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Three flavours of taxonomy tools Joyce van Aalten

Presentation on three flavours of taxonomy tooling (spreadsheets, built-in modules and dedicated taxonomy solutions) by Joyce van Aalten on the Taxonomy Boot Camp Londen 2018

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Three flavours of taxonomy tools Joyce van Aalten

  1. 1. Joyce van Aalten TBCL2018 Three flavours of taxonomy tools: which one is your cup of tea?
  2. 2. Hi! My name is… • Joyce van Aalten, Invenier
  3. 3. Types of tooling
  4. 4. Spreadsheet Spreadsheets
  5. 5. CMS DMS
  6. 6. Built-in modules
  7. 7. CMS Taxonomy DMS Taxonomy
  8. 8. Dedicated solutions
  9. 9. CMS DMS Taxonomy tool
  10. 10. Flavours in taxonomy tools • Stand alone (taxonomy/ontology management only) vs. suite (additional modules like semantic enrichment) • Specialized extensions (f.i. SharePoint connector) vs. tool independent • Thesaurus (basic relationships) focus vs. ontology (custom relationships) focus
  11. 11. Spreadsheets
  12. 12. Spreadsheets Pros Cheap Already available Cons Error-prone No taxonomy functionalities
  13. 13. Spreadsheets: good idea • Starting point • Taxonomy is small and static • Other tooling not available or an option • An accurate taxonomist
  14. 14. Spreadsheets: be aware • It’s time to say goodbye, when • Taxonomy starts growing • Connect multiple systems • Taxonomist gets frustrated • IT starts building a taxonomy tool
  15. 15. CMS/DMS built-in modules
  16. 16. Built-in modules Pros Flawless integration with specific system Some taxonomy functionalities Perhaps already available Cons Limited taxonomy functionalities Used in one system
  17. 17. Built in good fitBuilt-in modules: good idea • Trigger point for creating a taxonomy • Make organisation aware of taxonomy possibilities • Taxonomy for one main system • Dedicated tooling is not an option
  18. 18. Garbage inBuilt-in modules: be aware • Taxonomy stuck in one system • Difficult to migrate taxonomy to other systems • Module functionalities limit taxonomy outcome
  19. 19. Dedicated solutions
  20. 20. Dedicated solutions Pros High-end taxonomy functionalities Rich semantic relations/ SKOS/ontology Advanced collaboration Cons Licence and implementation fees Technical implementation
  21. 21. Dedicated solutions: good idea • Moving to or aiming for a centralised taxonomy • Used within multiple systems • Organisation-wide taxonomy • Linked Open Data
  22. 22. Dedicated solutions: be aware • Integration with other systems can be challenging • Involvement of IT and management is essential • To much focus on technical integration, main goal (taxonomy) gets forgotten
  23. 23. So… get your specs
  24. 24. Enough budget for tooling No or limited budget High end taxonomy functionalities (SKOS, LinkedData/ontology) Basic taxonomy functionalities Flawless taxonomist Advanced collaboration Basic collaboration No collaboration Connect with multiple systems One dedicated system Tool is already available Do a selection process
  25. 25. And plan your route
  26. 26. Questions?
  27. 27. Contact details Mail: Website: LinkedIn: /joycevanaalten Maak ‘t vindbaar! : op schijven, sites en SharePoint ISBN: 9789492388001
  28. 28. Acknowledgements Icons made by CC 3.0 BY from Pictures by me and stock free from Pexels Thanks to my husband for drinking horrible tea from a coffee machine :-)