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Presentation of the Reflect+ mirrors developed by the external designers in DAMn° Magazine # 32 Productivity section www.damnmagazine.net/magazines/current_issue

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Damnmagazine 03-04.2012

  1. 1. Productivity MADNESS + 1 2 1. catifa 70 Soft Design: Lievore AltherrMIRACLES Molina for ArperDesigners have not 1 Designed to offer an experience of pure comfort, the four-way base isbeen idle, although equipped with return and tiltcollectively a kind of 3 mechanisms.warped imagination seems www.arper.com ---------------------------------------to be at play. DAMndeterminedly scoured the 2.jensentreasure chest of wonders, Design: Rodolfo Dordoni www.minotti.comsnooping at the products ---------------------------------------preparing to dressthe halls in Milan and 3.fifty Design: dögg & arnvedCologne, having already design for Ligne Rosetraked through the items Inspired by the ‘Flag Halyardon display in Stockholm Chair’ designed by Hans Wegner in 1950, it uses 350 metres ofand Paris. The gathered hand-woven cord. Available inbatch of goodies includes black or tobacco colour, for usea money box that thinks outdoors as well as indoors. www.ligne-roset.beits a building from the ---------------------------------------industrial revolution, chairsthat want to wrap you 4. serpentine Design: éleonore Nalet forup or even smother you, Ligne Rosetmulticoloured stools that The quilted ‘lumps’ are interwovenresemble drawing pins with the delicate metal structure to create an extremely comfortableseen from a helicopter, armchair, also for use outdoors,tables with far too many being waterproof and anti-UV.legs and with all of them 4 5 www.ligne-roset.be ---------------------------------------akimbo, and shelves thatare anything but rectilinear. 65 67 5. CoupoleWhat are we to think? Design: Kati Meyer-Brühl A design that embraces socialProduct selection: SIEGRID DEMYTTENAEREInspirational images: WALTER BETTENS / responsibility, combining comfortSIEGRID DEMYTTENAERE and innovative aesthetics with respect for man and nature.Photo: Having a relaxing tea with www.bruehl.coma Burmese monk. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6. BOLLE1.wink Design: Nathan Yong forDesign: Toshiyuki Kita Living DivaniAn exclusive version of the ‘Wink’ 1 2 A colourful series of Bolle stools,chaise-longue. with their slender metal tripodwww.cassina.com structure cradling a cute cushion,--------------------------------------- 3 offer an informal, impromptu seating option.2.Ferre www.livingdivani.itDesign: Cédric Dequidt ---------------------------------------Outdoor collection 8www. roche bobois.com 7. Bao--------------------------------------- 7 8 Design: Eoos for Walter Knoll3. J.J. www.walterknoll.deDesign: Antonio Citterio ---------------------------------------Now available with a pad intextured fabric having a 8. shrimp milieudiamond-shaped pattern. Design: Jehs & Laubwww.bebitalia.com This is a place to relax, underlined--------------------------------------- by the rotating easy chair and the stool that comes with it: feel free4. luca SOFT to put your feet up.Design: Jean-Philippe Nuel www.cor.deInitially designed as part of the ---------------------------------------Radisson Hotel Nantes project,in which the Palais de Justice wastransformed into a luxury hotel.www.ligne-roset.be 4---------------------------------------120 121
  2. 2. Productivity 1. BALZAC 1. JokoDesign: Matthew Hilton 3 Design: Studio Bartoli forfor scp KristaliaSolid beech frame with steel Joko is a poetic and essentialsprings and elasticated webbing design project, a chair withcovered in multi-density foam with all-embracing armrests and afeather cushions and American 2 slightly wider seat.oak legs. www.kristalia.itwww.scp.co.uk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2. Compas2. dartagnan Design: Patrick Norguet forDesign: Toni Grilo Kristaliafor Haymann A stackable chair that can be usedOak with black leather. indoors or outdoors.www.haymanneditions.com www.kristalia.it--------------------------------------- 1 2 ---------------------------------------3. Adesso 3 4 3. Noa 725Design: Kurt Müller Design: Marc Sadler forfor Girsberger PedraliFurniture made from solid wood Noa is stackable. The upholsteryand nickel-chromium steel. 1 2 range, in combination with thewww.girsberger.com colours of the shell, offers many--------------------------------------- possible customisations and 3 4 furnishing solutions.4. Chaise courte in a Beijing www.pedrali.comhutong ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4. bench5. BAHIR Design: Alvar AaltoDesign: Jörg Boner for Cor These solid birch benches wereA place where you can sprawl and designed in 1945. They aresnuggle, a free zone for lounging available in two sizes to easily fit inand reading, playing and surfing an entryway, function as patiothe web. To make this possible, seating, or serve as a casual livingBahir is designed as a large, room table.inviting basin. This is balanced by www.artek.fithe absence of the classic division ---------------------------------------into seat and backrest.www.cor.de 5. array--------------------------------------- Design: Ana Tevsic forPcm A simple, geometrical stool6. Carène created by the repetition of a singleDesign: Stephan Lanez folded laser cut aluminium sheet.for Marcel By The three parts are assembledThis chair results from a sculptural with screws.and structural work. Its enveloping www.pcmdesign.escurves optimize seating comfort. ---------------------------------------The structure is of solid wood, withupholstered back and seat. 6. zig zagwww.marcelby.fr Design: Gerrit T. Rietveld for--------------------------------------- 5 Cassina Coloured version of the iconic ‘Zig7. Easy Lamp/ Chair Zag’ chair.Design: Bonaguro Giorgio 6 7 www.cassina.comEasy Table Lamp is part of a system ---------------------------------------composed of a floor lamp and astool-chair. These consist of only 7. Osanpotwo parts: an arm that can be the Design: MasaKazu Horisource of light or the back of the 5 6 A stool inspired by four differentchair, and a base to support it. types of dog: Labrador retriever,They are made with eco-friendly 7 8 Bulldog, Dachshund andmaterials: wood and a composite Chihuahua, for interior and exteriormaterial made of resin and marble environments.powder. www.covo.itwww.bonagurogiorgio.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 8. NO.3 Stool Design: Scott, Rich & Victoria for Covo A complex geometry of bent wirework, patterned to create a framework and embraced by a faceted seating surface. www.covo.it ---------------------------------------122 123
  3. 3. Productivity Perfecting the wine glassThe exquisite Château BaccaratBaccarat’s new collection of innovative crystalglasses, shown at MAISON&OBJET 2012 inParis, has been designed to reveal the complex-ity, richness and subtlety of wine. Sensorially de-veloped with oenologist Bruno Quenioux, thecurvature is like that of trapeze, with a result thatis truly revolutionary - both aesthetically andtechnically. The generous volume of the redwine glasses enables the aroma to achieve op-timum aeration, having a flattened form anddeep, wide chimney. The white wine version, onthe other hand, is necessarily smaller and has aflatter shape. In both cases, the bouquets sup-pleness and aromas are unleashed, while thealcohol tang is minimised, enabling the wine togain smoothness without losing intensity. Notwilling to exercise blind faith, we did the testwith an average Cru Bourgeois, first in an ordi-nary sommeliers glass, and then in Baccaratsnewest beauty, and the result was exhilarating;like smelling the rose instead of the perfume...www.baccarat.comPortrait: Bruno Quenioux: wine expert, sommelier, oenologistFUTUR HERITAGEStudents with a taste for CognacMaison Rémy Martin, with three centuries of ex-perience and expertise in the world of cognac,has established a close relationship with designand creation; whether technical or artistic, inno-vation is very important to the team there. “Ourheritage and our savoir-faire have long beensources of inspiration and creativity for the stew-ards of knowledge that are our cellar masters, aswell as for the artists and designers who havecollaborated with our Maison”, says AugustinDepardon, Communication Director. FUTURHERITAGE, a cultural project that explores newhorizons, was born of the commitment to high- 1 2light the Maison’s visionary, creative initiatives.Exposition # 1 marks the beginning of a series of Out Now 3 4events centred on the ritual of tasting, presentingthe works of eight design students from ENSAA- With essays by Margaret Campbell,MA in Paris and Central Saint Martins College of Nan Ellin, David Gissen, Carla C. Keirns,Art and Design in London, who all came to Co- Linda Pollak, Hilary Sample,gnac. Three months later, eight imaginativeprojects were born. And Maison Rémy Martin is Sarah Schrank, and Deane Simpsondelighted, knowing well that fresh ideas open upnew avenues of inspiration and reflection.www.remy.com1. Legacy by Jason Fletcher cca.qc.ca/imperfect2. Eccence by Ségolène Girard & Weiche Wu3. Merve Kahraman by Seduction Series4. Around The World by Yoann Vandendriessche124 125
  4. 4. Productivity 1. Isola Design: Claesson Koivisto Rune A pleasant and cosy seat, expressing relaxation and suitable for work and play, thanks to the built-in table. www.tacchini.it --------------------------------------- 2. BOW collection Design: Piks design Table top made from aluminium lacquered resin (white, mustard or taupe). www.roche-bobois.com --------------------------------------- 1 2 1 2 3. REK Design: Reinier de Jong1. Wolfgang REK is a coffee table that growsDesign: Luca Nichetto with your coffee needs.Inspiration for this project came from www.reinierdejong.comthe way in which the wood is treated, ---------------------------------------an aspect that emerged from observingchair designs by Hans J. Wegner and 4. ARCANEMichael Thonet. guéridonwww.lucanichetto.com Design Roberto Tapinassiwww.fornasarig.it & Maurizio Manzon--------------------------------------- Side table. www.roche-bobois.com2. CT09 ENOKI ---------------------------------------Design: Philipp Mainzer for E15Side tables are presented in 5. Augécombinations of rich marble and Design: Samuel Accoceberrycoloured steel. Each object can be usedwww.e15.com horizontally or vertically and is--------------------------------------- maintained by a metal structure, allowing the mirror to rotate.3. Jaan Living www.marcelby.fr 3 4 3 ---------------------------------------Design: EOOS for Walter Knollwww.walterknoll.de--------------------------------------- 6. Pool Design: Jakob+Macfarlane4. Low table, Myanmar Coffee table with a graphic and--------------------------------------- geometric rhythm. www.marcelby.fr5. PERRY ---------------------------------------Design: Rodolfo DordoniCoffee tables with pewter-coloured 7. Dolmendie-cast aluminium legs. Design: Sébastien Cordoléaniwww.minotti.com A stool made of solid wood--------------------------------------- boards, chamfered and assembled to form a monolith6. META that is open, strong and light.Design: Sebastian Schönheit www.enostudio.net 5 6 4 5 ---------------------------------------Meta is a side table produced in anindustrialised manner. Steel plates arelaser-cut, CNC-folded, welded and 7 8 6 7 8. Crossdock powder coated in a fluent process. Design: Dick van Hoffwww.sebastianschoenheit.de Recharge your iPad in a media--------------------------------------- rack that unites the old and the new.7. TURNER www.functionals.euDesign: Rodolfo DordoniIt turns on its base, to serve all thediners from the centre of the table.www.minotti.com---------------------------------------8.PLUGDesign by Tomas Kral/ECALA project based on the relationshipbetween a bottle and its stopper.www.pcmdesign.es--------------------------------------- 8126 127
  5. 5. Productivity 1/2. AthosDesign :Paolo Piva for B&BItaliaAthos has been completely 1 2redesigned, including itssupporting structure and its top.www.bebitalia.com 1---------------------------------------3. Alfred Coffee 3TableDesign: Bonaguro Giorgio 1.GHERA table with five legs, all differently Design: Lievore Altherrpositioned and dimensioned, Molinareferring to five fingers, as used by 2 Available in four different woodthe waiter when he brings the tray colour finishes, the table can bewith the coffee cups. combined with a range of tops inwww.bonagurogiorgio.com 1 2 4 different sizes and shapes.--------------------------------------- www.arper.com ---------------------------------------4. Caterpillar 3 4Desktop 2. Nørd ChairDesign: KawaMura Design: David GeckelerGanjavian for Covo Assembled without any metalA table with a bundle of legs that parts, the backrest and seat areseem to be set in perpetual only stacked together. Every partmotion. Each trestle can also be statically interacts with the other toused as an informal stool. define a solid structure ofwww.covo.it laminated shells and components--------------------------------------- made out of solid oak wood. www.muuto.com5.Table Oval ---------------------------------------Design: Alain BerteauFormaldehyde-free mdf with a 3. 580 & 1580thick oak veneer or plywood finish, Design: Claudio Belliniand a black, soft-touch linoleum www.thonet.dedesktop. ---------------------------------------www.objekten.com--------------------------------------- 4. BOW Wow stool Design: Morten Emil Engel6. Van Dyck Part of the Danish CraftsDesign: Rodolfo Dordoni Collection CC15.A one-of-a- kind designer object, www.mortenengel.comwhere refined details match a 5 ---------------------------------------passion for high-quality finishes.www.minotti.com 6. Crocheted directors chair--------------------------------------- somewhere in Portugal ---------------------------------------7. Compass tableDesigned by Matthew Hilton 7. WENDELA chairfor SCP Design: Christoph SeyferthThe trestles are a study in elegance www.functionals.euand balance. Made from steamed ---------------------------------------solid beech, and designed withpracticality and stability in mind, 8. LLOYD workthe Compass consists of three tablecomponent parts that fit together Design by Christoph Seyferthto create a sturdy table base. The If you have stayed at the Lloydtop height is adjustable and can fit 5 6 6 7 Hotel & Cultural Embassy inthe needs of a table, desk or Amsterdam, then you have seenworkbench. Available as a pair, this graceful table in its originalwith a separate range of tabletops 7 8 8 9 habitat. Seyferth specially designedon offer. it for the hotel’s guest rooms. Thewww.scp.co.uk table, which comes in different--------------------------------------- sizes, is exceptionally stable. www.functionals.eu8. TRUNK ---------------------------------------Table Design: PhilippMainzer for E15 9. marbelousEuropean walnut, with a subframe woodin steel. Individually chosen walnut Design: Pernille Snedkertrunk with forked branch from HansenCreglingen-Münster, Germany. Part of the Danish Craftswww.e15.com Collection CC15--------------------------------------- snedkerstudio.dk ---------------------------------------128 129
  6. 6. Productivity FACETUREDesign: Phil CuttanceThe FACETURE seriesconsists of handmadefaceted vessels,lampshades and sidetable. Each object isproduced individuallyby casting a water-based resin into a simplehandmade mould.The mould is manuallymanipulated to create theform of each object beforecasting, making everypiece utterly unique.Images by Petr Krejci& Phil Cuttancewww.philcuttance.com---------------------------------------The FACETURE processFirstly, the mould of the object ishand-made by scoring and cuttinga sheet of 0.5mm plastic sheet.This sheet is then folded, cut andtaped into the overall shape of theproduct that is to be cast. Themould’s final shape, and strength,is dictated by triangular facets thatare popped in and out. This isdone for every project, meaningthat no two castings are the same.The resin is poured into the hollowmould and rolled around to coatand encase the sides. Each vase,lightshade and side table ishandmade, unique, and numberedon the base.---------------------------------------The FACETURE machineSConstruction is simple andpurposeful, screwed together toallow it to be flat-packed forshipping. Wheels make themachine portable within aworkspace.The shelving beneath providesstorage for freshly cast pieces,and room for the casting stool.The ‘hopper’ holding theJesmonite powder is made frompolypropylene sheet, in the sameway as the moulds. The casting jigat the back of the machine issimple and allows me to peer intothe mould and control the flow ofthe fast-setting Jesmonite. Thismeans it is being cast evenly andeconomically, leaving a thin yetstrong wall thickness. It can beattached at two different widthsto accommodate different sizedmoulds, i.e. vases or a table.--------------------------------------- werner aisslinger designer wearing dr. ihab rough130 131
  7. 7. Productivity 1. Les Poupées 1/2/3. ROETDesign: Luca Nichetto Design: Jetske VisserA candle holder in ceramic and a Soot is an essential element for lifevase in glass, elegantly combined and, at the same time, one of theinto one object. However, it is not main causes of the greenhouse effect.the multifunction that is at the 2 Fascinated by this powerful material,heart of this project, but rather the Dutch designer Jetske Visser setmelting pot of different cultures. about creating a range of textiles that 3www.lucanichetto.com could put this waste material to use in--------------------------------------- a positive way. By collecting the layers of soot created by burning oil inside2. Les belles a lamp, Visser was able to use it as aDesign: Moritz Schmid for pigment with which to dye fabric. TheHelmrinderknecht result is a series of textiles called RoetLeaving the functional completely (Meaning soot in Dutch). The intensitybehind, these objects are of the colour is determined by thededicated to the harmonic number of hours the lamp burns andcombination of form, selected the strength of the fixative used.materials and craft skills. www.jetskevisser.nlUnwittingly one asks oneself what ---------------------------------------these objects could be: Les bellesleaves this question open and 2 1capitalises on the effect of formand the imagination of the 3observer. 4. Flower basketswww.moritz-schmid.com www.kohchosai.co.jp--------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- 13. Money Box 5. REUSED HISTORYDesign: Tom Dixon 4 Design by Tomas KralA cast iron money box for An initiative to promote theindustrious savers, modelled on a Spanish craftwork legacy from aBritish factory dating from the contemporary point of view and toIndustrial Revolution, it conceals support the manufacturer, one ofslits along its ‘rooftop’ for coins to three left in Europe that still blowsenter. glass using 18th century techniques.www.tomdixon.net 4 The project consists of a series of--------------------------------------- three vases and a set of glassware, 5 6 7 with a jar taken from original oil lamp4. Hex moulds from the late 19th century. ADesign: Tom Dixon dialogue between the old and newA solid copper champagne appears, with slight interventions andbucket, hand formed, with a differences in decoration.hammered hexagonal pattern and www.pcmdesign.espolished finish. Also useful as a ---------------------------------------generous flower vase orextravagant waste paper basket. 6. FLYING JUNGLEwww.tomdixon.net 7 Design: Petr Baletka,Eva--------------------------------------- 6 7 Behrová, Monsterra Studio A glass, ball-shaped vase with a bentLINX neck and a glass stick inside it thatDesign: Patrick Martinez allows the vase to be hung from theA unique construction game ceiling on the steel cable. One cableconsisting of small modular can carry several vases. Perfect forelements specifically designed to most climbing plants, herbs andallow standard drinking straws to be other houseplants. Original designconnected together. You can build handcrafted in Czech glassworks.everything from ambitious room- 9 www.monsterra.czsized structures to intricate tabletop ---------------------------------------sculptures.• Modular and Flat. 7 8 7. polygon• Standard Straws. the connectors Design: Itamar Bursteinare designed to accommodate the A vase with an enigmatic form instraws that can be found in your 5 the way forms are seen in nature,local shop. without any clear logic (like rocks, for• Limitless Building. By cutting, 6 example).bending, or using straws in www.ligne-roset.commultiple colours, the possibilities ---------------------------------------are endless. You can make highlyorganised geometric structures, or 8. Fragilefreeform tangles. Design: A Ward/t• Educational. A handbag printed in DuraForm using• Sustainable. laser technology. A project in--------------------------------------- collaboration with Minimaal. www.awardt.be www.minimaal.eu ---------------------------------------132 133
  8. 8. Productivity 1. QuakeDesign: by Antoine Phelouzatfor EnostudioModular shelf composed of steelwire modules and wood planks.www.enostudio.net---------------------------------------2. STRING©Design: Nisse StrinningAn iconic timeless shelving system– ‘modern since 1949’. Theproduct range includes StringSystem, String© Plex, String©Pocket and String© Soft. 1 2www.string.se--------------------------------------- 3 4 1 2 1. SheLLf3. Strata Design: Ka-Lai ChanDesign: Mathieu Lehanneur for Kristaliafor Objekten 3 4 A combination of rectangular units inA new system of desk and shelving, different sizes. Inspired by “anavailable in various types, animal coming out of its shell”.combining shelves and work www.kristalia.itsurfaces. Ergonomic and stackable, ---------------------------------------the system is assembled in a fewmoments. 2. booklesswww.objekten.com Design: Gino Carollo & René--------------------------------------- Chyba for Interlubke www.interluebke.com4. Library, Myanmar ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3. Sum5/7/8 Shelves/Table Design: Peter MarigoldDesign: Lukas Hechinger for SCPfor Steckwerk Assymmetrical shelving systemSteckwerk is a start-up company made in solid cherry or walnut.based in Germany, founded by Designed to fit together in an infiniteLukas Hechinger, an engineering number of ways.student. The glueless design www.scp.co.ukuses only screws, and lets one ---------------------------------------easily disassemble a piece offurniture. Whatever the 4. Bliorequirements of the room, these Design: Neuland, Paster &shelves will fit in every corner. Geldmacher for KristaliaThe tables can also be easily A system of modular components,disassembled and stacked into a in different heights and depths.small pile for storage or relocation. www.kristalia.itwww.steckwerk.de ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5. picnic6. +/- Design: GamfratesiDesign:Toni Grilo for for Ligne RosetHaymann www.ligne-roset.comMagnetic shelving system in ---------------------------------------natural oak or white lacquer.www.tonigrilo.com 6. Jean-Jean--------------------------------------- Design Numéro 111, 2011 www.galeriegosserez.com9. Montana Hi-Fi 6 5 6 ---------------------------------------Invisible sound, easy and timeless:The new Montana units for TV/hi-fi 7. tauber cabinetand the modern home entertain- 9 7 8 Design: Sebastian Herknerment centre. Eight different units for Pulpopermit intelligent interior solutions, www.sebastianherkner.comstore all cables and are flexible 5 ---------------------------------------when placing the flat screen.www.montana.dk 8. ô perche--------------------------------------- 7 8 Design: Julie Pfligersdorffer for Ligne Roset A storage chest, suspended above ground like a treehouse. Objects and accessories can nestle either on top or within. www.ligne-roset.com ---------------------------------------134 135
  9. 9. Productivity 1. cocon 1. alexandraDesign: Les M (Céline Design: Sandra FiguerolaMerhand and Anaïs Morel) for Gan-rugAn armchair for resting that 100% wool fibre.enables maximum snuggling-up www.gan-rugs.compleasure for extended TV ---------------------------------------sessions. It describes the union ofan ultra soft duvet and a relaxing 2. Stressearmchair in a perfectly comfortable Design: Samuel Accoceberryposition to laze around, daydream, 1 A graphic design inspired byread, view, either to be shared or knotted yarn, in hand-knottedto wallow in alone. wool or silk.www.super-ette.com 2 3 www.chevalier-edition.com--------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- 1 22. Take A Line For 3. MENHIRA Walk Design:Damaris & MarcDesign: Alfredo Häberli for Ligne Rosetfor Moroso Barcelona design duo Damaris &Häberli exposes the communica- Marc, one a designer, the other ation abilities of the object and the musician, aim to combine designemotional bond that it can create: and emotion through highlythe chair draws on an archaic yet 4 individual studies of forms. Withextremely modern visual force that Menhir’s asymmetrical contours itrecalls the idea of cocooning and is mission accomplished, as itsmotherly comfort, with big ears pattern of irregular polygons inthat can be wrapped round the subtle grey and blue hueshead as a form of protection or breathes new life into the age-oldisolation from the surrounding concept of the rug.environment. www.ligne-roset.dewww.moroso.it ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4. Kettal Vieques3. SleepBox 3 Design:Patricia UrquiolaDesign: Caspar Lohner for KettalA sinuous life-sized object which A collection characterised by thecreates a place of comfort and combination of an aluminiumrelaxation within airports, offices or frame with a new and revolutionaryother semi-public spaces, 3D fabric, Nido d”Ape, withproviding peace and quiet in busy exceptional technical features, cre-urban environments. The solid, ated especially for this collectionsmooth and uniform shell is made and exclusively for Kettal.of HI-MACS®, and contains a www.kettal.esleather covered mattress. ---------------------------------------www.himacs.eu--------------------------------------- 5. baby, I love you even more4. Oz Design: Jan KathDesign: Nicola Gallizia New limited series carpet.for Molteni Photo by Walter BettensA real sofa is easily transformed www.jan-kath.deinto a comfortable bed. This ---------------------------------------transformation is made possible 4with a brand new patented 1 6. Boat carpet, Myanmarmechanism that is extremely easy --------------------------------------to use, thanks to specialservomechanisms. 5 6 7. Matwww.molteni.it 5 Design: Kettal Studio--------------------------------------- Because spaces come to life through the objects that adorn5. Istanbul street view 6 7 them, Kettal has developed a--------------------------------------- range of exterior decoration and design products.6. Miss Sarajevo www.kettal.esDesign: Karmelina Martina --------------------------------------A sofa inspired by the Italo-Bos-nian designer’s roots. Its creativeprocess encompasses thecontiguity of diverse culturestypical of Sarajevo. The city, withits great beauty and turbulent past,inspired this sofa, designed andenhanced with a feminine touch(Miss) and by a gypsy, multiculturalnote.www.moroso.it---------------------------------------136 137
  10. 10. Productivity As to Stockholm...Lots of tack-ing and hejhej-ing was to Fauna on the floor-ahbe heard at the Stockholm Furniture& Light Fair, that annual get-together The Bolon sisters have their feet firmly onof Nordic design brands and trade the ground; we already knew that. This 2visitors that’s noticeably gathering third generation of entrepreneur-ing Eklundsoverseas interest. The images on certainly know how to take the floor in thethese pages will allow you to gain debate on creative walking surfaces. Thean impression of the products and eldest sister, Marie, creative director of thepeople on location. company, initiates the dance: "In our eyes,www.stockholmfurniturefair.se floors are a palette of innovative opportunities,--------------------------------------------------------- rather than merely a passive surface beneath our feet; they can exude rock n roll, fashion, 1 passion, and elegance."1/2.Layer 3Design: Läufer & Keichel Together with their newest ‘designer friend’,for OFFECCTLAYER is a poetic piece of Jean Nouvel, the Swedish vinyl manufacturerfurniture: several padded layers invited some fauna to take the floor; Nouvel’sare curved and stacked over each scenography for the Bolon stand at theother to form a seating object.With their rounded contours, the Stockholm Furniture Fair showcased theirlayers suggest the petals of a 4 newest collection, Create. According to sisterflower. Annica, the managing director, this Frenchwww.offecct.se 5 architect insisted on depicting himself as3/4/5.COUPE a fly-on-the-wall inside the installation. MrDesign: Läufer & Keichel Nouvel - like a present-day Gregor Samsafor OFFECCTThe removable chair cover is made - clarifies: "Imagine the world of a fly wherein one piece, which is cut like a the floor expands in every direction, withpantsuit. The suit, together with no up or down… This is Bolon, a universefirmly sewed on seat and backcushions, is pulled over a exclusively of floors: no ceilings, no walls, justsupporting metal frame and sealed 2 floors - a palace for flies… This is the Bolonalong the legs with zippers. space in which I stand without gravity, as inThe outer elastic fabric surface,made from pure new wool, and 1 my fantastic dreams." The Frenchman adds 6produced in a computer-controlled that he’s a long-time fan of the brand and has3-D piece by piece knitting been applying the vinyl in some of his mostprocess, was especially developedfor COUPE. known projects, such as the Musée du Quaiwww.offecct.se 3 de Branly.6. SToopDesign: Julien De Smedt Create uses Bolon’s newest weavingfor Vestre technology, resulting in adventurous 3D-effectJulien De Smedt at the Stockholm patterns with a distinguished textile lookFurniture Fair sitting on his Stoop- an urban auditorium - by Vestre. and feel. With the launch of the collection,This public bench with multiple the company also introduces the Inspirationseating options allows people get Web Tool Box, providing necessary ideastogether in a more flexible way.www.vestre.com and devices for working and playing with the 7 material. (WB) 47. SMALLROOMDesign: Ineke Hansfor Offecct 8 1. Jean Nouvel posing with hisA sofa for plants, activities and alter ego and the Bolon sisters atgeneral spatiality. Picture at SFF, the Bolon stand, SFF Stockholm.Stockholm: Sheridan Coakley (SCP) Photo by Walter Bettenswith Ineke Hans.www.offecct.se 2/3/4. Create Design: Bolon in partnership8. Moment with Jean NouvelDesign: Khodi Feiz A 3D-effect pattern, with a longfor Offecct life and a discernible textile feel.Khodi Feiz in his Moment easy Its also environmentally sound.chair at SFF, Stockholm. www.bolon.sewww.offecct.se138 139
  11. 11. Productivity 1. fresnel 1. jeanDesign: Luca Nichetto Design: Pierre Favressefor Italesse for Super-etteInspired by traditional Murano glass, Jean is a 21st century digitalFresnel takes its name from the that tribute to the mechanicalof the lens. Made of strong and sup- heaviness of Napoleonic clocksple plastic, it features 3D surface 1 2 beneath bell jars.decoration for enhanced light and www.super-ette.comreflection, with a baroque-effect. ---------------------------------------Lightweight, anti-scratch, and 3 4colourful, it is targeted for the 2. BLACK LACEoutdoor world. Design: Saskia Diezwww.italesse.it A series that plays with transparent--------------------------------------- 2 ornamentation in another, generous dimension and in a very2. Beach line 4 graphical way. The neckpieces areDesign: Luca Nichetto based on four geometricalfor Italesse patterns.Polycrystal is a high-quality, www.saskia-diez.comunbreakable, reusable synthetic ---------------------------------------material, unique to the ecological,consumption, and catering worlds. 3.beaterwww.italesse.it 1 Design: Ding 3000--------------------------------------- An everyday product with a creative and space-saving design.3. 2Taste knife 3 www.normann-copenhagen.comand tray ---------------------------------------Design: Giorgio BonanguroA cheese-tasting set, with a 4. BOTTLE HOLDERtraditional cheese knife that has Design: Formfjordtwo functions. It is inspired by the 5 Smart bottle holder that holds up toItalian ritual, whereby different 20 recyclable bottles. Put the holdertypes of cheeses are combined on the wall or hang it in a closet.with honeys or jam products to www.rig-tig.comenhance their taste. ---------------------------------------www.bonagurogiorgio.com--------------------------------------- 5. Seasons Like a real leaf, each serving dish is4.join flexible and multi-purpose, enjoysDesign: Ding 3000 its own shape, is stackable in itsMore than simply a knife, fork or open state and available inspoon, JOIN is a table decoration. 6 6 multiples, creating a sculpturalThe magic joining mechanism display of art-ware.fascinates everybody. But not all will www.covo-shop.commanage at once to transform the little ---------------------------------------sculpture into cutlery. A little skill anda good eye is necessary. 6. Homerwww.bonagurogiorgio.com Anti-slip heat-resistant table mat.--------------------------------------- www.italesse.it ---------------------------------------5. Lisbon street view 5--------------------------------------- 7. TOUCH Gloves Design: Alain Berteau6. Bulky TeA set 8 Luxury leather gloves with aDesign: Jonas Wagell discreet opening, allowing fastA colourful and expressive form access to one-finger touch screenwith slightly oversized details. Its devices for scratching your ass.playful design is inspired by 7 www.objekten.comfairytales and children’s story ---------------------------------------books. 7www.muuto.com 9 8. LENS Box--------------------------------------- Design: Alain Berteau Lens-shaped storage box, with a7. Bauhaus gorgeous sculptural touch,Design by Oscar Diaz 8 suitable for discreet magazine orfor Domestic accessories storage.3 lacquered metal hooks. www.objekten.comwww.domestic.fr ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 9. FOX, SQUIRREL,8. GARÇON OWL, BURTPrinted mirrors. Design: Donna Wilsonwww.domestic.fr www.donnawilson.com--------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------140 141
  12. 12. Productivity REFLECT +Belgian mirror manufacturer (Un)Deknudt Mirrors presents its new Forbiddendesign collection, Reflect+.Their in-house team together with Cityrenowned Belgian designers: Bart A new meta-projectLens, Stefan Schöning and Jean- curated by Gary Chang thatFrançois d’Or, created thesemirrors and reflecting objects. aims at exploring thewww.reflectplus.com potential of Chinese--------------------------------------- product design.1. track 2 Alessi has invited 7 of theDesign: Jean-François d’Or best known ChinesePlace this leaning mirror anywhere architects (Chang Yung Ho,you prefer, it fits perfectly in your 4 1 2bedroom, bathroom, hall or Liu Jia Kun, Ma Yanoffice. The frame in oak adds a Song,Urbanus, Wang Shu,touch of warmth. Meanwhile, 4 3 Zhang Ke and Zhang Lei)keep track of your belongings withthe handy tablet (optional) and who, for the first time ever,never again lose keys... have been asked to tackle an industrial design project2. offspringDesign: Stefan Schöning and to give their ownShare these mirrors with your child interpretation of one ofand start making faces! The elder Alessi’s most typological& younger mirror are a winningcombination, but aren’t too shy to 1 archetype: the tray.stand on their own. www.alessi.com ---------------------------------------3. for your eyes 3only 1. FLOATING EARTHDesign: Bart Lens Ma Yan SongA fine horizontal mirror at eye level. One looks at the earth but sees onlyThe slight curve gives the mirror a what rests upon it. It fades from sightsubtle tension. The curve reminds and seems not to exist. Yet it persists.us of an eyelash. Apart from the A boundless surface upon which all ishorizontal suspension, the mirror reflected: the home, the city.also fits perfect in a verticalposition. 2/3. LOTUS LEAF Chang Yung Ho4. elisabeth The lotus plant is a favourite foodDesign: Jean-François d’Or 5 of the Chinese people. LotusA mirror on a moveable base. leaves are also used to wrap orThe round base and lines refer serve food. We picked a lotus leafto the female form. Elisabeth and let it become a reference.demands to stand in the centreof the room and invites you to 4/5. TRAYSCAPEwalk round her. The mirror is Urbanusdoublesided. What you see on the Having a shallow and tender curve,other side is always a surprise. 7 the tray upholds the expectationsThe mirror cuts the base in two as of unknown objects to come; whilewell as creating a complete circle being turned over, its bottomthrough its perfect reflection. The contour reads like little hillsbase can also be used to put your surrounded by clear water, openvaluables on. to the grandeur of nature.--------------------------------------- 6 JANE5/6/7. Soft fold 6 Liu Jia KunCabane Consisting of of a series ofDesign: Marie Dessuant & 7 8 identical bars threaded together, itMargaux Keller for Fabrica 5 can be spread out or folded-up forSoft Fold Cabane is a temporary easy carrying.space which invites the users to 6take time out of their day. Duvets, 7/8. MINGa reading table, a low bench Zhang Keand a lamp compose this hybrid “Ming” is a tray with straight linesfurniture/space. The harmony of on the one side and subtle curvescolors emphasizes this soft and on the other side. With the straightquiet atmosphere. side up it can function as an “Inkwww.fabrica.it and Brush Bed” for intellectuals, a “Tea Ceremony Counter” or a “Sushi Tray”; with the curvy side up it can simply be a “Fruit Tray” ---------------------------------------142 143
  13. 13. 3rd Triennal for Contemporary Art, Fashion & Design1. Impromptu outdoor facilities SuperBodiesat Ponto Final, Lisbon---------------------------------------2. HELSINKIDesign: Caronni - BonanomiNew tops made of painted alumini-um or stratified white laminate, 2with or without the small holes thatimpart a delicate graphic texture.New palette of colours: light blue,light dove, grey, white and slategrey. The new Helsinki benches CIAPcome in three sizes, to accompanythe tables. A complete solution of Cultural Centre Hasselt House of contemporary art Z33extreme neatness and rigour thathas been created to resolve theissue of dining outdoors.www.desalto.it--------------------------------------- Fashion Museum Hasselt3/4. Nuvola chair City Museum Het StadsmusDesign: Noe Duchaufour 04.02.2012LawranceA comfortable seat for outdooruse, created in reference to theCalla armchair, designed forZanotta by this young Frenchdesigner in 2010.www.zanotta.it--------------------------------------- ¬ 27.05.2012 15. AtlanticDesign: José A. Gandía-Blascowww.gandiablasco.com---------------------------------------6. NINIXOutdoor furniture with clean linesand a distinct contrast betweenteak or glass and stainless steel.www.royalbotania.com Exhibition Performances--------------------------------------- 3 4 5 6 Overnight packages Hasselt Free entrance www.superbodies.be 77. PLUS AIR 636Design: Alessandro Busana With the support ofPlus Air, sofa versions, are derivedfrom the Plus seating concept,and are made of polyethylene withrotational moulding technology.The two new versions, like thePlus, are suitable for indoors andoutdoors.www.pedrali.it---------------------------------------144 145