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Delivering effective digital education inside government presentation

  1. ©Ada. All rights reserved. DELIVERING EFFECTIVE DIGITAL EDUCATION THINK. CREATE. DEVELOP. WITH ADA. Joysy John 17 May 2016 Hallam Conference Centre, London
  2. ©Ada. All rights reserved. 0 5 10 15K Digital*SkillsShortageVacancies 14.4K Business Services 13.0K Heathand SocialWork10.5K Retail &Wholesale 7.6K Hotels &Catering6.2K OtherServices 4.7K Manufacturing 4.2K Education 4.1K Transport &Comms 2.8K Construction 2.8K Financial Intermediation 2.2K Agriculture 1.4K PublicAdmin &Defence 1.3K Electricity, Gas,Water 0.5K Note: *The vacancies shown in the chart are not mutually exclusive i.e. some of the vacancies in the digital sector will be in the Business Services Sector as well. +Skills Shortage Vacancies (SSV) are a subset of total vacancies where the lack of applicants is due to a skills shortage rather than factors such as occupational mobility Source: NESS 2010; Technology Insights 2012, Parthenon Analysis Digital Skills shortage in the UK
  3. ©Ada. All rights reserved.©Ada. All rights reserved. 3 Number of Students Taking A-Level Computing and ICT Modules, 2001-13 Applicants to HE courses, IT Related vs. All Subjects, 2002-2010 Sources: Joint Council for Qualifications and UCAS 0 10,000 20,000 30,000 2001 Computing+ICT 21,744 2002 Computing+ICT 26,780 2003 Computing ICT 28,175 2004 Computing ICT 24,594 2005 Computing ICT 22,125 2006 Computing ICT 20,441 2007 Computing ICT 18,970 2008 Computing ICT 17,345 2009 Computing ICT 16,658 2010 Computing ICT 16,251 2011 Computing ICT 15,962 2012 Computing ICT 14,897 2013 Computing ICT 14,177 0 10 20 30K 0 200 400 600 800K 2002 26.1K 2010 Non-UK Domicile UK Domicile 19.0K NumberofApplicants,IT-RelatedSubjects NumberofApplicants,AllSubjects All Subjects Decline in the number of people with computing qualifications
  4. ©Ada. All rights reserved.©Ada. All rights reserved. Level 4+ FE provision is low across the board 19+ Student achievement in General FE Total Apprenticeship Volumes by type 4 Source: Policy Exchange
  5. ©Ada. All rights reserved.©Ada. All rights reserved. There is a significant gap in current provision
  6. ©Ada. All rights reserved.©Ada. All rights reserved. Sourcing outstanding students Attracting brilliant staff Building meaningful relationships with industry partners Success measures All our students will be supported into highly skilled digital careers and are equipped with the mindsets, skillsets and network to lead flourishing lives. Short term goals: Centre of excellence for the teaching and learning of digital skills Aspirational alternative to university and £50k of expected debt Refreshed model for the vocational education sector Our Proposition 6
  7. ©Ada. All rights reserved.©Ada. All rights reserved. 7 The longer term – Ashley Road campus, Sep 2018Our immediate home – Broad Lane campus, Sep 2016 Tottenham Hale Campuses - £31m of capital funding
  8. ©Ada. All rights reserved.©Ada. All rights reserved. 8 Technical skills Computing Other Qualifications 16-19years Creativity Guest lectures Creative community Entrepreneurial skills Industry briefs Industry volunteers 19+years 1. Fdn Degree Apprenticeship 2. Foundation Degree 3. Start-up Incubator 4. Progress to University Highly skilled digital careers Multiple pathways for successful careers
  9. ©Ada. All rights reserved.©Ada. All rights reserved. Building the right mix of skills 9 Technical skills • Proficient in at least two development languages • Learn pair-programming • Use agile production methods when working as a team Creative skills • Apply their skills to challenges that are open ended and require original thought • Use knowledge of cutting edge human-centred design techniques Entrepreneurial skills • Have a positive attitude and willingness to learn from failure • Make a strong professional impact from day one • Learn from industry experts and startup founders
  10. ©Ada. All rights reserved.©Ada. All rights reserved. Sixth Form Course Structure 10 INDUSTRY DESIGNED PRACTICAL COMPUTING QUALIFICATION BTEC LEVEL 3 NATIONAL DIPLOMA Equivalent to 2 A Levels Choice: A LEVEL | EXTEND BTEC Equivalent to 1 A Level Compulsory EXTENDED PROJECT Equivalent to 1/2 an A Level A LEVEL (Maths, Further Maths, English) Optional A LEVEL MATHS CHOICE: A-level / Extend BTEC A LEVEL ENGLISH A LEVEL PHYSICS A LEVEL GRAPHICS A LEVEL BUSINESS COMPUTING EXTENDED DIPLOMA OR
  11. ©Ada. All rights reserved.©Ada. All rights reserved. Foundation Degree Apprenticeship in Digital Innovation 11 (O) Optional and (M) Mandatory modules Technical strand (8) Creative strand (6) Entrepreneurial strand (6) (M) Programming (M) Interaction Design (M) Operations and Project Management (M) Database Systems (M) Creative Problem Solving (M) Ethics & Moral Reasoning (M) Testing – integration and automated (O) Web Design & Authoring (O) Product Management (M) Computer Systems & Networks (O) Social Media and App Development (O) Business Risk Analysis (O) Cyber security (O) Games Design (O) Entrepreneurship and Innovation (O) Cloud Computing & Infrastructure (O) 3D Modelling, Animation & Environments (O) Data Analytics & Business Insights (O) Artificial Intelligence (O) Advanced Programming - Algorithms & Data Structures (M) Software Engineering Project • Work and learn model where employers hire apprentices and we train them over 2 years • Flexibility to choose modules based on role and sector • 8 weeks of Launchpad training and block release model for learning
  13. ©Ada. All rights reserved.©Ada. All rights reserved. Existing Supporters Emerging Supporters Founding Partners 13 The proposition has attracted significant industry support
  14. ©Ada. All rights reserved. 14 Example of industry workshops
  15. ©Ada. All rights reserved.©Ada. All rights reserved. Students Past Students Ada Employers Industry #ALWAYSADA The Ada Family
  16. ©Ada. All rights reserved.©Ada. All rights reserved. Physical growth • Grow Tottenham Hale and campuses to accommodate 2,500 students • Develop satellite campuses in tech hubs across England starting in North West • Explore opportunities to open satellite international campuses – e.g. Berlin and Lagos Growing influence • Develop Ada.Advance. – A national digital skills learning platform • Sharing best practice across our networks of schools, FEs and universities • Develop teacher training materials and courses Growing revenue Apprenticeships Start-up business incubators Private training provision Adult education Qualification licensing Online courses MOOCs Scaling for Impact
  17. ©Ada. All rights reserved. THANK YOU! Contact Us: @AdaCollege17