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Twitter [tv] Channels

  1. 1. Twitter [tv] Channels Tune In To Your World [ ]  
  2. 2. All the press about Twitter going public and its TV & profit strategy got me thinking…
  3. 3. As a lover of both TV and Twitter-- what do I want to see on my 2nd screen while watching my 1st?
  4. 4. Simple… I want a [tv] “channel” feed of the people related to the show (a curated list, if you will): Stars Guest Stars Directors Showrunners Producers
  5. 5. Let’s take Scandal- They have a big cast and I don’t necessarily want to follow them all, all the time. But come show night YESgive me that whole crazy bunch of Gladiators!
  6. 6. The [Scandal] Channel stream would look like this: (Stream could also incorporate those we follow who are tuned in to same channel so we can see what our friends are tweeting about the show too.)
  7. 7. Not everyone is an experienced Twitter user so putting together Channels makes it easier to tune in to what they want to follow…
  8. 8. Favorite Shows Events
  9. 9. Folks don’t need to know how to compile a list or worry about who to follow--they simply access TV Partner list and join right in. Not to mention, it refreshes the concept of must-see-TV because we’re watching LIVE together!
  10. 10. And Twitter can work with show execs and advertising teams to create targeted tweets that are fun, playful and profitable. Creating what brands want: story tie-ins and instant buying opportunities for an engaged audience!  
  11. 11. This will build audience for Twitter, shows and their talent, all while expanding profit potential in minimally invasive way. WIN-WIN-WIN!
  12. 12. And… if breaking-news events or other emergency occurs official Channels can be set up integrating verified timelines.
  13. 13. This is my vision of the future of Twitter and engaged TV…
 I would love to help make it happen and can be found