New day for black community and black business


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Black business leadership in community

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New day for black community and black business

  1. 1. The HsG’s MBE StrategyA Strategy Offering to develop a Program of Business Performance Excellence
  2. 2. The HsG’s MBE’s Strategy(small & medium enterprises) Use of Criteria developed for Baldrige/Alabama Quality Award as Consultant tool:  Assessments  Administration  Focuses on Performance Excellence and Competitiveness Use of Balanced Scorecard Templates to drive:  Community and Business Planning  Metrics and Measurements to Manage Programs
  3. 3. Why? Uses Malcomb Balridge Quality award as a consultant tool not just education, assessment and recognition Considers what an organization must address to create and sustain success Supports states efforts for Global Competitiveness Assures RESULTS are not accidental Supports Ability for business to repay any debt as well as provide key indicators of same Ability to perform in an Excellent “World Class” manner
  4. 4. Performance Excellence Driven Use Business Performance Excellence to define critical success factors versus current marketplace support: Leadership Strategic Planning Customer Market Focus Results More**
  5. 5. Common Criteria Speak Common Language--Increase ability to communicate Resource Supported--Enhances learning Predictor--Provides key influences on how a business operates and its key challenges so something can be done, if possible
  6. 6. Characteristics of PerformanceExcellence Focuses on Customer & Key Stakeholders Is Proactive not Reactive Aligns Strategies, Goals, Objectives, Processes and Actions with Vision & Mission Develops Management by Fact Promotes a life-long Learning and Improvement environment
  7. 7. Mechanism to Develop Uses Criteria of Malcomb Balridge Quality Award to provide framework to develop and execute business development and growth Development of DC Plan that begins with Communities and their respective businesses Create tools to support use of Malcomb Balridge Quality Award criteria and methodologies to support businesses and overall management Continually review and update program as does Malcomb Balridge Quality Award Program
  8. 8. Benefits to MBDA Provides identifiable support to Black Community and Businesses therein Uses Economic Values not Social values Program , unlike many others, can be measured and monitored as well as changed to ensure growth and stability Creates Wealth, Creates, Jobs and Tax Revenues
  9. 9. Participants Local Community Leaders and Business persons Local elected Officials Local News Organizations Local Financial Institutions Local Community Development Organizations Other community/religious and social & fraternal groups
  10. 10. Supports recapture of Resources Provides Measurement Tools to provide advance warning of problems and successes Enable businesses to utilize the Quality tenants of Malcomb Balridge Quality Award which supports Excellence. Provides competitive advantage to DC through the development and use of EXCELLENT MBE’s which can support Industry in a clear advantageous manner
  11. 11. Dispels Negativity About the operation excellence of DC MBE’s involved in federal contracting Served as predictor of repayment of any debts or investments required That any effort to support Black community and their Businesses will result in a “Write-Off” and blemish Redefines the usage of Malcomb Balridge Quality Award criteria as a marketplace tool
  12. 12. What Next? Determine what activities HsG should be involved in. Defining HsG operational perspectives and measurements Marketing of agreement between UNFT & HsG
  13. 13. Hudson Strategic Group, Inc PO Box 42984 Atlanta, GA 30311 404-696-8222Joseph R. Hudson, Founder & Chairman Henry Whitlow, President & CEO