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Guerilla marketing


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Guerilla marketing

  1. 1. ONLINE GUERILLA MARKETING “Unconventional marketing intended to get maximum results with minimal resources” - Jay Conrad Levinson
  2. 2. WHAT ‘s THIS..? Unique ideas for very little & converting any exposure into sales Creation of distinctive catchy advertisement that generates WOM, spread of news at social spots
  3. 3. Nike Move Bangkok ‘Nike Spirit’ Cheer Team Guerilla Marketing Activity Tuk Tuk Caravan
  4. 4. 3 step process…
  5. 5. Understanding Online market place What does the online battle field offer: “Success in business means superfluous selling” A million prospective customers Opening virtual storefronts worldwide Head on battle with the heavyweights
  6. 6. Opportunities for Guerilla marketer A Z products & services available online  An advertiser’s dream-millions of viewers @ low cost advertising Locate yourself anywhere Niche marketing possible Competitive intelligence collection
  7. 7. What can you do online..?
  8. 8. Electronic battle grounds 1) Services are customer oriented .Shopping has always been a major attraction for subscribers 2) Online services have built in mechanisms for marketing including classifieds ads, billboards, shopping malls 3) Subscribers to most online services have high educational levels and high average income 4) Online services help in focused marketing attack on audience using special Interest forums 5) Online services get lot of traffic
  9. 9. Tools for the e-battle ground Classified ads Forums E-shopping malls Billboards & Online conferences
  10. 10. Strategies for Online Battles Online battle arsenal .. 1) Emails 2)Electronic store front 3)Classified ads & billboards 4)Forums & Newsgroups 5)Bulletin boards How to manage them…?
  11. 11. Top E-mail strategies
  12. 12. Managing your electronic storefront..
  13. 13. 7 step strategy for Ads
  14. 14. Power words of Guerilla Marketing Boost the power of subject lines using the following power words of guerilla marketing YOU NOW YES HOW MONEY SECRETS BENEFITS FAST SAVE RESULTS LOVE PROVEN FREE EASY DISCOVERY NEW SALE WHY PROVEN INFO
  15. 15. Super 6 strategies for news & BBS marketing Maximize access Use company signature Be helpful BBS to match the culture Aggressive promotion – whenever & wherever Choose handful of targets
  16. 16. Boosting your online reputation Choose target audience carefully & serve it  Give authentic information Recycle & repackage information for easy customer recall Keep steady inflow of news & information Promote online documents
  17. 17. Top ten Guerilla marketing weapons Community involvement Identity Competitiveness Credibility Free information Confidence E-mail signature Convenience Services Satisfying customers
  18. 18. Managing your attack( 6 step process)
  19. 19. Sustaining methods Maintain your enthusiasm Repackage your message to create memory retention among customers Seek newer locations for expansion Create customized products for customer satisfaction
  20. 20. “ Guerillas understand that knowledge is nothing without the willingness to use it . So choose your weapons , target your battleground, and write your own success story in the online marketplace”