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SXSW 2015 events and experiential marketing


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SXSW 2015 -- Activate Effectively and turn Brands into Experience with the festival's Official Event Company

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SXSW 2015 events and experiential marketing

  1. 1. Event  Planning  +  Production 1406  Hether  Street   Austin,  Texas  78704 Contact:  JP  Bommel  |   (917)  602-­‐2320  
  2. 2. We  create  experiences  that  connect  brands  with  inTluencers.   As  SXSW’s  preferred  event  producer  since  2005,  we’ve  created  some   of   the   most   unique   activations   and   events   in   the   history   of   the   conference.   And   this   partnership   provides   unmatched   access   to   festival  organizers,  enabling  us  to  coordinate  our  clients’  programs  to   work  exceedingly  well  within  the  context  of  this  world-­‐class  event.   Success  at  SXSW  has  High  Beam  written  all  over  it.           About High Beam Events
  3. 3. Experiential Marketing We  love  the  challenge  of  creating  unique  events  to  set  your  brand  apart.  From  a   custom  glass  cube  with  live  performances  for  Cricket  to  360°  projection  domes   for  Nokia,  our  ideas  stand  out  and  create  excitement!   You   can   count   on   us   to   put   incredible   energy   into   the   conceptualization   and   execution   of   your   perfect   marketing   event   and   leave   your   guests   with   an   experience  they’ll  never  forget!       Subway  Square  
  4. 4. The  Cricket  Experience   Nokia  Projection   Domes  
  5. 5. NBC  presents  SXcycles     Cottonelle  Refresh  Lounge  
  6. 6. Event Planning & Design Our   planners   are   unparalleled   in   creative   talent   and   a   knack   for   logistics,   the   two   qualities   you   want   in   abundance  for  your  company’s  event.    High  Beam  can  bring  collaborative  ideas  to  life,  creating  the  WOW!  Factor   that  sets  our  clients  apart  from  the  rest.    
  7. 7. Associated  Press   3M  Idea  Exchange   24  Seven   Getty  Images  Lounge  
  8. 8. Dropbox  
  9. 9. Live Music Production Large   or   small   in   scale,   your   concert   will   be   professionally   produced   in   every   respect  from  staging  to  backline  to  fencing  and  everything  in  between.  From  a  full   city   block   for   MTV   to   a   quarter   block   for   Skype   to   an   indoor   concert   for   Apple,   we’ve  got  the  experience  that  counts.   Wild  Cub  Performance   DJ  uLOVEi   City  Block  Production  
  10. 10. MTV  Woodie  Awards  Live  
  11. 11. Trade Show Our   trade   show   solutions   will   help   you   engage   attendees   so   your   message   comes   across   loud   and   clear.     We   offer   conceptualization,   design,   and   implementation  services  that  will  bring  your  exhibit  to   life  on  the  show  Qloor.   Off  the  show  Qloor,  we  have  the  ability  to  amplify  your   presence  on  the  streets  of  Austin  with  our  professional   street  teams.  We  thrive  on  coming  up  with  ideas  that   will   leave   lasting   impressions   and   help   connect   the   public  to  your  brand.  
  12. 12. Partners Event  Planning  +  Production 1406  Hether  Street           Austin,  Texas  78704        (917)  602-­‐2320