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Resiliency Recovering Quickly from Job Loss


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Resiliency Recovering Quickly from Job Loss

  1. 1. Title: Resiliency: Recovering Quickly from Job Loss Speaker: Jeanine Joy Length: 60 – 90 minutes Audience Participation: Yes Outline: Negative life events are situations where being resilience makes the difference between thriving and not thriving following the event. Negative life events can include violent events such as service in a war zone and violent crime, but researchers include job loss as a negative life event because the emotional hit from a job loss can have devastating consequences. Although the best time to prepare for a job loss is before one occurs, resiliency can be improved after-the-fact and increase the speed of emotional recovery. Low- resilienceindividuals may become depressed or even violent following the loss of a job, which basically keeps them from moving forward and recovering fully. High-resilience individuals can even perceive the loss of a job as an opportunity to find a better job, try something they’ll like more, or to advance their career in other ways. When the individual is resilient, the emotional toll is minimal. Resilience can be increased by changing perspectives about the situation. Attendees will learn: 1. Practical techniques to increase resilience 2. How to develop a more empowered mindset 3. How to be mentally prepared for life’s uncertainities