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Power point report


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Published in: Technology
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Power point report

  1. 1. Element and Built Environment project 1: Natural Lee Jo Yee (0314880) Foundation in Natural and Built Environment Lecturer and Tutor: Miss Delliya Zain
  2. 2. Site Visit to -On the 15th and 16th of April. FOR MORE INFORMATION:
  3. 3. Site Introduction & Purpose of visiting River Stone Eco Resort is located at Hutan Lipur Sungai Tua, Jalan Sungai Tua, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor Darul in Malaysia River Stone Eco Resort is a suitable place for those who enjoy nature such as looking at the wonderful scenery, going out fishing, camping and many more experiences. The water in the river is fresh, clean and unpolluted in which we would recommend you to take off your socks and shoes and do some splashing. Take a bath nearby the waterfall will be another enjoyable and stress-relieving activity as the beautiful symphony from Mother Nature keeps on playing at the background. The dam is huge where boats of fishermen can be seen and various kinds of flora and fauna can be found in the mysterious deep jungle. On 15th April 2013, we have embarked to the River Stone Eco Resort for a 2 days trips to experience nature and to investigate the relationship of the ecosystem by collecting the basic information and data about the site. Also, we were there to understand the diversity of the plants and animals and how they adapt amazingly to the surrounding, and ultimately to learnt and appreciate the gift of nature. We have recorded a documentary video and done some researches regarding the site. We are now presenting it in a more interactive and interesting way for you to understand about our site with our special theme: Reproduction. -Written by Joyee Lee and Syafiq
  4. 4. Chosen Site We first look for our site. The reasons that we have chosen this site because 1. This location near to the main attraction of River Stone Eco Resort, which is Sungai Wang 2. This location consists of both land and water: more diverse ecosystem 3. It is near to the lobby for safety reason.
  5. 5. At My site It is located beside the river. Include the river and the side land Small purple flower Spider
  6. 6. Plant: Cecerbita
  7. 7. Why?  It caught my attention when I was busy exploring my site. These purple flowers come with a bunch and grow in the bushes.  When I went nearer to have a closer look, I observed that they have such detailed and special structure and texture.
  8. 8. Observation The leaves feel smooth upon touching
  9. 9. Investigation and Research 1.5 cm 1.3 cm 3.5 cm Sepal Receptacle Pedical Stamen Anther Filament 1.5 cm
  10. 10. Animal: Spider
  11. 11. Why?  I saw a lot of animal creatures in our site but this particular long legged red spider had caught my eyesight.  I love the way it crawls around on his own made spider web and balance it’s heavy body on such thin and delicate string.
  12. 12. Observation
  13. 13. Investigation and Research Abdomen Chelicera Carapace Connected to venom gland, which is use to inject venom into prey.
  14. 14. Elements The pattern traced from one of the stones beside the river I have noticed the interesting pattern of the water wave, thus spending some time sitting beside river and drew it.
  15. 15. 5 senses Senses My comments See I see different kinds of plants, each various with it color, pattern and texture. Hear The birds chipping in the morning, while during night time, you can hear a symphony produced by cicada. Taste I tried to taste most of the elements at the site: rocks, water, leaf, sand etc. And most of them are tasteless. Smell I smell fresh air all day long. I think it is because the whole site is surrounded by lush green plants and any environment-polluted activity such as open burning is prohibited. Feel I feel all of my stress has been relieved in the nature especially when you try to take a short walk in the morning, the problems just gone without a trace.
  16. 16. Ecosystem What is ecosystem? Ecosystem is a community consists of living organism and non-living organism. For example: Spider and Cicerbita plant that I have found at my site. For example: Rocks, Sand, River water, Fresh air in my site. Relied on these elements to get shelter and some basic requirements It changes and alters itself based on the need and requirements of the living organisms.
  17. 17. The theme of Our infographics: Reproduction
  18. 18. Why Reproduction? Reproduction, according to Oxford Dictionary, is the production of offspring by a sexual or asexual process. It is an fundamental yet natural feature of every single living organism, including the floras and faunas that we have found in our 10m x 10m chosen site. One of our group member, Kawthar has discovered a pair of dragonflies mating each other while sketching the site beside the river. Out of curiosity and excitement, she tipped her toes, sneaking quietly and sat and observed. The dragonflies are.....*censored* and she shared the whole story with us. We were so amazed about the whole process and so we went on investigating the reproductions phenomenon of other animals and plants. Soon after we went back, we did some researches on their reproductive systems, pollination of plants, fertilization of gametes , mating of animals, how is the surroundings aid in the reproductions and etc. So please continue your journey to discover how the nature synthesis an impulse of heartbeat in such a breathtaking and unexpected way. -Written by Joyee Lee and Syafiq
  19. 19. Our infographics:  We have came out with a storyline to connect 4 infographics that we have made.  Our theme is Reproduction. Hence, we develop a simple love story where the: 1st board: Plants and animals how to pollinate and find mate 2nd board: How plants and animals fertilize or make out 3rd board: The information of the eggs and seeds produced by the plants and animals, like a baby produced after making out. I was asked to team up with one of my teammate, Syafiq to make the 1st board.
  20. 20. Information on my board: I want to make a bar chart on HOW FAST CAN EACH PLANT POLLINATE? Each plant pollinate in their own different ways, such as wind, water, animal and etc. The comparison is made on the greater number of ways to pollinate, the faster the plant can pollinate. Plants Ways to pollinate Rank Taro Self – pollination (Underground stem) 1 Sow Thistle Self – pollination 1 Balsamorhiza Hookeri Birds, Wind, Nectar loving bees 2 Cicerbita Wind, Nectar loving bees 3 Mimosa Insect 4 Nepenthes Insect 4
  21. 21. Another bar chart that I have made is on HOW MANY DAYS NEEDED FOR EACH ANIMAL TO REACH AN ADULT? Like human, we need to reach until a certain age limit in order to have legal sex. Animals need to have their sex organs fully developed so that they can reproduce. Put them into another words, which mean their age limit for sex is the days taken for them to grow fully. Animals Days taken for them to grow fully Rank Dragonfly 589 1 Spider 90 2 Millipede 42 3 Water Strider 31 4 Moth 21 5 Bee 14 6
  22. 22. Decision making on the layout of my infographic board
  23. 23. 1. -------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -------------------------- -------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- -------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- -------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- -------------- 2. The board is covered with leaves ------ ------ - Interactive Lid : Open to read information inside Drawing/ Sketches of plant samples & Description beside
  24. 24. 3. A1 Board Small piece of Styrofoam Magnet -strong -light -Daiso store Lid A1 Paper cover with leaves Fake Magnifying Glass made by cardboard Informati on of the plants Diameter smaller than the diameter of the M.G. FRONT SIDE
  25. 25. 4. CUT ¼ OF THE BOX SHOES BOX TOP NAME -General information -Reproductive system, organs -By using mind maps, infographic style -this is the cover of the shoes box The box is placed behind the board FRONT SEED For examples: -Fun Facts, -Ways of pollinate (wind, river) 3D model inside WIND
  26. 26.  I have suggested the above 4 ideas to our tutor, Miss Delliya Zain but she explained to us that the designs that I have shown they are not info graphics.  She asked us to improvise on the layout and the design. The most important thing is the information on the board, to present it in a clear, interesting visual way.
  27. 27. Final product: Bar chart showing how fast can each plant pollinate Bar chart showing the days needed for each animal to grow a completed adult Six seed fun facts
  28. 28. Credits:
  29. 29. Thank You