How to live with and help an alcoholic wife


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Learn proven ways to live with and help an alcoholic wife.

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  • Love is no reason to stay with her. If she is abusive, dump her.
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How to live with and help an alcoholic wife

  1. 1. How To Live With And Help An Alcoholic Wife by Jozzy Scott
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONThe challenges of living with an alcoholic wifecould be quite intimidating. Maybe you hadeven thought of letting go. I believe you arereading this because you want to know whatto do. I will go straight to the tips that canhelp you not just to live with but also to helpan alcoholic wife.
  3. 3. Prepare Yourself For The TaskYou might not be able to do much if you do notprepare yourself adequately. The reason you have totake care of yourself is because most times, theperson who takes the verbal abuse of an alcoholic issometimes just as mentally and emotionally sick asthe alcoholic. You need to give yourself thepermission to put your own health first: mentally,spiritually and physically. Understand that you werenot the cause for her disease and you should notbecome a victim of her disease.Joining an Al-anon group can be helpful in gainingyour mental and emotional health, elements youneed so much if you must be of help to youralcoholic wife.
  4. 4. Stop nagging/shouting at your alcoholic wifeThis is where we sometimes get it wrong. We thinkthat shouting at her will make her sober. Nagging willnot help at all. In reality, it can even drive her formore bottles.The alcoholic has adapted to treating all emotionswith alcohol. She is happy, she drinks; she has beenscolded by her husband and she drinks to calmherself; she is sad, she drinks to feel happy and soon. So when you nag, you practically are giving her areason to take to the bottles.When living with an alcoholic wife one of your goalsis to help her to reach the state of wanting to make achange and improve her life and that is not achievedby nagging.
  5. 5. Detach with loveDetaching from the abuse of your alcoholic wife isone of the best things to do when dealing with heralcoholism.You can do this if you truly love her and want to helpher to possible sobriety. Don’t have any interactionwith the alcoholic wife while she is drinking; thatincludes, talking and arguing with her. Why fuss andfight with someone who has lost the ability to makeany sense? Don’t become ensnared in the alcoholictrap with her.
  6. 6. Don’t Enable HerLet her take responsibility for whatever her drinkinghas caused. If she falls after drinking, it is not yourduty to lift her up. If she messes the place up afterbeing drunk, you are not to clean up for her. Stoppicking up the pieces after her. Don’t help her to bedafter getting drunk. If she gets conscious afterdrinking and finds everything fine, how would sheknow that her drinking is causing problems? Let herbe responsible for whatever problem her drinkingcauses. It could be a tough choice to makeconsciously because you feel responsible and guilty.What makes it harder still is that you love her dearly.However, if you want to help her you have to makeher see what her drinking is costing you and thefamily.
  7. 7. Remove ALL the Alcohol From Your HouseIt is useless to try hiding it. She will find it and thatwill also in a way be enabling her. You might evenconsider staying away from alcohol yourself andmaking your house an alcohol – free zone. Althoughan alcoholic will most times do anything to get adrink, but perhaps distance could be a gooddisadvantage, if not a barrier.
  8. 8. Find Out What Else Youre Currently Doing Which Is Not HelpingDo not detach from the world so make sure youcontinue to see your friends and have time foryourself. Don’t let your diet, hygiene and socialdispositions suffer because of your alcoholic wife’scondition. Be kind to yourself, don’t blame yourselffor her condition and give yourself permission tohave your own life and to be happy while you areliving with her.I wish you the very best. You will also find helpfultips in this link