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Digital HR - Trends in Digital HR and the Future of Work


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Digital HR Trends
Future of Work
Robotic job automation

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Digital HR - Trends in Digital HR and the Future of Work

  1. 1. Munich, July 2017 Digital@HR HR Trends and the Future of Work Joerg Seufert Partner @ Roland Berger
  2. 2. 22017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx Agenda 1 Why is digitalization disruptive and not just evolutionary? 2 What determines the development of the future world of work? 3 How will digitization increasingly automate jobs in the future? 4 What are the main challenges and key trends for HR in a digital world? 5 How does Roland Berger deal with digitization?
  3. 3. 32017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx 1. Why is digitization disruptive and not just evolutionary?
  4. 4. 42017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx The spread of information is accelerating – much faster responses will be necessary Time between launch and 25% utilization rate in the US population [years] Facebook 4 Year World Wide Web 7 Year Electricity 46 Year Radio 31 Year Phone 35 Year Smartphone (iPhone) 1 Year 16 Year TV 26 Year Mobile phone 13 Year PC Source: FAZ; Roland Berger 1873 1876 1879 1926 1975 1987 1991 2004 2007 ! Faster response rates
  5. 5. 52017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx Digitization is regarded as the main driver for the cross-industry need for adaptation of established business models Digital Trend "too small to create impact" Digital Trend "too big to tackle" 10%Other Complex stakeholder structures 4% Strong political restrictions/regulations 5% 34% 10% Strong dependence on com- modity price developments High market concentration/ consolidation pressure 25% Strong dependence on economic fluctuation Digitization, disruptive innovation 12% § Main drivers for the current need for adaption Source: Roland Berger restructuring study 2016;
  6. 6. 62017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx Due to those drivers new business models are emerging – at the same time established business models are being challenged Industries/companies impacted by digital transformation Illustrative 2000 2010 Source: Roland Berger
  7. 7. 72017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx 2. What determines the development of the future world of work?
  8. 8. 82017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx Three megatrends will determine the development of the future world of work Working in the digital network economy Digital leadership and organization Dissolution of the organization Source: Study - Deutsche Telekom & University St. Gallen; Roland Berger
  9. 9. 92017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx Traditionally closed organizations will dissolve more and more in the future Dissolution of the organization Peer-to-peer instead of hierarchy > Communication across organizations between professionals in special interest communities > Loyalty through professional expertise instead of organizational affiliation Liquid instead of rigid > Dissolution of fixed organizational structures > Networking between competitors on a project basis > Creation of jobs without organizational affiliation Assigning instead of hiring > Increase of hiring on demand due to the transparency of skills and availability of professionals > Shift from employment relationships to work assignments Open instead of closed > Opening and delimiting of formerly closed corporate structures > Integration of the crowd as part of the value chain Prosumers instead of professional producers > Replacement of professional employment by voluntary digital work (e.g. Wikipedia) > Blurring of borders between consumers and producers Source: Study - Deutsche Telekom & University St. Gallen; Roland Berger
  10. 10. 102017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx In the digital world new ways of working, cooperation and skills will be required Working in the digital network economy (1/2) Machines as colleagues, cooperation partners and controllers > Merging of responsibility areas for human and machine work > Development of collaborative working forms Work without frontiers > Significant decrease of importance of the spatial location of professionals > Approximation of labor mobility towards capital mobility Monitoring instead of execution > Transfer of physically demanding work to machines > Transformation of the role of humans towards monitoring of machines Blurred lines between profession and privacy > Dissolution of traditional working schedules and places > Shift from working hours based performance measurement to a results based approach The data wizards > Development of key qualifications in the fields of combination, analysis and interpretation of data > Dissolution of hypothesis-based data analysis by Big Data - "end of theory" Non-linear thinking as a human domain > Automation of work limited to non-creative activities Source: Study - Deutsche Telekom & University St. Gallen; Roland Berger
  11. 11. 112017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx In the digital world of work new forms of work, forms of cooperation and skills are needed Working in the digital network economy (2/2) Self-management as core qualification > Assembly of micro-orders according to needs and abilities of workers Consolidation of creative and producing work > Direct implementation of creative and intellectual work through e.g. 3D printers Digital inclusion > Integration of previously unavailable social groups into the labor market Strengthening of personal services > Appreciation of activities with immediate human interaction > Amplification of pressure for efficiency on standardized and anonymous processes Wir Wunderkinder ("wonder childs") > Enabling new career paths through changed requirements profiles for managers and leaders > Increased importance of technical skills in the recruiting process Source: Study - Deutsche Telekom & University St. Gallen; Roland Berger
  12. 12. 122017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx This results in new management approaches and organizational forms Digital leadership and organization (1/2) Challenge latte macchiato workplace > Flexibility of workplaces > Physical offices as temporary anchor points for human interaction and networking Leadership over a distance > Shift from control to motivation culture > Building personal commitment through technical channels as an additional challenge to the management Bread and games > Integration of gamification principles into standard IT applications Explore while exploiting > Acceleration of the transformation of existing business models due to shortened innovation cycles > Amplification of pressure for efficiency on existing core business Source: Study - Deutsche Telekom & University St. Gallen; Roland Berger
  13. 13. 132017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx This results in new management approaches and organizational forms Digital leadership and organization (2/2) Matching by click > Matching of employees through digital profiles > Facilitation of the matching of employees to specific tasks Good data, bad data > Utilization of sensors around digital work to determine improvement potentials > Increased conflict between the practical use of data and ethical considerations Job-hopping und cherry-picking as new challenges for HR > Dissolving the link between employer and employee > Complicating systematic personnel development Source: Study - Deutsche Telekom & University St. Gallen; Roland Berger
  14. 14. 142017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx Culture of innovation Redeem claims for participation, professionalize knowledge management, use open innovation, encourage intrapreneurship Six theses for human resources to master future challenges Future work Sovereignty over location, working hours and breaks, result driven rather than presence culture Leadership Strengthening of network and dialogue skills, change from control to empowerment Labor policy Connect time and place sovereignty with "content sovereignty". Enable personal interaction and breaks from digital activities Organization Flat network structures, integration of social media. Create platforms and communities inside and outside the company Skills Focus on creativity, non-linear thinking and entrepreneurship, but simultaneously strong ICT skills Source: Study - Deutsche Telekom & University St. Gallen; Roland Berger
  15. 15. 152017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx 3. How does digitalization increasingly automate jobs in the future?
  16. 16. 162017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx Three dimensions determine the probability that jobs will be replaced by automation Social intelligence > Social perception > Negotiation > Persuasion > Support and care Creativity > Originality > Fine arts Perception & handling > Dexterity > Workmanship > Limited working space and unfamiliar positions > Technology leads to an increase of automation, but not all dimensions defining work are equally interchangeable through automation > The dimensions "social intelligence", "creativity" and "perception & handling" are limiting factors for the automation of work Source: University of Oxford; Roland Berger Probability of digitalization 1 0 Social intelligence Dishwasher 0 100 Public relations Event planer Probability of digitalization 1 0 Creativity Court clerk 0 100 Fashion Designer Biologist Probability of digitalization 1 0 Perception & handling Cashier 0 100 Surgeon
  17. 17. 172017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx Certain professional groups exhibit a high probability to become automated/digitalized in the future Barkeepers 81.0% Doctors and surgeons 0.4% Teachers 48.0% 7.4% 11.0% 58.0% Musicians and singers Lawyers 3.5% Reporters Software developer Personal financial advisors 77.0% 0.4% Retail shop assistants Paralegals 98.0% 96.0% Security staff 92.0% Taxi drivers and chauffeurs 89.0% Loan officers Receptionists 94.0% Cooks (fast food) 84.0% Automation probability Social intelligence Employees in social psychology Nurses Trainers and scouts 0.4% 1.0% 2.7% 17.0% Creativity Choreographers Curators Art directors 0.4% 0.7% 2.3% Perception & handling Oral surgeons Make-up artist Chiropractors Firefighters 0.3% 0.9% 1.3% Source: University of Oxford; Roland Berger
  18. 18. 182017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx The top 10 most endangered jobs in Germany represent approximately 8.7 million employees Top 10 of the most/least endangered jobs in Germany Most endangered Jobs [Mio. employees] Least endangered Jobs [Mio. employees] Professions in accounting 0.3 Professions in metalworking 0.4 Professions in the stock market 0.4 Bankers 0.5 Chefs/cooks 0.7 Professions in postal- and delivery services 0.7 Professions in commercial/ technical business administration 0.9 Professions in the catering industry 1.0 Professions in transportation 1.1 Office and secretarial staff 2.7 Source: AT Kearney; Roland Berger 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 0.2 0.2 Professions in university teaching and research 0.3Professions in the care of the elderly Professions in construction electronics Professions in social work and social pedagogy Professions in sales (purchasing, sales and trade) 0.3 0.3 Automotive Engineering 0.4 Mechanical engineering and industrial engineering 0.4 Supervision and management (company organization and strategy) 0.5 Health and nursing 0.7 Professions in childcare and education 0.8
  19. 19. 192017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx The state of development of a country determines the risk to which extent jobs will be automated Source: World Bank Development Report (2016); Roland Berger OECD Ø 57% Thailand 72% Nigeria 65% Argentina 65% China 77% US 47% South Africa 67% India 69% UK 35%
  20. 20. 202017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx 4. What are the main challenges and key trends for HR?
  21. 21. 212017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx Three key drivers are impacting HR organizations: Modern working world, digitalization and transformation > Digitalization of businesses is gaining speed – New qualifications and skills of employees – New leadership methods of managers > Transformation and reorganization projects are no longer rare events but are fixed component of daily business > HR needs to provide the right competencies, solutions and instruments for a continuous change process > Generation "Z" ('95- 2010) enters the labor market in the upcoming years > Generation "Z" places high demands on their employer regarding work content and ways of working; at the same time they feel much less bound to their employer HR strategy TalentLeader- ship Change Culture and engage- ment Strategic personnel planning Results of the latest Roland Berger study Source: Roland Berger
  22. 22. 222017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx HR Trends Survey 2017 Six HR capabilities show an urgent need for improvement as aspired maturity is high but current ability comparably low Talent Management Change Management Strategic workforce planning Leadership Culture & engagement Digitalization – HR services & systems Source: Roland Berger Low Hoch High LowHigh Compensation & benefits HR & people strategy Employer Branding Recruiting Performance Management Talent Management Learning & Development Culture & engagement Labor relations Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Change Management HR Business Partnering Digitalization – HR services & systems Strategic workforce planning Current ability Aspired maturity
  23. 23. 232017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx Talent and change management as well as strategic workforce planning are the top 3 concerns for HR executives > Specific requirements on qualification > International competition for talents > High expectations of the Millennial generation > Increasingly more difficult talent acquisition Talent Management Change Management Strategic workforce planning Situation & challenges Strategies > Change in the work environment (digitalization, industry 4.0) > Necessary acquisition of Change Management competences in the organization and HR function > Specific qualification profiles > Demographic change > Talent shortage > Need for strategic personnel planning & analysis and acquisition of appropriate skills > Coverage of the entire employee life cycle > Introduction of strategic succession management > Focus of talent acquisition strategy towards "active sourcing" > Implementation of "Centers of Excellence" > Promotion of interdisciplinary and HR-external skills > Introduction of change management as a continuous support function > Enhanced cooperation with other departments to share resources > Use of separate teams for analysis, planning and "People Analytics" Source: Roland Berger
  24. 24. 242017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx Leadership (skills), corporate culture & employee engagement as well as the digitalization of HR are also key challenges > Changed collaboration in a virtualized work environment > Empowerment of executives to enable change (Leadership 4.0) Leadership Culture & engagement Digitalization – HR services & systems > Identification of a relevant management model and transfer of model implications into specific HR measures > Evaluation of leadership quality through regular employee feedback > Shift of balance of power from employer to employee > Building a strong organizational culture that fosters employee participation and motivation > Definition of transformation targets in a holistic change roadmap > Introduction of programs to mobilize the organization > Increase in cloud and app- based solutions and interactive real-time dashboards > Implementation of HR tools and systems tailored to the needs of the employee > Implementation of tools for evaluating employee engagement and feedback, individual learning and ensuring a healthy work-life balance Situation & challenges Strategies Source: Roland Berger
  25. 25. 252017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx In regular publications Roland Berger covers new HR trends and market developments Source: Roland Berger
  26. 26. 262017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx 5. How does Roland Berger deal with digitalization?
  27. 27. 272017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx Roland Berger has developed an outstanding position to master the digital revolution for European companies Extensive publications on digital transformation and HR trends outline the challenges and opportunities for businesses Thought leadership Roland Berger's digital company platform as the core of a broad corporate network in Europe. It connects stakeholders of different sizes and industries and helps them to cooperate and accelerate the development of new business models through digital innovations Terra NumerataTM Spielfeld digital hub Innovation and co-working laboratory with well-known companies, innovative start-ups, recognized and leading companies in the field of digitalization and experts from Roland Berger TERRA NUMERATATM Digital revolution – our expertise and knowledge base Source: Roland Berger
  28. 28. 282017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptxSource: Roland Berger The combination of theoretical and practical learning enables to experience the digital world in an inspiring way
  29. 29. 292017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx Besides, clients can benefit from innovative lectures and speeches by thought leaders, startups and our partners External impulses Source: Roland Berger External impulses Listen to external speeches Network with other companies Discuss with thought leaders Get inspired by startups …
  30. 30. 302017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx In addition, projects at Spielfeld enable new ways of working, quick ideation and deliver tangible results Working at Spielfeld What's in it? Inspiring work space Crowd innovation Rapid prototyping External impulses One team Agile management Creative methods > Acceleration of own innovation projects independent of traditional silo structures > Open space or private meeting rooms > Feedback from other startups at Spielfeld > Various Spielfeld events, e.g. cross-industry disruption sessions > Agile project management tools, e.g. morning stand-up meetings, scrum board tracking Why Spielfeld? Source: Spielfeld; Roland Berger
  31. 31. 312017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx We recently hosted the "HR in the Digital Age Bootcamp" at our digital hub Spielfeld… Source: Roland Berger Impressions HR in the Digital Age -Bootcamp 3HR Bootcamp Agenda_Experten_print.pptx Digital HR Bootcamp Agenda Tag 2 – 7. Juli 2017 Zeit Sprecher/ExperteThema 09:00 – 09:10 Jörg SeufertIntro in Tag 2 11:15 – 11:30 Grab a coffee 11:30 – 12:30 Habib LesevicEntrepreneurial Leadership & Entrepreneurial Organisation (Vortrag) 12:30 – 13:15 Mittagessen 13:15 – 14:00 Franziska NeumannWie emotional war das Bootcamp? Auswertung und Implikationen 16.30 Verabschiedung 09:10 – 10:10 Dr. Reza Moussavian (Deutsche Telekom) "EAT - INNOVATE – LOVE" | HR going digital@ Deutsche Telekom 10:10 – 11:15 Young Talents PanelPitch your idea! – Was erwartet die GenY/GenZ wirklich? Millennials-Panel 14:00 – 14:30 Philipp LeutigerDer Digitalisierungsansatz von Roland Berger 14:30 – 15:30 Jörg Seufert, Jakob Mathe, Kristina Dengler, Philipp Leutiger Was bedeuten die Insights für die HR- Arbeit? Drei parallele Workshops : 1) Digital Leadership 2) Digitalisierung von Prozessen 3) HR Strategie und Transformation Vorstellung & Diskussion der Ergebnisse im Plenum 15:30 – 16:00 16:00 – 16:30 Jörg SeufertWrap up 2HR Bootcamp Agenda_Experten_print.pptx HR in the Digital Age Bootcamp Agenda Tag 1 – 6. Juli 2017 Zeit Sprecher/Experte 09:30 – 10:00 Registrierung und Kaffee Thema 10:00 – 10:30 Kristina Dengler, Jörg Seufert Begrüßung und Agenda 10:30 – 11:00 Jörg Seufert"Zukunft der Arbeit" - Vortrag 11:00 – 11:15 Franziska Neumann (HHL) Einfluss von Emotionen in strategischen Entscheidungen - Experiment 11:15 – 11:20 Grab a coffee 11:20 – 11:30 Jörg SeufertEinführung in die Workshops-Sessions 11:30 – 12:30 Dirk Gratzel (Precire), Kay Ackermann (HRLab), Daniel Bodonyi (Flow) RB Team Experience Workshop 1: Kennenlernen von digitalen Tools und deren Möglichkeiten 12:30 – 13:15 Mittagessen 13.15 – 14:15 Dirk Gratzel (Precire), Kay Ackermann (HRLab), Daniel Bodonyi (Flow) RB Team Experience Workshop 2 14:15 – 15:00 Experience Workshop 3 15:00 – 15:30 Jörg SeufertIdeation 15:30 – 16:30 Constanze Buchheim (i-potentials) Re-Think Talent Acquisition – Vortrag & Diskussion 16:30 – 17:15 Jonas Rehmet (j2c)Einführung in "Agile Working Methods" 17:15 – 18:45 Coaching: Jonas, Constanze, RB Team Case Study und Workshop: Wie spreche ich New Talents an? Workshop 18:45 – 19:15 Kristina DenglerFührung durch das Spielfeld & Aperitif 19:30 – 22:00 Networking Dinner at Spielfeld
  32. 32. 322017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx … where we shaped the future of HR with our clients supported by latest research, practical experience and innovative speakers Source: Roland Berger HR in the Digital Age Bootcamp - Speakers Jonas Rehmet Project manager & coach Journey2 Creation Dr. Reza Moussavian SVP Digital & Innovation Deutsche Telekom Constanze Buchheim Founder & CEO i-potentials Kay Ackermann Co-Founder HRLab Nora Heer MD & Co-Founder Loopline Systems Daniel Bodonyi Director Flow HR in the Digital Age -Bootcamp Franziska Neumann Scientific co-worker HHL Leipzig Habib Lesevic Executive Speaker & Coach
  33. 33. 332017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx We propose a digital curriculum for management teams to become models, creators and advocates of digital change The ! ! ! ! ! idea Source: Roland Berger Approach Understand technical innovations Become digital transformation agent Understand digitalization of processes Send key executives through a comprehensive digital curriculum Provide them with first-hand experiences and foster exchange with pure digital players, digital startups and venture capitalists Let the management team understand and apply digital methodologies like "Design Thinking" or "Scrum Meetings" Provide the relevant know-how on digital technologies, esp. around data and analytics Make the management understand and discuss disruptions ahead of the organization Give room to develop and drive forward own digital initiatives Leverage the occasion to build cross-functional and cross-regional communities Combine on-site experience with off-site learning and community building measures like eLearning or virtual group work to experience "work tech" innovations first-hand Achieve digital awareness Digital Driver's License
  34. 34. 342017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx The Digital Driver's License fosters digital competence development and enables employees to become digital change agents Source: Roland Berger Independent Learning 1 Compiling results and preparing hand-over Verifying a solution Developing a solution Becoming an expert Group work on respective idea (competitors' solutions, start- ups, studies, etc.) Community building Online course "Digital Leader- ship" Webinars Group work on key idea – Evaluate new solution with experts and customers Welcome to the digital age > Digital Disruption Day – Startup visits and pitches – "TED" Talks with entrepreneurs and experts 1 Independent Learning 2 Setting the scene The digital way of working > Design Thinking workshop > Selection of "digital challenge" and generation of first solutions 2 Creating a digital mindset > Agility & failure tolerance > "Develop solution" – Finding out optimization potential, developing blue print, defining MVP1) 3 Digital tools and technologies > Competing on analytics > Marketing in the digital age > "Test solution" – Detailing blue print, start initial testing1) 4 Developing digital leadership > Required change at client > Personal roadmap > Finalizing group work and preparing hand-over 5 Final convention of bootcamp classes > Gathering of all classes > Learnings for client > Presentation of group work results 6 Content 1) If applicable for business idea Individual digital hotspot Berlin Stuttgart Mo- dules Days Break before convention Project example – AutomotiveImpressions - 5 bootcamp presence days + 1 day final convention Digital Driver's License
  35. 35. 352017-07-12-Digital@HR_clean.pptx Please contact me for further questions regarding Digital@HR, Change Management or Transformation Speaker Source: Roland Berger JÖRG SEUFERT Partner > Expert for Human Resources, Change Management and Transformation > 10 years experience as Human Resources executive in a large DAX company > 8 years experience as partner in management consulting +49 160 7448666