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What Tasks Can Virtual Assistants Do For You?


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What Tasks Can Virtual Assistants Do? The type of tasks you can hire for are based on skill sets. If you need general office and marketing tasks done for you then hire a general virtual assistant. If you need industry specific jobs done then hire for those specific jobs. It is very easy to hire the right people in the Philippines through THE premier agency.

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What Tasks Can Virtual Assistants Do For You?

  1. 1. What Tasks Can Virtual Assistants Do For You?
  2. 2. Skill Sets Of Virtual Assistants • VA's have a wide variety of skill sets, depending on their experience and training (school and on the job) • REMEMBER: You hire based on the type of job • Example: If you need help with the creation of a website, you must hire a website developer
  3. 3. Can You Hire A Jack Of All Trades? • You really need to focus on the job type itself when you hire • There are ‘General Virtual Assistants’ that can help you with many different tasks such as: • Posting to your blog, research, database entry, basic bookkeeping, customer service • Important: General Virtual Assistants need more supervision and guidance and training than Executive Assistants
  4. 4. Executive Assistants • EA’s have many years of experience in the office or virtually, working for CEO’s • They are able to coordinate and work with staff within the clients organization • EA’s have problem solving skills and can work alone or in teams • They can make decisions on the business owners behalf where needed, which dissolves a lot of needless meetings between them and the client / business owner
  5. 5. Tasks That Virtual Assistants Can Perform 150 NEEDLESS Distracting Tasks You Can Outsource Click this link…
  6. 6. You Can Hire… • General Virtual Assistants • Executive Assistants • Designers • Copy Writers • Bookkeepers • Podcast & Video Editors • Social Media Marketers • Real Estate VA’s • Google Certified Advertisers • Search Engine Optimizer • App Developers • Information Technology You can find the right people for the right job at
  7. 7. How to take back your precious time… • Delegate all the tasks that keep you up at night, especially administrative tasks like paper work • A virtual assistant can handle customer support giving you more time and freedom • By allowing an assistant to take over mundane tasks that normally eat up your time you are now taking back that exact time for productivity in your business and in your personal life
  8. 8. Why now is the right time to hire a Virtual Assistant? • Being overwhelmed with too much unnecessary work will keep you tired and make you hate having your own business • Other business owners are delegating and achieving more success • You can control more of your business if you have the time to focus
  9. 9. Why ? • We do all the sourcing, testing, and background checks on all of our staff • Our virtual assistants are have different skill sets for different roles • Your business will benefit from higher productivity levels & cost savings • Technology makes it simple to work with us