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Day 1 excel 2007


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Day 1 excel 2007

  1. 1. Excel 2007Joyce Effinger
  2. 2. Course ObjectivesIn this course, you will work with hands-onexamples in worksheets to learn how to Customize setup for Excel 2007 Plan a template Create advanced formulas and functions Analyze data with functions and pivot tables Organizing multiple worksheets Insert graphics objects and charts into spreadsheets
  3. 3. About the Instructor Working with spreadsheets since Visicalc in 1980 Author of four college texts on use of spreadsheets
  4. 4. Whats New in Excel 2007
  5. 5. Parts of the Excel Window
  6. 6. Description of the Parts
  7. 7. Ribbon Bar
  8. 8. How the Ribbon Works1. Tabs (core tasks)2. Groups (related commands)3. Commands (button, box to enter info, menu)
  9. 9. More Options
  10. 10. Page Layout View
  11. 11. Easy to Create headers
  12. 12. To Open files
  13. 13. New File format- warns if not compatible
  14. 14. Entry Shortcuts
  15. 15. You will enter Numbers Text Formulas
  16. 16. Use the numeric keypad and your thumb! Place your middle fingeron the 5 (home row) Type 45, with yourthumb, hit the rightarrow key
  17. 17. Type in the following numbers into cells asshown.. Don’t look at thekeypad! Don’t move your handto the mouse!
  18. 18. Movement shortcuts
  19. 19. Ctrl and Ctrl+ATo select a non-adjacent range of cells: Select a cell or an adjacent range, press the Ctrlkey as you select each additional cell or adjacentrange, and then release the Ctrl keyTo select all the cells in a worksheet: Click the Select All button located at theintersection of the row and column headings (orpress the Ctrl+A keys)
  20. 20. Ctrl+C Ctrl+V Copy and Paste, the fastest way! You are now able to see what’s in the clipboard!
  21. 21. ALT- Enter To enter multiple lines oftext in a cell, use ALT-ENTER
  22. 22. To Autofit text, double click right border ofcell
  23. 23. Drag to autofill
  24. 24. Things you can Autofill
  25. 25. Numeric keypad practice