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Purchasing a honda is an investment in your future


Published on | There are a number of reasons that a Honda vehicle is a good investment in your future. Durability, low maintenance, fuel efficiency and high resale value are some of the reasons that Honda vehicles are a better value than other brands.

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Purchasing a honda is an investment in your future

  1. 1. Purchasing a Honda is an Investment in Your Future While most car buyers are looking for the best possible value today, there are a number of factors that make a Honda continues to be a good value long after the purchase is made. A vehicle is one of the largest purchases that most people make during their lifetime. Instead of thinking of it as a large purchase, looking at buying a vehicle as making an investment may change the way you make your decision. Joyce Koons Honda dealership suggests shopping online to learn more about the available features in the new Honda vehicles. Some of the facts that make purchasing a Honda a good long-term investment include: 1. Durability – Honda has long been known for its exceptional durability, the longest lasting brand among mainstream automakers. The statistics come from the Honda Company, based on the number of registered Hondas that have been sold over the past 25 years, with 75% of all models sold during that period still being on the road. 2. Re-Sale Value – We have all heard about how the value of a new vehicle starts to decline as soon as you drive it off the lot. Not only is Honda a leader in maintaining resale value, the automaker has received four Best Resale Value Awards by Kelley Blue Book in 2014 alone. These vehicles include the 2014 Honda Accord, Accord Plug-In Hybrid, Civic Si, and CR- V. What that means for drivers who invest in a Honda is that they will get a lot more for their vehicles when they decide to trade them in on a new model down the road. That’s more money off the new purchase price. 3. Low Upkeep – Purchase price is only one consideration when you shop for a new vehicle. Another reason to shop at your Manassas Honda dealers when you purchase a new vehicle is the low cost of maintenance. The quality vehicles require fewer repairs so that the overall cost is lower. 4. Fuel Efficiency – Getting the best possible fuel economy has never been more important to drivers for the environment and for their pocketbooks. Honda has accommodated drivers with vehicles like the Honda Civic, Accord hybrid, and Insight hybrid to get the best energy efficiency while still enjoying the features that make drivers enjoy driving a Honda in the first place. The Civic Natural Gas model also gives drivers a true alternative fuel choice while the Odyssey combines luxurious comfort with exceptional fuel efficiency in a mini- van. 5. Getting a Good Fit – Shopping at a leading Honda dealers like Joyce Koons Honda in Manassas allows drivers to get the professional assistance they need to purchase the vehicle that is right for their driving needs. Getting the right car increases the value of your purchase and makes it the best investment of all. Without an understanding of the features and how they will affect your driving experience, drivers are not as likely to base their decision on the factors that will have the greatest impact on their driving needs. Purchasing a vehicle is a big decision and should be an educated one.