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International Award Bronze for 19 PTIS International School students

19 – 20 November 2011

The Bronze level International Award participants from PTIS’s Grades 9 and 10 have just successfully completed the first leg of their Adventurous Journey. Their trekking began in Northern Thailand’s rural countryside of Sop Kai traipsing upward through jungle terrain to their camp at the remote and rugged Pa Daeng village, high above the Mae Tang Valley. Day Two brought little relief from their uphill challenge to reach the Chiang Dao nature reserve, but immense bamboo forests, rushing stream crossings and crystal clear mountain vistas created an unforgettable first experience for our adventure seekers.

Following several weeks of preparation in navigation, first aid, team work and outdoor awareness the students were able to walk in several small groups unguided, with just the occasional contact with International Award staff at check points throughout the trek.

The students traveled over twenty kilometres during the trip and carried all their own kit, including food and stoves to cook all their own meals and sleeping bags to keep them warm during the cold night on the mountain.

All the students performed amazingly over the weekend and learned some vital lessons and now the students and staff are looking forward to the next Adventurous Journey - in May - to complete their Bronze Awards.

Student reflections:

The trek was challenging and some parts were dangerous, but it was fun. Net, G9

I should have brought a proper hiking bag with straps, not a big heavy bag. Scott, G9

Our main problem was stamina because I don't exercise a lot and going on a trek like this really pushed my limits. Boss, G9

When I trekked, I did not have a steady pace the first day. I took long breaks and got tired easily. The second day I walked steadily and drank more water. Oscar, G 9

I think our group worked out pretty well. There were some points that only one person keeps slowing down, but all of us were willing to wait and encourage each other. Susan, G 10

I have never hiked 8km and 12 km, carrying our backpacks before, so it was a good experience for me. I walked very slowly and stopped too many times. Next time I would keep a good pace and take less rests. Grace, G 9

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PTIS, International Award, Bronze Medal

  1. 1. PTIS International School International Award – Bronze 19-20 November 2011 Adventurous Journey
  2. 2. Day 1Trek from Sop Kai to Pa Daeng Village
  3. 3. Team 1 - Udhay, Roman, Austin, Izaak
  4. 4. Team 2 - Howard, Boss, Net, Scott
  5. 5. Team 3 - Sven, Moakh, Oscar
  6. 6. Team 4 - Susan, Tamar, Sun, Sarah
  7. 7. Team 5 - Honey D, Honey, Grace
  8. 8. and…Suriya
  9. 9. Day 2Trek from Pa Daeng village to Chiang Dao nature reserve
  10. 10. Heading home!
  11. 11. Khun Tan
  12. 12. Khun Tri
  13. 13. Adam
  14. 14. A. Sean and A. Jon
  15. 15. Eve
  16. 16. Duncan
  17. 17. Mike
  18. 18. Agnes
  19. 19. Joy
  20. 20. Go-Go
  21. 21. Photography by Agnieszka (Agnes) Kinga Wdowik