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EPC Presentation Slides


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EPC Presentation Slides

  1. 1. • • • • •
  2. 2. • • •
  3. 3. Problems faced • • • • • Electric devices become cheaper Age is old now Technology improvement Workers No one continue his role
  4. 4. Electric devices become cheaper • No one wants repair, people buy new one • Minor earn Electronics Industry Market Research and Knowledge Network, January 7, 2014
  5. 5. Old • Age become old, more health problem • Electric devices outdated (old version)
  6. 6. Technology improvement • Need to update & learn new electrical knowledge
  7. 7. Workers • Trained workers run • Manage them
  8. 8. No one continue his role • Non of his children continue his role
  9. 9. STRATEGIES Problems? TO SOLVE
  10. 10. The Owner -72 years old -Eyesight problem -Quality over Quantities principle
  11. 11. 1. Transform the Business • 3 ways of doing it: Hiring more professionals Education Institution Tourism Spot
  12. 12. Hiring more professionals expertise manpower High Productivity & Efficiency
  13. 13. Education Institution • • • • • Become an education institution Classes Talk and Workshops Interested teens to Housewives Improve family bonds
  14. 14. Tourism Spot
  15. 15. , is an America News website which provide the latest news from the US and around the world •Has the impact on the global perspective •New opportunity tourism •Traditional way of repairing •His Achievements •Old-fashioned TV & Radios
  16. 16. Tourism Spot Examples of vintage shops in Penang
  17. 17. 2. Marketing “ The heart of your business success lies in its marketing” • •Kristie Lorette
  18. 18. Marketing is the management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer
  19. 19. Traditional Modern Sick of buying new television again? Don’t Know where to repair? Come to Jit Sheng Electronics! Over 50 years of experience and Quality over Quantities!
  21. 21. Wang Wei Ming, Chinese, 68 ears old
  22. 22. HAP SENG ROTTAN Location : Lebuh Armenium Type of Business : Rottan & Bamboo Furniture Maker Operations Hours : 8.00am - 5.00pm, weekdays History : 3rd Generation and since 1920s
  23. 23. WHAT SERVICE? • Fix rattan seat / rattan made furniture • Self-made rattan & bamboo furniture • Sell rattan & bamboo furniture • Focus on big furniture like chair and table
  24. 24. ABOUT OWNER Wang Wei Ming, 3rd generation • Started on furniture making since young • Was the first few bamboo & rattan furniture shop •
  25. 25. UP & DOWN 1980s, Maximum 20 workers • 1990s, China made furniture started occupy market • 1990s late, Plastic made furniture introduced • 2000s, market full of factory made furniture, other shop transform into furniture retail shops • Now, left only him and his wife running the business •
  26. 26. FUN FACTS • Most of the product sell to tourist Rich people like to design their own furniture and ask them to make it • • Is more like a traditional handmade gift than a furniture • Never need to do advertisement • Male youngster surprisingly the main customer
  27. 27. Issues
  28. 28. Competition  Mainly from China  Have been its strength in the global economy  China is the giant producer and manufacturer of bamboo products  Well-known – monopolize the bamboo industry  Neglected  More number of people involved in this industry in China
  29. 29. Efficiency  Low production speed as compared to the mechanized massproduced furniture  Most do not appreciate the sacrifices needed to produce perfection  Much like everything else in the modern lifestyle – food, transport, internet  Preferred speed and convenient  Lack of human resources  Old age – lower efficiency
  30. 30. Resource   Cost increased – harder to get resource – less people harvesting bamboo Bad quality – poor environment affects growth of bamboo  Generally has a low natural durability  Highly susceptible to attack by wood-boring beetles when untreated
  31. 31. Resource  Not favourable when there are more durable material available – timber and metal  Variation in wall thickness present difficulties in standardization of material  When aesthetic qualites is ignored, there is no need to use bamboo products
  32. 32. Globalization  Slowly facing extinction – eliminated  Emergence of better alternative  Treat as a piece of traditional art – rather than a furniture  Youth doesn’t see the value of these traditional products  No demand   Need constant proper maintenance – undesirable characteristic – busy lifestyle – nobody wants to spend time on these maintenance Sophisticated skills required – difficult – not many people willing to learn and make a living out of it
  33. 33. Globalization  Need constant proper maintenance – undesirable characteristic – busy lifestyle – nobody wants to spend time on these maintenance  Sophisticated skills required – difficult – not many people willing to learn and make a living out of it
  34. 34. Strategies Create better quality furniture With better looking design - to attract people to buy it, which will bring in new costumer and will be accepted in today’s market.
  35. 35. speed of producing one handmade furniture is slow feel old and no one take up his role Wang Wei Ming, Chinese, 68 ears old
  36. 36. Strategies Give free classes or internship - to people who wants to learn the art of making furniture With giving out internship, - you can bring it people to work - for you to create new furniture At the same you can find someone younger - with new ideas to help run the business
  37. 37. Strategies Find better quality bamboo Or find a cheaper product - - such as metal and create something using metal and bamboo to reduce the cost of production