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Hms covid 19 health and safety module 4-final

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Hms covid 19 health and safety module 4-final

  1. 1. HMS COVID-19 Health and Safety Module #4 Protections for Staff and Students
  2. 2. Module Outline I. Regulatory Awareness (CDC/State/County/Local) II. Daily symptom/temperature screening III. Virtual learning/meeting opportunities IV. Cohorting student and staff groupings V. Staggered/assigned scheduling VI. Reporting/notification of Covid-19 symptoms or exposure VII.COVID-19 exposure/isolation/disinfection policy
  3. 3. Goals for Module #4 ● Understand Basics of COVID-19 Regulatory Awareness (*to be explored further in Module #5) ● Understand requirements for daily symptom/temperature checks ● Be aware of options to limit exposure risk (ie. virtual learning/meeting opportunities ● Understand procedure for cohorting students and staff ● Be aware of staggered/assigned scheduling to reduce community density ● Understand how and when to report HMS of COVID-19 symptoms or exposure ● Understand HMS COVID-19 exposure/isolation/infection policy
  4. 4. I. Regulatory Awareness ● It is the responsibility of all affiliates of HMS school to stay up to date on COVID Regulations as they pertain to Return to School including Symptom Monitoring, Physical Distancing Requirements, etc. ● Specific Federal, State, County and City of Philadelphia Regulations will be explored further in Module #5. on-regulatory-interactions-inspections-audits-0001
  5. 5. II. Daily Symptom Screening ● Fever equal to or higher than 100.4 F* ● Are you under evaluation for COVID-19 (for example, waiting for the results of a viral test to confirm infection) ● Have you been diagnosed with COVID-19 and not yet cleared to discontinue isolation ● Are you exhibiting any of the following COVID-19 symptoms? ○ Fever or feeling feverish (chills, sweating) ○ New cough ○ Difficulty breathing ○ Sore throat ○ Muscle aches or body aches ○ Vomiting or diarrhea ○ New loss of taste or smell
  6. 6. HMS Daily Health Screening ● All employees will be screened before entering the building. This will include a temperature check and a set of health-related questions that will need to be answered before entering the building each day. ● All students will have a temperature check on exiting their bus before entering school. Parents/guardians should monitor child’s symptoms each day before arrival to school
  7. 7. COVID-19 Screening @ HMS School
  8. 8. COVID-19 Screening @ HMS School
  9. 9. III. Virtual Learning/Meeting Opportunities ● HMS will continue to have an “open door” policy- although now that door will be virtual. ● *Virtual Instruction and therapies will be provided for students in need of such accommodation ● When possible virtual interaction should be prioritized (ie. Video Conference/Remote Work). discusses-best-practices-for-maintaining-ferpa-and-virtual-learning-during-covid-19
  10. 10. IV. Cohorting Staff & Student Groups ● Cohorting forms groups of students, teachers or staff, that stay together throughout the school day to minimize exposure for students, teachers, and staff across the school environment. ● Ideally students and staff only have physical proximity to others in the same cohort.
  11. 11. Benefits of Cohorting ● Limiting cross-over between students, staff, teachers and families to the extent possible will ○ Decrease opportunities for exposure to or transmission of SARS-CoV-2, ○ Facilitate more efficient contact tracing in the event of a positive case, ○ Allow for targeted testing, quarantine, and isolation of a single cohort instead of school-wide measures in the event of a positive case or cluster of cases.
  12. 12. V. Hybrid/Assigned Scheduling ● Students will be assigned to a cohort, a defined student/staff group, to minimize transmission risk. ● Teachers, therapists, educational aides, nurses and PCAs will be assigned to a cohort student group to minimize transmission risk. ● Cohorts will be assigned to designated areas/spaces within the building, and at scheduled times to minimize cross contamination and transmission risk. ● Student schedules will be developed to limit rotation between multiple use area/spaces and persons. ● Students at HMS may be more negatively impacted by physical distancing ○ Attempts to meet physical distancing guidelines should meet the needs of the individual child and may require creative solutions, often on a case-by- case basis.
  13. 13. VI. Reporting COVID-19 Symptoms/Exposure ● Employees who have symptoms should notify their supervisor and stay home. ● Sick employees should follow CDC-recommended steps. Employees should not return to work until the criteria to discontinue home isolation are met, in consultation with healthcare providers. ● Employees who are well but who have been exposed to a confirmed or presumptive COVID-19 case should notify their supervisor and follow CDC recommended precautions.
  14. 14. VII. COVID-19 Exposure/Isolation/Disinfection Policy ● If exposed to someone with a confirmed or presumptive case of COVID-19 ○ Notify your supervisor ○ Follow CDC recommendations by self-isolating for 14 days ○ Monitor symptoms and perform temperature checks twice daily ● If an employee has an expected or confirmed case of COVID-19, HMS: ○ Will likely NOT need to shut down ○ Wait 24 hours before cleaning and disinfecting to minimize potential for other employees being exposed to respiratory droplets. If not possible, HMS will wait as long as possible ○ During this waiting period, outside windows and doors will be open
  15. 15. VII. COVID-19 Exposure/Isolation/Disinfection Policy ● HMS will follow CDC cleaning and disinfecting: ○ Clean dirty surfaces with soap and water before disinfecting them ○ To disinfect surfaces, use the products that meet EPA criteria for use against SARS-Cov-2 ○ Always wear gloves and gown appropriate for chemicals being used when cleaning and disinfecting ○ Additional PPE may need to be worn depending on the setting and disinfectant product you are using
  16. 16. Questions or Comments? Please fill out the form below: tNUSAJGXEDDRm_xWQSK51z-gIy3KA/viewform?usp=pp_url Thanks for your Participation!

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