Alcohol poisoning must know facts


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This slides present to you some facts you must keep to mind about alcohol poisoning. Don't just laugh it off. People have lost loved ones because of not taking appropriate actions. Read this and share it with friends. You might be saving a soul

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Alcohol poisoning must know facts

  1. 1. Alcohol Poisoning:Must-Know Facts by Jozzy Scott
  2. 2. What Does Alcohol Poisoning Mean?Alcohol poisoning is said to be a serious — andsometimes deadly — result of drinking largequantity of alcohol in a short period of time.The main cause of alcohol poisoning is bingedrinking, i.e. drinking too much alcohol in a shortperiod of time.However, it can also occur accidentally when onedrinks household products containing alcohol (oftenin children). Ideally, the liver helps to filter outalcohol but has a limit of one unit of alcohol perhour.
  3. 3. Fact 1 Alcohol Poisoning Can Be VERY DangerousAlcohol poisoning can be even deadly and should begiven appropriate concern. It is actually regarded asan emergency case in the medicals. Alcohol bringsabout a depression of the nerves that coordinateinvoluntary actions such as breathing and the gagreflex (which should prevent choking). When theBAC level gets sufficiently high, these functions canbe stopped.
  4. 4. Fact 2 Alcohol Poisoning Has Killed People Before NowIn the USA approximately 50,000 cases of alcoholpoisoning are reported annually. In England in2010/11, over 20,000 people were admitted tohospital due to alcohol poisoning. This accounts formore than 350 people a week. There were deathsdue to alcohol poisoning in England and Walesduring 2010.
  5. 5. Fact 3 Alcohol Poisoning Has Signs & SymptomsAlcohol poisoning has many signs but you shouldn’twait to see all before getting help.Some of the signs are given below:Slow and irregular breathing with 10 or moreseconds between breaths.The individual can get unresponsive but conscious(stupor).Unusual breathing rhythm.Vomiting, mental confusion and paleness of skin.Coma and seizures.Slow and irregular breathing
  6. 6. Fact 4 Alcohol Poisoning Is PreventableLike the popular saying, prevention is better thancure. The following tips would be helpful inpreventing the incidence of alcoholic poisoning:Dont drink alcohol on an empty stomach: Thepresence of food in the stomach can reduce the rateof absorption of alcohol in the body.Don’t drink too much alcohol: If you have to drinkalcoholic beverages at all, it should be in moderatequantity to prevent alcohol poisoning.
  7. 7. Getting HelpYou should get help if you suspect alcohol poisoning.Not all the signs need to be present before you seekhelp.The very first thing to do once you suspect alcoholoverdose is to call 911 or your local emergencynumber immediately.While waiting for 911 emergency transport, gentlyturn his/her side and maintain that position byplacing a pillow in the small of the person’sback. This is important to prevent aspiration(choking) should the person vomit.If person involved is conscious, call 800-222-1222 (inthe U.S.), and youll automatically be routed to yourlocal poison control center.
  8. 8. SummaryAlcohol Poisoning is serious – and sometimes deadly.It is caused by binge drinking (i.e. drinking too muchalcohol in a short period of time).It has caused the death of several persons in the pastand should therefore be given appropriate concern.Alcohol poisoning can be prevented by not drinkingon an empty stomach. Also, don’t drink too much ifat all you must drink.If you suspect alcohol poisoning, don’t hesitate toget necessary help
  9. 9. For Help as an Alcoholic Spouse or spouse of An Alcoholic Visit