Edvard by Jean-François D'Or


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Press release for occasion of Interieur 2012 regarding new design mirror Edvard

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Edvard by Jean-François D'Or

  1. 1. NEWSFLASH September 2012 Reflect+ on show at INTERIEUR 2012: EDVARD by Jean-François D’Or A ‘screaming’ mirror with a multi-faceted characterIt all started with a factory visit, complete with mood board and lots of photos. The result is astraightforward mirror in a range of colours. With a conical shape and a surprisingly versatile character.EDVARD, named after the painter Edvard Munch, is the latest creation from designer Jean-François D’Or.It is also a new addition to the Reflect+ collection from Deknudt Mirrors that can shortly be admired atINTERIEUR 2012, along with mirrors from many other leading Belgian designers.Norwegian name, Belgian designWith its rounded upper and lower edges and conical shape, EDVARD is a bit of a stunner. Especiallywhen it’s fixed to the wall. It looks as if the mirror is a sort of megaphone that makes the wall scream forattention. Hence the name EDVARD, after the norwegian artist Edvard Munch, the man behind thefamous painting ‘The Scream’. Yet the painting itself was not where the design started from.In actual fact, EDVARD is from Brussels, born in the Loudordesign studio, which is the personal workshopof designer Jean-François D’Or. And the place where he has been collecting all sorts of items for years:from old hats and hat-stands to shaving brushes and switches. “It may all look like worthless junk, but Ifind it fascinating and inspiring. Every item is capable of providing input into a new design.”Armed with his trusty camera, Jean-François D’Or also took a trip through the Deknudt Mirrors factory,taking shots of the mirrors and the production process. Then, in the area round London’s Brick Lane, hefound reflection in a front door. A beautiful picture with a strange perspective and yet more input forthe new mirror. “I love thinking outside the square. Literally. Mirrors don’t always have to be a flat squareor rectangle.”From mirror to occasional tableEDVARD comes in two sizes – big and small – and in several colours: sober black or white and blue. AnyRAL colour on demand. It is striking to see in how many different ways the mirror can fit into your interior.Both sizes go perfectly on the wall. But you can also place the mirror on its side or rest it on its base.Depending on where you position it, it gives you another way of looking at mirrors and their reflection .Call EDVARD a nomad that shuttles hither and thither to fulfil different functions – each one giving youanother look at reality.The bigger version of EDVARD loves lying on its side on the floor. In the middle of a clothes shop,bedroom, bathroom, etc. As an onlooker, your gaze is directed downwards. You feel big and ready tostep right into the mirror, as if you are being sucked through a funnel into a surrealistic landscape. Isbeing tilted practical? You bet. From that position you can get your whole outfit into the picture. So youcan face the ‘real’ world with self-assurance. You can even put EDVARD horizontally on the floor tocreate a great-looking occasional table.The smaller version of EDVARD feels at home anywhere: on your table, sideboard or bedside table. Tilt itto create the ideal make-up or shaving mirror. The compact model is a winner. Call it a podium,something that you cherish and that gives extra bling to your much-loved objects. Place the mirrorhorizontally and you have a spot to put your favourite photos, little pieces of art and other items ofemotional value. Better still, the reflection doubles the pleasure for you. And just like the big mirror, the
  2. 2. small model has both a practical and surprising side to it, with functions and applications that changeas you alter the mirror’s position.Practical details:Dimensions, 2 sizes: D700 (ø 70 cm) and D300 (ø 30 cm)Recommended retail price: on request from info@deknudtmirrors.com or +32 (0)56 73 55 11Available from: December 2012Sales outlets: on request from info@deknudtmirrors.com or +32 (0)56 73 55 11 Reflect+The Reflect+ collection from Deknudt Mirrors is more than just a group of mirrors. It pays homage to yearsof master craftsmanship and tradition. Each mirror is a jewel for your interior, designed by Belgian interiorand exterior designers Bart Lens, Stefan Schöning and Jean-François D’Or. Each and every one a namewith an international reputation. The entire collection is on display from 20th to 28th October atINTERIEUR 2012 in Kortrijk. About Deknudt MirrorsReflect+ is a premium collection of Belgian craftsmanship at an international level. In Deknudt Mirrors’vision, a mirror is the result of a subtle mix of expertise, powerful ideas en the right choice of materials.Yet, the work is never done. Each day, new roads ar explored, new insights sought. Of this, Reflect+ isthe paramount example. Deknudt Mirrors at INTERIEUR 2012 hall 4 – stand 447, 20th-28th October, in KortrijkFor more information – not for publication:Deknudt Mirrors – Reflect+ RCA PRAnnemie Vanzieleghem Petra NoppeDe Cassinastraat 4-8 Koningin Astridlaan 388540 Deerlijk 3500 Hasselt+32 (0) 56 73 55 26 +32 (0) 11 59 05 91www.relfectplus.com www.rcapress.be (for HR images)info@reflectplus.com petra.noppe@rca.beLoudordesign studioJean-François D’Orwww.loudordesign.be