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Introduction to Library Resources


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Published in: Education
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Introduction to Library Resources

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION TO LIBRARY RESOURCES prepared by Joyce Peterson, Coordinator of Public Services Librarian Langston University February, 2012 How to find Citation Styles
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION TO LIBRARYThe place to begin yoursearch for information is RESOURCESthe University Librarieshome page. Begin at the Langston webpage athttp://www.langston.eduThen click on Libraries onthe top set of links.•Find booksEither in print in thelibrary or in electronicformat.•Find articlesThe library subscribes tomany databases that havelinks to full-text articles ina variety of subject areas.•Ask a librarian forassistance. Jp 2/11/12
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION TO LIBRARYFind a Book RESOURCESClick on Search theCatalog link• Enter by Title ofthe book you arelooking for OR•Enter by Subject ofthe book you arelooking for OR•Enter by Author ofthe book in the•Search box underthe “Find BooksSearch the Catalog”statement.•Use the drop downmenu to limit thesearch to Title,Subject or Author. Jp 2/11/12
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION TO LIBRARY RESOURCESFind a Book 1•(1) Enter the titleyou are searching for 2 3in the Search box•(2) Choose TITLEEXACT from the dropdown menu•(3) Click the Searchbox Jp 2/11/12
  5. 5. INTRODUCTION TO LIBRARYFind a Book RESOURCESResults screen:(HARRISON LIBRARY)•Information aboutthe book•Table of contents ifavailable•Additional Subjectheadings to helpwith your researchAnd•The Holdingsinformation: •Location Some titles now •Call number have a copy of the •And book cover and •Status other information (Charged/Not “About This Book” charged) Jp 2/11/12
  6. 6. INTRODUCTION TO LIBRARYFind a Book RESOURCESResults screen:(ELECTRONIC BOOK)•Information aboutthe book•Additional Subjectheadings to help withyour research And•The Holdingsinformation:•Location:ELECTRONIC BOOK•Call Number:Web access•Linked Resources: After choosing to Click HERE…Click HERE to connect you will be asked to enter yourto this book. 4x4 before linking to the digital copy. Jp 2/11/12
  7. 7. INTRODUCTION TO LIBRARYFind a Book RESOURCES“Click HERE to connectto this book” will takeyou to the digital copyof the COMPLETE 255page book.• You may begin readingthe book from page one(use the arrows tomove from page topage) or by choosingindividual chapters.•For more informationon how to use theadditional features ofthe Ebrary Reader see alibrarian for help. Jp 2/11/12
  8. 8. INTRODUCTION TO LIBRARY RESOURCESHow do you search for information?LibraryDatabases Jp 2/11/12
  9. 9. INTRODUCTION TO LIBRARY RESOURCES Library Databases vs. Google• Index published, copyrighted scholarly journal articles• May search thousands of journal at one time making better use of your time.• Search terms may be combined to refine your results• Find more suitable sources for your assignments that your professors expect.• Google searches the “free web” that mixes various sources from commercial sites(.com), organizational sites(.org), governmental sources (.gov) and education sites (.edu).• May find articles that match your search terms but you may have to wade through many (thousands) sites to find scholarly information and this takes time. Jp 2/11/12
  10. 10. INTRODUCTION TO LIBRARY RESOURCESEVALUATING WEBSITES FOR AUTHENTICITYThings to consider:• Who wrote the page?• What are the authors credentials?• Can you verify the author’s credentials?• Look for biographical information or the author’s affiliations (university, department, organization, etc.)• Did the author include contact information?• What organization is sponsoring the web page?Source: Jp 2/11/12
  11. 11. INTRODUCTION TO LIBRARY RESOURCESFind an ArticleUsing LibraryDatabasesTo find an article neededfor your research go tothe Find Articles section ofthe web page.•Choose either Databasesby Subject or DatabaseList A-Z DATABASE: is a usually large collection of data organized especially for rapid search and retrieval. In our case the databases the library subscribes to are to collections of Jp 2/11/12 journals in various subject areas.
  12. 12. INTRODUCTION TO LIBRARYDatabase RESOURCESList A-ZThis is a listing of thedatabases that thelibrary subscribes to inalphabetical order.•Academic SearchPremier is a good placeto begin. It is a generalmulti-disciplinarydatabase of more than2050 journals with full-text available. Each database indexes different journals so you might want to search more than one. For assistance with this see one of the librarians. Jp 2/11/12
  13. 13. INTRODUCTION TO LIBRARY RESOURCES 4x4•Once you have chosena database to search youwill see this screenasking for what we callyour 4 x 4.This is the first fourletters of your last nameand the lastfour numbers of yoursocial security number. Jp 2/11/12
  14. 14. INTRODUCTION TO LIBRARY RESOURCESAcademicSearchPremier•Enter you searchterm(s) in thesearch box(es) .You may want to•Choose Full Text And/Or•Scholarly (PeerReviewed)Journals•Click on theSearch button Scholarly/peer reviewed articles are usually written by an expert in a specific field and reviewed by others in the field for authenticity and correctness. Jp 2/11/12
  15. 15. INTRODUCTION TO LIBRARY RESOURCES• Peer Reviews/Scholarly Journals – “Peer Reviewed” articles are usually written and read by experts in a specific field and reviewed for authenticity and correctness. – Contains citations that allow you to follow the authors path back to the source of the original materials.• Popular Magazines – News magazines, Weeklies and Newspapers – Summarize new ideas – Highlight portions of research – No reference citations – Reflect authors bias on a subject Jp 2/11/12
  16. 16. INTRODUCTION TO LIBRARYSearch RESOURCES NEW While searchingresults you may ask questions of a• On the results librarian usingscreen you will find the chat boxlinks to articles invarious journals inthe database yousearched.•If the article isavailable in Full Textthere will be a link tothe complete article.• If no full text isavailable and this isan article you wantyou may request thearticle throughInterlibrary Loan. Jp 2/11/12
  17. 17. INTRODUCTION TO LIBRARY RESOURCESCitation stylesOnce you have found thearticle you need for yourpaper you will be requiredto cite (give credit to theauthor’s original commentson the subject) the article.Many of the library’sdatabases have a way foryou for find the propercitation style that yourprofessor requires. (APA,MLA, Chicago, etc.) From the results screen you can click on and the various citation styles will be shown on screen. Jp 2/11/12
  18. 18. INTRODUCTION TO LIBRARY RESOURCESCitation stylesWhen you see the correctformat for the style youneed you may then cut andpaste this information intoyour paper’s bibliography orworks cited page.Be sure to check thespelling, personal names,punctuation and othercorrections.For additional help ask alibrarian or consult libraryresources. Jp 2/11/12
  19. 19. INTRODUCTION TO LIBRARYREMEMBER: RESOURCESIf you cannot find theinformation you areseeking whether anArticle or book Ask alibrarian to furtherassist you inrequesting thematerial through•Interlibrary Loan Or•Applying for an OKSHARE card which canbe used at mostuniversity libraries inthe state ofOklahoma. Ask alibrarian about this. Jp 2/12
  20. 20. INTRODUCTION TO LIBRARY RESOURCESINTERLIBRARYLOAN•Click on the envelopeicon•On the next screen enterthe Interlibrary Loan emailaddress ( in theE-mail to: box and enteryour information in thecomments box. (Youremail address and phonenumber so we can contactyou).•When the article arrivesyou will be contacted byone of the library staffmembers. Jp 2/11/12
  21. 21. INTRODUCTION TO LIBRARY RESOURCES• For more information and/or one-on-one instruction time contact a librarian by:• Phone: 405-466-3298• Texting: 66746 keyword lion• Chat with a librarian from the home page• Or simply dropping in Joyce Peterson Coordinator of Public Services Librarian 405-466-3604 Jp 2/11/12