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  1. 1. Grass & Grain, November 11, 2008 Page 17Moran begins raising money for Senate bid Poem WASHINGTON (AP) — With spokesman Travis Murphy said Fri- Moran may not be the only early to talk about the next election incorrectlythe 2008 election season over, Rep. day. “He’s made his intentions prominent Republican laying the cycle.Jerry Moran wasted little time taking known for some time that this was groundwork for a Senate bid. Rep. “Like other Kansans, talk of an- attributedthe next step in his likely bid for his plan.” Todd Tiahrt, of the Wichita area, has other political campaign makes me In some copies of thehigher office. Murphy said the filings are part not ruled out such a campaign and groan right now,” Tiahrt said. first section of today’s edi- The western Kansas Republican of the process of making Moran’s in- has been traveling the state recently At least one prominent Democrat tion, the poem honoringfiled paperwork Friday that allows tentions clear “and allowing him to to raise his profile outside his south- is ruling himself out for now. veterans was incorrectly attributed to regular G&Ghim to accept contributions for a follow the rules.” Moran already has central Kansas district. Former Rep. Jim Slattery, who columnist Don Coldsmith.U.S. Senate campaign. amassed about $2.4 million in his “An open Senate seat will draw a garnered just 36 percent of the vote Although the poem was Moran, of Hays, has been telling House campaign coffers that could lot of interest, and my feeling is on Tuesday in his challenge to submitted by Coldsmith, itconstituents for months that he plans be transferred to a Senate bid. Kansas will not have two senators Roberts, has no interest in making was penned by an un-to seek the seat being vacated in Moran was re-elected to a sev- from the same congressional dis- another run for the Senate, spokes- known author.2010 by Republican Sam Brown- enth House term on Tuesday with 82 trict,” Tiahrt said Friday, a reference woman Abbie Hodgson said. G&G sincerely regretsback. His statement of candidacy percent of the vote, the highest per- to Republican Sen. Pat Roberts, who Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is this error.filed with the Federal Election Com- centage of any Republican in the na- also represented western Kansas be- a possible Democratic contender,mission and the secretary of the U.S. tion running for Congress. But he fore ascending to the Senate. “I can but she is widely expected to take aSenate formalizes that process. has been working in recent months guarantee there will be others who position in Barack Obama’s ad- “Jerry was on the ballot for the to increase his name recognition in will get into this race.” ministration should an offer be ex-U.S. House for the last time,” Moran eastern Kansas. But Tiahrt also said it was too tended. MANHATTAN COMM. CO. INC. CATTLE AUCTION EVERY FRIDAY B 1-800-834-1029 STARTING 10:00 A.M. ON CULL COWS Toll-Free FOLLOWED BY STOCKER FEEDERS — 11:00 A.M. OFFICE PHONE 785-776-4815 • OWNERS MERVIN SEXTON & JOHN CLINE FEEDER HEIFERS — 550-825 LBS. Evan McCreath White City 1 cross cow 1435 @ 46.25 For our sale Friday, Nov. 7 light steers and Chris Tenbrink Harveyville 61 blk hfrs 805 @ 98.25 Dailey Angus Farm McLouth 2 blk cows 1277 @ 46.25 heifers were selling at fully steady to higher Jen D Ranch Wakarusa 15 blk hfrs 556 @ 98.00 Darold Brunkow Wamego 1 blk cow 1455 @ 45.75 prices especially on the steers. heavy un- Chris Tenbrink Harveyville 22 blk hfrs 699 @ 96.85 Jeff Litke Council Grove 1 blk cow 1315 @ 45.25 weaned fleshy calves are still showing some re- Howard Blender Emporia 118 cross hfrs 806 @ 94.10 Bryan Farms Onaga 1 blk cow 1240 @ 45.00 sistance. Stocker feeder cattle are in very good Adam Kuckelman Seneca 21 mix hfrs 577 @ 92.75 Pat Beavers Junction City 1 bwf cow 1220 @ 43.25 Lee Conaway Topeka 10 herf hfrs 551 @ 92.00 Allan Holiday Manhattan 1 blk cow 1030 @ 43.00 demand at stronger prices. Cull cows and bulls Dailey Angus Farm McLouth 18 blk hfrs 561 @ 91.25 Four Bar Ranch Inc. Herington 1 bwf cow 1090 @ 41.75 sold $2 to $3 lower with many cattle carrying Woodruff Farms Wamego 16 blk hfrs 587 @ 90.50 Woodruff Farms Wamego 1 bwf cow 1250 @ 40.50 extra fill. Following is a partial listing. Brent Miller Alma 9 blk hfrs 553 @ 90.00 Gene McCreath White City 1 blk cow 1245 @ 40.25 Marvin Bairow Westmoreland 6 blk hfrs 605 @ 90.00 Glen & Ginger Wessel Emporia 1 bwf cow 1225 @ 40.25 STEER CALVES — 375-550 LBS. Dean & Davis Hug Hoyt 60 blk hfrs 621 @ 89.60 Bill Havenstein Alma 1 blk cow 1105 @ 39.75 Jen D Ranch Wakarusa 6 blk strs 375 @ 126.00 Steve Peterson Clay Center 1 bwf cow 1040 @ 39.75 Darold Brunkow Wamego 8 bwf strs 448 @ 124.00 BULLS — 1,675-2,150 LBS. Ron Say Alta Vista 1 cross cow 1235 @ 39.25 Woodruff Farms Wamego 16 blk strs 469 @ 120.50 Dailey Angus Farm McLouth 1 blk bull 1690 @ 61.50 Doug Brackenbury Wamego 1 blk cow 1485 @ 39.00 Jen D Ranch Wakarusa 13 blk strs 468 @ 119.50 Jeff Schurle Manhattan 1 char bull 2375 @ 61.00 Don Kraus Marion 1 blk cow 1625 @ 38.35 Robert Burton Dunlap 6 blk strs 466 @ 118.00 Don & Nick Kraus Marion 1 cross bull 1875 @ 60.50 Sylvester Schmitz Centralia 1 blk cow 1455 @ 37.75 Dike & Dalquest 6 blk strs 451 @ 117.50 Jeff SChurle Manhattan 1 char bull 1810 @ 57.75 Linda Downie Topeka 1 cow 1080 @ 37.50 Cindie Bailey Delia 9 mix strs 401 @ 115.50 Leroy Fechner Alta Vista 1 herf bull 2130 @ 57.00 Don Wischmeier Holton 1 blk cow 1240 @ 36.75 Dailey Angus Farm McLouth 8 blk strs 431 @ 114.00 David Labbe Onaga 1 herf cow 1000 @ 36.00 Carol Craney Wilsey 7 blk strs 465 @ 113.00 COWS & HEIFERETTES — 975-1,625 LBS. Jim Rawson Wamego 1 cross cow 1090 @ 35.75 Dailey Angus Farm McLouth 10 blk strs 470 @ 112.50 R&R Suther Farm Westmoreland 2 blk cows 1002 @ 61.00 Tom Wilhite Baldwin City 1 blk cow 1250 @ 35.25 Marcelus Biesenthal Wheaton 7 blk strs 544 @ 110.00 Mushrush Ranch LLC Strong City 1 cross cow 1290 @ 57.75 Dean & David Hug Hoyt 44 blk strs 543 @ 109.75 Scott Miller Manhattan 1 blk cow 1100 @ 50.50 Darold Brunkow Wamego 14 blk strs 527 @ 109.50 James L. Dike Council Grove 2 blk cows 962 @ 50.50 Woodruff Farms Wamego 14 blk strs 548 @ 109.00 Monty Havel Burlingame 1 cow 1290 @ 49.25 SPECIAL STOCK COW SALE Ron Say Alta Vista 8 blk strs 524 @ 107.50 Barbara Laflin Olsburg 1 blk cow 1435 @ 48.75 Glenn Atwood Harveyville 10 hols strs 516 @ 73.75 Calvin Drake Manhattan 1 cross cow 1705 @ 48.25 WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 19th Glenn Brunkow Westmoreland 1 blk cow 990 @ 47.00 Starting at 11:00 AM FEEDER STEERS — 550-750 LBS. David Beers Jeff Koelzer Wakarusa Onaga 12 blk strs 6 blk strs 574 @ 111.00 566 @ 108.75 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14 Complete Estate Dispersal of 60 fancy F1 bwf cows, 3-8 years old, all Oleen Brothers breeding and bred to Dailey Angus Farm McLouth 19 blk strs 565 @ 107.50 in conjunction with our Regular Sale: Oleen Angus bulls, for Feb/March calves. 2008 calves Gary Dalquest Wilsey 7 blk strs 559 @ 107.00 Ron Say Alta Vista 11 blk strs 581 @ 105.25 - Simmental Influence Calf & Feeder Sale sold Oct. 10th averaged 680 lbs. Jen D Ranch Wakarusa 36 blk strs 562 @ 105.00 150 choice reputation Simmental-Angus cross steers & Complete Herd Dispersal of 25 blk & bwf cows, 2 yrs & Lee Conaway Topeka 6 herf strs 567 @ 105.00 heifers, 500-700 lbs. older w/blk & Char-x 30-day-old to 400 lb. calves by Brian Koch Wamego 9 blk strs 586 @ 105.00 35 Simmental steers & 15 Simmental heifers, weaned & side. Running back w/Char bulls. 2 Char bulls, 2 yr. Jeff Koelzer Onaga 17 blk strs 698 @ 104.00 shots, 700-900 lbs. old, 60 & 75 lbs. birthweight John Kummer Chapman 19 blk strs 701 @ 103.25 10 Simmental steers, 800-900 lbs. Marcelus Biesenthal Wheaton 8 blk strs 602 @ 103.00 Complete Dispersal: 32 blk & bwf cows, 3-5 yrs old, 10 Woodruff Farms Wamego 19 blk strs 622 @ 102.75 85 choice reputation blk & bwf steers, 2 complete rounds w/late summer calves by side, balance heavy Darold Brunkow Wamego 36 blk strs 644 @ 102.60 shots, 60 days weaned, 600-650 lbs. springers, bred Angus. 1 Angus bull, 3 years old. Marvin Bairow Westmoreland 7 blk strs 615 @ 102.50 80 black steers & heifers, 700-850 lbs. Dean & David Hug Hoyt 92 mix strs 647 @ 99.00 20 blk & bwf cows, 8 yrs & older w/calves by side 80 black steers & heifers, 1 rd shots, 500-600 lbs. 12 Angus cows, 3 yrs old bred Angus for Jan.-Feb. calves Ken Caffrey Frankfort 6 blk strs 602 @ 98.50 Mike Calderwood Mayetta 8 blk strs 734 @ 97.75 65 choice blk & bwf steers & heifers, 550-700 lbs. 10 black 1st calf heifers with calves by side Brent Miller Alma 11 blk strs 670 @ 95.75 58 crossbred feeder steers, 850-875 lbs. 9 blk & red cows, 4 yrs & older, bred to Angus, Red Angus Richard Mickelson Lyndon 15 herf strs 733 @ 93.85 50 black steers & heifers, 500-600 lbs. & Charolais bulls, calving Nov. thru Dec. 50 black feeder steers, green condition, 725-750 lbs. 8 blk cows with calves by side HEIFER CALVES — 375-550 LBS. 45 black steers & heifers, 2 rounds shots, 60 days 8 blk cows, 6-8 yrs old w/calves by side Dailey Angus Farm McLouth 7 blk hfrs 381 @ 106.50 weaned, 500-650 lbs. 8 Char-x running age cows w/60-day-old calves by side Jen D Ranch Wakarusa 18 blk hfrs 408 @ 105.50 45 choice reputation homeraised feeder steers & heifers, 5 blk Angus cows, 3 & 4 yrs old w/Sept-Oct. Angus calves Cindie Bailey Delia 12 blk hfrs 387 @ 104.00 800-900 lbs. 3 bwf cows, 8 years & older with calves by side Dike & Dalquest 6 blk hfrs 494 @ 102.75 40 black & bwf bulls & heifers, 500-600 lbs. Jen D Ranch Wakarusa 21 blk hfrs 499 @ 102.25 (1) 1/2 Angus, 1/2 Simmental black bull, 2 years old 34 mix steers & heifers, 700-900 lbs. (1) Red Angus bull, 2 years old David Beers Wakarusa 5 blk hfrs 441 @ 102.00 David Beers Wakarusa 10 blk hfrs 541 @ 102.00 30 black steers & heifers, 2 rds shots, 500-600 lbs. 28 black & bwf steers & heifers, weaned, 500-600 lbs. Fink Beef Genetic Influence Female Consignments Carol Craney Wilsey 6 blk hfrs 404 @ 102.00 • 50 fancy Angus 1st calf heifers, bred to LBW Angus Darold Brunkow Wamego 27 blk hfrs 542 @ 101.00 23 black steers & heifers, 2 rds shots, 60 days weaned, 600-700 lbs. bulls for Feb. calves Brian Koch Wamego 7 blk hfrs 517 @ 101.00 Maurice Pritz Lost Springs 8 blk hfrs 460 @ 100.00 22 black steers, 650-675 lbs. • 33 big fancy Angus & bwf 1st calf heifers bred to LBW Darold Brunkow Wamego 10 blk hfrs 473 @ 98.00 11 black steers & heifers, 600-650 lbs. bulls for Feb. calves Dailey Angus Farm McLouth 8 blk hfrs 459 @ 95.50 • 10 choice OCV Angus open replacement heifers, ready Marvin Bairow Westmoreland 6 blk hfrs 482 @ 95.50 to breed, 800-850 lbs. Woodruff Farms Wamego 6 blk hfrs 438 @ 94.50 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21 If you have any consignments for this sale, please Dean & David Hug Hoyt 41 blk hfrs 531 @ 92.75 85 choice reputation Angus steers & heifers, 2 rounds shots, weaned 6 weeks, 500-575 lbs. give us a call so we may advertise them for you. ———— UPCOMING SPECIAL COW SALE DATES - 11:00 AM———— WED., NOVEMBER 19 • WED., DECEMBER 17 • WED., JANUARY 14 • WED., FEBRUARY 18 WED., MARCH 11 • WED., APRIL 15 ——————————— FIELD REPRESENTATIVES — Visit Us On The Web — www.mcclivestock.com —————————— JOHN CLINE SAM GRIFFIN BRENT MILLER ALAN HUBBARD MERVIN SEXTON BILL RAINE TOM TAUL JEFF BROOKS BRYCE HECK ONAGA BURNS ALMA OLSBURG MANHATTAN MAPLE HILL MANHATTAN BEATTIE LINN 785-889-4775 620-726-5877 785-765-3467 785-468-3552 785-537-7295 785-256-4439 785-537-0036 785-353-2263 785-348-5448 Cell: 785-532-8381 Cell: 620-382-7502 Cell: 785-587-7824 Cell: 785-410-5011 Cell: 785-770-2622 Cell: 785-562-6807 Cell: 785-447-0456
  2. 2. Page 18 Grass & Grain, November 11, 2008 Schwieterman the five trading days last creased in one of the next see a pause, but if the cash week, but that wasn’t few reports, but I have no cattle can move up another enough to overcome idea what may happen Mon- week, we will eventually see Wednesday’s losses. The day. more gains in the feeder cat- Market Outlook tle. January beans lost about 11 The choice boxed beef The information contained cents for the week, but I market made a big jump this herein is based on data ob- think that the positive close week gaining just over $8.00. tained from recognized statisti- on Thursday and the It could be an aberration, or cal services and other sources A marketing commentary by Bret Crotts strength on Friday indicate it could be a sign that the believed to be reliable. Howev- er, such information has not that traders realize this economy has stabilized. been verified by us, and we do Monday was the Novem- get away from following the when the stock market market has potential. Whatever the case, if the not make any representationsber crop report. This was stock market, at least when broke. The December KW The export pace is far too gains are held, or built as to the accuracy or complete-written prior to the report, it is heading lower. When only lost 8 cents for the strong for the current esti- upon, next week it should ness. Past results are not nec- essarily indicative of future re-but average trade guesses the Dow Jones dropped 1000 week, but that was 56 cents mate. It is still baffling to bode well for the cash cattle sults. All statements containedsuggest that the changes will points between Wednesday off the weekly high. me that the USDA cut the market. Cash cattle trade herein are current opinionsnot be very large. Part of and Thursday the corn went The news isn’t particu- export estimate in last was light as of early Friday which are subject to change.that, I am sure, has to do with it and the December larly bearish with the week’s revision. It would afternoon, but there were The risk of loss in trading com- modity future contracts can bewith the fact that we had a contract ended up losing prospects for production have made sense had they reports of cattle trading as substantial. You should there-revision to the October re- about 25 cents. cuts in the southern hemi- raised the estimate, but that high as $149 in Kansas. fore carefully consider whetherport just a couple weeks The market has good sup- sphere and export sales at a wasn’t the case. The esti- December LC had a poor such trading is suitable for youago. The USDA has been port below it from $3.74 decent pace, but there sim- mates we have seen out of close on Friday and only in light of your financial condi- gained 10 cents for the tion. Neither the information,very erratic lately so any- down to $3.64, but a bearish ply isn’t any news that is the USDA regarding the soy- week. The futures are over nor any opinion expressed shallthing is possible. The aver- report on Monday or anoth- friendly enough for the beans have been bizarre be construed as an offer to buy bought so a set back earlyage trade guess for corn pro- er sharp drop in the stock wheat to separate itself and in my mind they have or sell any futures or options on next week is likely, but I stillduction is up slightly at market to start the week will from the stock market. little credibility, but they futures contracts. think we will eventually see For information on the mar-12.066 billion and yield at push the corn through the Global financial concerns are the numbers we have to a move up to the $96 area. kets or our marketing service154.3 bushels per acre. support. A failure of the are still a bigger market work with. Unless sales Feeder cattle are in a simi- you can contact Bret Crotts at For the beans the aver- support early next week mover than anything else. slow dramatically we will lar situation. The market is 888-437-9131 or (bretage guess in calling for a would make the $3.35 - $3.50 There is good support under see the export estimate in- overbought and will likely @swbell.net).slight cut in production to area the next downside ob- the wheat market, but it2.916 billion and yield jective. won’t be good enough if thefalling to 39.2 bu/ac. It is so The wheat market start- support doesn’t hold in thehard to guess what they ed the week very strong, but stock market, so I urge cau-might do since we just had the December KW ran into tion.that revision, but things to resistance at the $6.15 area The January soybeanslook for other than the pro- and sold off from that level made a positive close four ofduction changes are anothercut in the corn export esti-mate, an increase in the soy- Building Solutions You Can Trust HUSQVARNAbean export estimate, but a • MOWERScut in crush and perhaps anincrease in the wheat ex- • CHAIN SAWS Vehicles depicted in action photography are ridden by professional riders in desig-port estimate. • TRIMMERS nated off-road Polaris® RANGER RZR areas. and RANGER general-pur- As far as the world num- • BLOWERS pose off-road utility vehicles are not intended for on-roadbers go look for a cut in Aus- use, public roads, or pavedtralian and Argentine wheat Call Us Now surfaces. Driver must be 16 years old or older with a valid driver’s license. Pas-production and cuts inBrazilian and Argentine Engineered Wood Framed Metal Buildings For The senger must be at least 12 years old and tall enough to grasp handholds and plant Call for FREE ESTIMATE or visit our Website BEST DEALS! feet fi rmly on the fl oor. Always use cab nets and wear seat belt, helmet, eye protection, and protective clothing. Never carry more than one passenger or ride on public roads. Avoid excessive speeds/sharp turns, and be particularly careful on diffi cult terrain. Rid-corn and soybean produc- For on-line pricing ing and alcohol/drugs don’t mix. Follow all warnings/instructions in owner’s manual and on product. ©2007 Polaris Industries Inc.tion. Depending on what USED EQUIPMENT:happens with the US corn Building Materials and do it yourself ’ 8 P l r s R n e 5 0 gr . 3 0 h ......$ , 0 ( u f r ) 0 oai agr 0, n 2 r 780 Dfes ’ 7 P l r s S o t m n 4 0 4 4 r d b k 4406mi ...... 0 o a i p r s a 5 x , e/l,production figure, we could Building kits available. ’01 Polaris Ranger 500 6x6, gr, 830hr .....$ , 0 ( u f r ) n 400 Dfes ............................$ , 0 ( l n H l s 500 Fit il) ’08 Polaris Sportsman 500, r d b a , 300mi $ , 0 ( l n H l s e / l ck 650 Fit il)see another new low in theworld corn stocks to use K-Construction Inc. ’02 Polaris Sportsman 500 6x6, gr, 2160mi . 3 2 0 ( u f r ) n .$ , 0 D f e s ’05 Polaris Sportsman 800, r/l, 3330mi . .$ , 0 ( u f r ) dbk . 520 Dfes ’ 8 P l r s S o t m n 5 0 T u i g,b a / l ck 6 m . 0 o a i p r s a 0 o r n l ck b a , 0 i . ............................$ , 0 ( l n H l s 740 Fit il)ratio. Alta Vista, KS ’ 0 P l r s 3 0 , r d gry .........$ , 0 ( l n H l s 9 oai 5L e/ a 120 Fit il) ’8 A 0 rctic Cat Sportsman 800EFI, b u / l , 6 h ...$ , 0 ( l n H l s lebk 2 r 650 Fit il) The corn market had an 785-499-5296‘okay’ start to the week, butit seems like we can’t quite www.k-constructioninc.com DUFFER’S FLINT HILLS Repair & Supply POWERSPORTS Don’t Forget To BERN, KANSAS 7985 E. Hwy. 24, MANHATTAN, KS 785-336-3901 www.duffersrepair.com 785-539-6500 Visit G&G Online! AUCTION SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15 — 9:00 AM 12th & Bridge Street at National Guard Armory Building in The new Grass & Grain homepage offers CLAY CENTER, KANSAS CAR: 1988 Pontiac Bonneville with 4 drawer chest; 8 drawer light globe; Kansas license free services available to all readers — LE, 4 dr. car, 105,496 miles, electric door locks, cruise, AT, chest; hand crafted cedar chest, paneled front and sides; plates starting at 1954; small Royal Copley vase; Adam print and online. 3800 V-6 engine, Maroon in color, cloth seats, looks like a older kitchen cabinet top and base; double bed with springs Touch Command Corvette Stingray 6 way control, battery car with 30,000 miles, very and mattress; metal double bed operated, original box; blue sharp. with box springs and mattress; Fenton vase; brown crock jug; • Calendar of Events 4 drawer chest and matching oil lamps; McCoy cookie jars FURNITURE & APPLIANCES: vanity with stool and nice mir- and other cookie jars; col- Haier compact refrigerator; ror; oval end table; 12 drawer lectible glass; Vintage Crosley clothes washer, 1 yr. • G&G Country weather information wood chest. Christmas items; cookbooks, old; Westinghouse electric numerous; Blue Onion dinner- dryer; Kenmore electric dryer; RIDING LAWN MOWER: ware; several boxes of salt and Whirlpool 27,000 BTU 220V Ranch King 16.5 hp., 42 inch pepper shakers; Rainbow • North America auction listings window AC; Cornado chest cut riding lawn mower, like new; crackle glass toothpick holder; type deep freeze, 15 cu. ft.; yard cart to pull behind lawn Imperial glass; Fenton pieces. wood frame upholstered rock- mower or ATV. er; La-Z-Boy brown recliner; GENERAL HOUSEHOLD: • USDA Market Reports SHOP RELATE ITEMS: Test various end tables; glider/rock- Comfort-Aire dehumidifier, 4- Rite drill press, bench model, er with ottoman, wood frame; 21-07 bought new; Warm 1/2 inch chuck, 3 spd.; modern love seat with plush Morning propane stove with Craftsman 6 inch bench • “Our Daily Bread” weekly recipe seating; round dinette table and fan; Eureka 12.0 amp upright grinder, 1/3 hp.; Fulton bench 4 chairs; dinette table and 4 vac; bread maker, used very lit- vise, 4 inch; Sanbourn 3 hp. chairs; dining table with 4 tle; 2 blue and white area rugs, dual stage portable air com- chairs; cherry wood end table; very good, 9 ft. x 6 ft.; cement • Photo of the Week pressor; several nice hand wood stand for TV; small china yard art jockeys; 1 - 3 in 1 foos- power tools; Yard Machine front cupboard; enameled red trim ball, pool table, ping pong table; tine, 5 hp. rotor tiller, 24 inch chrome leg kitchen table; metal 2 girls bicycles; and a large swath. • Online classified ad placement base cabinet; 2 metal utility assortment of Tupperware, bak- cabinets; queen size double COLLECTIBLES: 50’s TV light; ing dishes and dinnerware all bed with bookcase headboard large reverse painted ceiling good and well cared for. • Online subscription service AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: This is a very large auction of good furniture and general household with some nice collectibles. Your dollar has never gone further in the auction world than it is right now. Hope to see you at the auction. TERMS & CONDITIONS: Cash or personal check with proper ID or Visa, Master Card, Discover You can add the online version to any and American Express credit cards. All items must be paid for before removal. Statements made day of auction take precedence over printed material. Not responsible for accidents or lost items. Mugler Auction Service, LLC is agent only. Lunch served by Alert Covenant Church. current print subscription for NETTIE J. LUND IRREVOCABLE LIVING TRUST ONLY $24! & OTHERS CASHIER: Shirley Riek GO TO MUGLER AUCTION SERVICE L.L.C. www.grassandgrain.com 109 S. 4th Street - Clay Center, Kansas Harold Mugler Randy Reynolds Paul Geist 785-632-3994 785-263-3394 785-263-2545 or mobile 785-632-4994
  3. 3. Grass & Grain, November 11, 2008 Page 19Nutrition key part of growing ond day, rather than just stand by the gate waiting to ers in good body condition by calving so that they will the process of changing from baby teeth to adult teeth,” be turned back into the grow into fully developed, Selk said. Additional infor-bred replacement heifers wheat pasture.” Whatever method is used, productive cows. “Producers need to re- mation from OSU Coopera- tive Extension on cattle Bred replacement heif- mids also may be used to “Wheat pasture can be the ultimate goal is to get a member that the two-year- management is available aters that will calve in January help ensure adequate ener- used more efficiently for healthy calf on the ground old heifers are handicapped http://beefextension.com onor February should be in a gy intake by pregnant gain of stocker cattle or while having the bred heif- because their teeth are in the Internet.body condition score six at heifers. Yes, wheat pasture weaned replacement heif-the time their first calf is — provided there is suffi- ers,” he said. “If wheat pas-born. “This allows the heifersthe best opportunity to pro-vide adequate colostrum to cient growth from rainfall — can be used as a supplement for pregnant replacement heifers, provided it is used ture is used for bred heifers, use it as a protein supple- ment by allowing the heifers to access the wheat on alter- FARM ESTATEnewborns, repair the repro-ductive tract, return to heatcycles, rebreed on time fornext year and continue theirnormal body growth,” said judiciously. Selk said judi- cious use is important be- cause pregnant heifers con- suming full feed of wheat pasture will gain about 3 nate days.” Some cow-calf producers have reported that one day on wheat pasture and two days on native grass or AUCTION SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 22 — 9:00 AMGlenn Selk, Oklahoma State pounds per head per day; bermudagrass work well. Due to death we will sell the following items at public auction at the farm located fromUniversity Cooperative Ex- however, the heifers can be- “It makes sense,” Selk CLAY CENTER, KASNAS 5 miles West on Highway 24 to Hackberry Rd. then 3 milestension cattle specialist. come very fat and may suffer said. “This encourages the South and 3/4 East to 868 15th Rd.Heifers should be gaining 1.0 from dystocia if they are left heifers to rustle in the warmto 1.5 pounds per head per on the wheat too long. season pasture for the sec- TRACTORS, COMBINES, MACHINERY LIVESTOCK EQUIPMENT - LATE AM AFTER LUNCH Good metal loading chute with gates to haul live-day, from now until calving 1983 John Deere 4250 MFD diesel tractor, 15 stock; hog loading alley and circle; 7 nice match-time. That means heifers speed, power shift, VG 18.4x38 rears, 14.9x26 ing portable cattle panels, one with walk-in gate;will need supplemental pro- fronts, 2SVCs, 10,912 hrs., PIN: welded wire cattle panels; lots of welded wire hogtein if their major source of RW4250P003387 with very good GB 770 front panels; 10 rake wheel with welded wire gates; 10forage in the diet is bermu- loader, 7 ft. bucket and grapple, nice unit; 1960 Mellies Prod. feeding panels for sheep; mineraldagrass, native pasture or SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15 — 10:00 AM Farmall 560 gas tractor, WF, 2 pt., 1 SVC, 15.5x38 feeders; good rd. hog feeder with fiberglass bot-grass hay. rears, no TA with GB 900 Hi Master loader, 5 ft., tom; hay or grain elevator feed bunks; 3 BR bale 609 Bertrand - MANHATTAN, KANSAS bucket, all good; Farmall 300 gas tractor, NF, TA feeder and square BR bale feeder; windbreaks If the forage source is av- not working, 2 SVCs, live PTO, 2 pt., 12.4x38erage in quantity and quali- PIANO, FURNITURE, HOUSEHOLD, made from 50 gal. barrels; 4 1/2 sections 26 ft. rears; 1978 John Deere 7700 diesel hydro com- guard rail bale feeder; guard rail panels; variousty, 6 percent to 9 percent COLLECTIBLES, TOOLS, MISC. bine, cab and air, straw chopper, bin extensions, SOME CONSIGNMENTS FOR ANNA GATES guard rails; port. creep feeder; single sided creepcrude protein, heifers will 28Lx26 fronts, SNH07700X311936, shedded and feeder; old portable metal grain feeder, needsneed about 2 pounds of a See last week’s Grass & Grain for complete listing. good; JD No. 224, 22 ft. flex head; JD 7700 com- repair; 5 heavy 6 ft. feed bunks; rolls of 30” andhigh-protein supplement bine for parts, good diesel engine, 20 ft. hdr., 28L- 36” hog netting; 1,000 elec. fence posts; lots of FRANK ORAZEM ESTATE 26 fronts, cab and air; A&L 400 bu. grain cart withcontaining 38 percent to 44 10” front corner auger, lg. tires, VG; RHS field elec. fence wire; 80 plus T-posts; thousands ofpercent crude protein each sprayer with 500 gal. poly tank, walking tandems, feet and tons of 1/2” cable, would make miles of GANNON REAL ESTATE AND AUCTIONS fence; 13 sticks 3/4” sucker rod.day. centrifugal pump, 40 ft. booms and MKR 5000 “Remember that winter VERN GANNON, AUCTIONEER marking system; New Holland 791 PTO manure MISCELLANEOUS - VARIOUS TIMESweather increases the ani- 785-539-2316 • MANHATTAN, KANSAS spreader, tandem wheels, good; new sides for 791 3 diesel tanks on stands, one is 500 gal.; 100 lb.mal’s nutrient require- www.gannonauctions.com spreader; Gehl 100 grinder/mixer with scale and propane bottle; lots of good used corrugated and long folding auger; IH 510, 16x8 grain drill with channel drain galv. tin of various sizes, several lg.ments; the base recommen- fert., 20” rubber, press wheels; JD 7000 conserva-dation will probably need to stacks, 2 new sheets; 4 ft. tall by 12 ft. long heavy tion planter with fert., insecticide boxes, shedded; steel tank, unbolts horizontally; 6 ft. x 25 ft. longbe increased with higher Krause 19 ft. disc with hyd. fold, tine leveler, shed- metal fuel tank to be made into water tank; 560quality hay such as alfalfa or ded; IH 23 ft. field cultivator, 10” sweeds, walking tractor for pieces and parts; rear wheels and frontadditional energy feed such tandems, Noble tine leveler; IH 720 4x16 semi mt. spindle for Farmall M; combine parts, otheras 20 percent range cubes to plow, trip bottoms, coulters, cylinder, ga. wheels, machinery parts; 2 pt. arms with draw bar; hori- shedded and good; IH 5000 self propelled dieseloffset the effects of bad zontal shaft engine; dump rake teeth; lots of misc. swather, cab and air, 14 ft. header, shedded andweather,” Selk said. lumber, some long 2” lumber; fencing supplies; good; IH 445 wire tire sm. sq. baler, shedded, Soybean hulls or wheat good with lots of wire; Hoelscher bale accumula- various herbicides; pump jack; lots of assorted tor; Farmhand 8 bale grapple fork; Case IH 8460 iron, pipe, angle iron, rod, channel iron, etc.; iron BR baler with monitor, shedded, VG; old JD cube stands; lots of 50 gal. metal barrels; plastic bar- REAL ESTATE baler, 6 ft. pickup, Detroit diesel runs, for salvage or repair; JD cube wagon with belt conveyor, heavy with 4 flotation tires; Gehl 320 10 wheel rels; old mini bike; JD and other implement rims; B2 Clipper fanning mill; tarps. MOWER, CHOPPER, GUNS, MISC. - 10:30 AM rake on transport, hyd. fold; good Krause 10 ft. pull ZTR riding mower with 42” front deck, 14 hp. gas type chisel, good; NH 880, 2Rx30” field cutter; engine, red, similar to Grasshopper; chipper Winco 15KW PTO generator on trailer; 48 ft. x 6” shredder on wheels; J.C. Higgins Model 66, 12 hitch auger; hyd. powered post hole digger for ga. semi automatic; Remington 22 cal. nylon 66 loader, has 9” and 13” bits; heavy five prong fork SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 29 — 10:30 AM for bales, pallets etc.; good factory bale fork for semi automatic; Remington 12 ga. Model 870 pump; Winchester 1 ga. Model 1897 pump; 30-06 328 Dix Drive - MANHATTAN, KANSAS loader; heavy 3 pt. bale fork; heavy 10 ft. 3 pt. fact. built rear blade; 3 pt. adapter with ball hitch and shells, some are in clips; Coleman lantern; 5 - 10” Conabear traps; paw traps. 3 Bed, 2 Bath Home on Corner Lot; Appliances, Furniture, gin pole; 2 pt. carryall; old 2 pt. PTO cement mixer; PTO buzz saw on 2 wheel trailer, 2 blades; JD 3 ANTIQUES & PRIMITIVES - APPROX. 9:45 AM Household, Kitchenware, Tools, Misc pt. 4R cultivator; mist blower with directional spout; Very old “National Vacuum Washer” hand pow- 2 pt. hyd. wire winder; 2 pt. PTO sickle mower; 2 ered wash machine, unusual; Briggs & Stratton pt. 6 ft. rotary mower with 2 rear dolly wheels; New one cyl. engine with kick start; Red Wing “Poultry Idea hay or grain elevator on transport, hopper; Drinking Fountain and Buttermilk Feeder”, com- old shop built packer; JD 17 ft. springtooth on 3 pt. plete, VG; 23”x31/2” anvil; cream separator; wood carrier; GT silage dump box, box only; long IH hay burning stoves; iron impl. wheels; dairy scales; or grain elevator on transport; old Oliver 16x8 drill cream cans; aerometer stub tower and windmill on steel with alfalfa seeder; IH 3x16 pull type plow, fan; 4 Model A wheels; old EZ cistern pump with hyd. lift; old Case side delivery rake; 5 section har- over 100 cups; hardware scale; old forge conv. to row on folding evener; homemade 3 prong fork for elec.; pr. ext. steel wheels for Oliver 80; pr. steel Farmhand stacker; old chisel frame; 3 pt. hyd. wheels for Farmall H or 300; RR jack; Case tool wood splitter; dump rake on steel. box; egg basket; Remington wooden box; Model TRUCKS & TRAILERS AFTER LUNCH A radiator; steel impl. eats; well pump; car tags to 1972 GMC 2 ton farm truck with gas V-8, 4x2 ‘41; 2 man saw, endless belts; scythes; hay (SELLS APPROXIMATELY 12:00NOON) speed, 13 ft. wooden bed with stock racks, steel hooks; ice skates; pulleys; steel bushel basket; floor, rear hitch, 8.25x20 rears, medium green, good forge tools; lantern; stainless cr. pails; water- Nice 3-bedroom home with eat-in kitchen, living insurance to be divided equally between Buyer 90,484 miles, shedded and good; 1980 Ford 4WD melon hog oiler; hitch for grain binder; hay mow room, 2 baths and attached garage. This home & Seller. pickup, 6 cyl., 4 sp., with Kelly Ryan 4x8 box to fork; rendering kettle in homemade holder; 8 1/2 has a full partially finished basement and also feed silage or ground hay; grain trailer made from porch posts; 6 heavy oak 36” solid core doors; has vinyl siding, new windows, central air and STATEMENTS MADE DAY OF AUCTION truck box, PTO powered hoist, duals, heavy jack; paneled house doors; nice Mission oak school nice patio area. The home is located on a quiet TAKES PRECEDENCE OVERY ANY OTHER heavy hay rack with truck tires; rectangular metal INFORMATION. OPEN HOUSE on Real Es- desk out of Hebron School; several old oak tables corner lot and has an in-ground watering sys- tank on 2 wheel chassis; heavy 2 wheel chassis tem. Very nice home! and lg. oak desk out of the old CCCHS; smaller tate, Wednesday, November 19, 2008, from 4- with ball hitch and 3 pt. adapter to move machin- pine school tables; primitive cabinet; ant. school Buyer to pay 10% down day of Auction with bal- 6:00PM or by appointment by contacting ery; heavy 2 wheel trailer with heavy metal 500 desk; various other old items. ance due on or before December 23, 2008. All Vern Gannon Auctioneer/Broker, 785-539- gal. tank, ball hitch; heavy 7 1/2 x 16 ft. truck inspections to be made by Buyer at Buyerís ex- 2316, 785-770-0066 or Gannon Real Estate flatbed on 2 wheel trailer, tilts; 2 wheel tandem TOOLS, SHOP ITEMS, MISC. - FIRST pense prior to Auction if requested. Cost of Title and Auctions 785-537-9003. axle trailer with 300 gal. poly tank, 2 Briggs Viking 60,000 lb. press with 20T jack; chop saw; engines and Pacer water pumps, used for burning 200/60/40/2 battery charger on wheels; bench Kitchen Aid refrigerator; Hot- shelving; ping-pong table; ex- ware; Corningware; baskets; CRP; 44”x7 1/2 ft. 2 wheel utility trailer; small 2 top table saw; Victor torch with cart and bottles; point electric stove; upright ercise bike; shelves; maga- jars; ricer; glasses; cast iron wheel utility trailer with wooden bed; combine bin portable overhead frame for lifting; old arch deep freeze; Kenmore washer zine rack; linen chest; foot- skillets; Guardianware; roast- trailer, needs repair; 2 wheel trailer frame with long welder; heavy bench with vise; heavy duty belt & dryer; refrigerator; china stool; ice cream stool; lots of ers; pots; pans; Visionware; tongue. driven 220V grinder; space heater; 1/2T chain cabinet; dropleaf dining table, Beanie Babies; stuffed ani- typewriter; cameras; jewelry hoist; Handyman jack; chains; self darkening leaves & 6 chairs; Oak enter- mals; Military uniform; box; snack sets; spittoon; GRAIN BINS, SHEDS, HAY - LATE AM 5,000 bu. Coop bin with recirculating auger and welding helmet; HD worm drive circ. saw; 9 dr. top tainment center; 2 Lane rock- kerosene lamp; bedding; books; games; walker; Avon; tool box; pipe wrenches; stacking plastic boxes; er recliners; hide-a-bed sofa; cookbooks; potato bin; pres- rakes; hand corn planter; aeration floor; 3,000 bu. Coop bin with aeration floor and fan; good bulk bin, 15 ft. tall, 6 ft. dia. with heavy old air compressor; old 220V air compres- 2 living room chairs; cush- sure cooker; milk can; Weber dolly; garden hose; wagon; sor; old Homelite chain saw; miter saw; lg. tool ioned stools; 2 portable TVs; grill; shredder; figurines; Black vise; hand & shop tools; bird long 4” auger; 1,000 bu. Butler bin with metal floor; 2 very good 14x20 ft. portable cattle sheds with box of carpentry tools; wooden bolt bin; Moorman 2 bookcases; twin bed; night Amethyst; crystal decanter; bath; planters; tool chest; metal frame and tin siding; another 14x20 ft. shed; duster; cob fork; other long handled tools; variety stands; computer stand; cor- candy dishes; bowls; water shoe last; vacuums; pictures ner shelf; 2 2-door cabinets; set; stemware; china; silver- & frames; what-nots & minia- 3 lg. corn cribs lined for grain storage; 2 - 10x16 ft. of hand wrenches; sockets, hand tools, etc.; JD chest; flat top trunk; 2-door ware; kitchen utensils; fiddle tures; Christmas decorations; port. lvstk. sheds; 6 “Jim-Bob” 12x16 ft. A-frame 3/8” drill; lg. DeWalt rt. angle grinder; cordless Oak stand; microwave stand; bottles; tea towels; hanging lamps; Cat & other teapots; sheds on skids; 17 ft. tall bulk bin, no auger; old drills; 1/2” Professional drill; 3/4” sockets; drill bits; RCA TV; 4-drawer file cabinet; lamp; kitchen appliances; set many figurines; fans; house- Quanset style hog feeding floor; 12x10 ft. storage lg. gear pullers; calf puller; tranquilizer crossbow; microwave; step stools; metal of stoneware; Lots of Tupper- hold & garage items. shed on skids, tin roof and sides; approximately other lvstk supplies; jack and clamps to pull well 18 BR bales of straw; several hundred very good pipe; measuring wheel; croquet set; back pack LUNCH BY WANDAíS COUNTRY COOKING wire tied small square bales 2006 prairie hay. sprayer; gofer traps. RUTH GOEHRING ESTATE NOTE: The James have been on this farm since 1926. This is a large accumulation, many items yet to be uncovered and discovered. Check kretzauctions.com for pictures as auction date nears. GANNON REAL ESTATE AND AUCTIONS Loader tractor available sale day. Hope to be done by 4:00. VERN GANNON, AUCTIONEER TERMS: Cash day of sale. Not responsible for accidents. 785-539-2316 • MANHATTAN, KANSAS • www.gannonauctions.com CLERK: United Bank, P.O. Box 514, Clay Center, Ks. 67432. Lunch: Presbyterian Church Ladies. TOM JAMES ESTATE — SELLER Auction conducted Kretz, Hauserman, Bloom Auction Service Greg: 785-926-4422, Cell: 785-630-0701 Gail: 785-632-3062, Cell: 785-447-0686 Chad: 785-632-5824, Cell: 785-632-0846