing Resources and Shared Opportunity A Presentation of the Hudson 6 Strategic Group
  7. 7. Monitoring the Journey• Develops the “Measurements that Matter” and which Monitor the Shared Visions Accomplishment• Assigns the Measurements to the Proper Owner or Process• Develops Communication and Reporting Pieces• Provides a Central Point for Information Exchange and Communication A Presentation of the Hudson 7 Strategic Group
  8. 8. Where Opportunities Show Up• Community Building Collaboration• Project Buy-In• Community Meetings/Public Hearings• Cross Functional Group Discussion• Integration of Multiple Plans or Processes• Stakeholder Expectation Articulation• Planning Support• Town Hall Meetings or Group Meeting Facilitation (Boards/Teams/Residents/Stakeholders) A Presentation of the Hudson 8 Strategic Group
  9. 9. Grow and Develop your Business through PlanningFinancialPerspectiveCustomerPerspectiveInternalPerspective Strategic Competencies Climate for ActionLearning &GrowthPerspective Strategic Technologies A Presentation of the Hudson 9 Strategic Group
  10. 10. Community Planning WorkflowManagement Sys. Development Strategic Project Plans Orientation Quality Proposal Needs Assessment Plan Vision Work Plan Goals Required Resources Organization Development Strategies Internal Review Plan By Business Area Initiatives w/Priorities & Mapped to Organization Build Create Problem Project Vision Strategic Implement Feedback Solving Planning Leadership Plan "7-Step" or Other Process Support Team Info Support Resource Info Best Practices, New Ideas, Etc. Support Sharing A Presentation of the Hudson 10 Strategic Group
  11. 11. Community Planning Workflow (Cont.) 3 4 1 2 Level I - Exec Charter Teams Policy Impact/Issues 5 Identify & Rank: Create Plan-MAP: * Quality Improve (Quality Council, State Teams or Fed. Govt, etc.) * GOALS * Procs to Goals Cross-Functl QIT Problem Solving What we Want How Goals are Supported * Problem Solving * PROCESSES TQM Tools & How it is Done * Probs to Procs Process Oriented Whats Broken Level I I - Mid Techniques * JOBS/ROLES * Jobs to Procs * Project Teams Direct Impact Issues Resources Who is Involved Action Oriented RANKED PROBLEMS (Staff, Cross-Dept.- 1 5 4 ( or GOALS) * PROBLEMS * Probs to Goals PROJECT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1112 1314 15 161718 19 x Program, etc.) Obstacles Quick Hitters PROJECT x PROJECT x x 6 PROJECT x x 2 PROJECT x 5 PROJECT x x 1 PROJECT x 3 PROJECT PROJECT x PROJECT 4 Detail Definitions x PROJECT x PROJECT x PROJECT x Level I I I - Line 6 Customer Internal 2 Oriented Oriented 3 Team Compositions Group Impact Issues (Engineers, Location, Problem Assignments Project, etc.) 6 FEEDBACK Internal Process Measures Customer Measures Self Assessments Benchmarking / "Best Practices" A Presentation of the Hudson 11 Strategic Group
  12. 12. Community Improvement Through Involvement "When the INNER City works the WHOLE City works" A Presentation of the Hudson 12 Strategic Group
  13. 13. A Presentation of The Hudson Strategic Group, Inc PO Box 42984 Atlanta, GA 30311 770-994-4466 www.hudgroup.comemail A Presentation of the Hudson 13 Strategic Group