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The Pope that Saved the Planet


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The World is a real mess.

Divided, demoralized, on the precipice of environmental destruction.

We need a true hero to pull us out of this turmoil
and help us save ourselves and our planet.

There is one man who can do that … the Pope!

Published in: Environment
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The Pope that Saved the Planet

  1. 1. that Saved the Planet The Pope
  2. 2. by Joy Meredith
  3. 3. The World is a real mess. Divided, demoralized, on the precipice of environmental destruction. We need a true hero to pull us out of this turmoil and help us save ourselves and our planet. There is one man who can do that …
  4. 4. The Pope
  5. 5. In the beginning God created … the Earth.
  6. 6. Sure, Heaven too, but as far as we’re aware that’s still you know— heavenly. So the Earth and its greatest challenge Climate Change is where we too shall begin. For the love of Cronutt this must STOP!!
  7. 7. Women’s Rights Of course, there are many other important pressing socioeconomic issues that are in need of addressing. But if we don’t also focus on the Climate Emergency all other problems will cease to matter when the Earth is uninhabitable. Economic InstabilityIncome Inequality Racial Justice
  8. 8. Now Pope Francis is no superhero (although he does have a fabulous cape) So what can he do ?
  9. 9. Well, before we get to him let’s talk about me… Hi, I’m Joy 👋 And I’m the last person, well maybe not the last person, you’d think would be approaching the Pope on a project. You see I’m not only not Catholic, or Christian… I’m not anything. (As in, not a believer of any organized religion.) But I know a good man when I see one and Pope Francis is a good man. And there is no one I can think of who can pull together our divided world at this particular time than him. He transcends the political, the cultural and with his usual warmth and openness invites all that are people of goodwill to work with him. Who better to save our world then a man with a soul this full of love?!
  10. 10. A little background… The Pope has already begun a mission to combat what he calls the Socio-environmental Crisis that scientists have told us needs to be addressed this decade or within 30 years it might be too late. His solution: Integral Ecology 🌎 as in “everything in the world is connected”. This interconnectedness includes environmental, economic, political, social, cultural, and ethical issues.
  11. 11. In order to get to an Integral Ecological fix for our intertwined problems we need to be brave, bold and blunt about what is causing our issues and then put every option on the table and be willing to sacrifice some of our own stances for the good of our planet and all mankind.
  12. 12. While politicians, business leaders and environmentalists fight about which element ( fossil fuels, vehicle emissions, even cows 🐄 💨 ) is to blame Scientists know there is one overlaying factor that seems too touchy for many to take on, yet is the true key in this all …
  13. 13. Over Population
  14. 14. It took 200,000+ years to get to a population of a billion, then 126 years to get to our second billion, then 30 14 13 12.. We simply can not manage a population that continues to grow at this rate! Sure, we could probably manage the physical space to have each person actually on the planet but we do not have the natural resource and pollution capacity to absorb all that this amount of people produces.
  15. 15. Now brace yourself, I’m about to be blunt. But we are adults who need to thoughtfully consider anything viable to save our planet and its inhabitants. And if you think about it long enough you’ll arrive at the same conclusion. Until we can live on Mars ( get going Elon! ) we need to be practical and get real about the only feasible solution that is available at this time. And that is …
  16. 16. Birth Control
  17. 17. Warned you it was tricky 😬 Because even if every person from every nation started recycling, went vegan, and only wore sustainable clothing while someone created a magical solution to mix the perfect amount of capitalism with a social safety net - - the one thing that will help solve human destruction is still going to be getting our population growth under control. Note: We should definitely still move forward with these and many other solutions simultaneously but this calls for a multi-front approach.
  18. 18. And to be crystal clear I mean providing it to those who want it for prevention and family planning not as a coercive demand !
  19. 19. Ok, I said it Birth Control is the #1 Climate Change solution. Which should be great news because we already have this technology and we know it’s safe for most and also supports many other Integral Ecology goals. But, here is the rub: This solution goes against the Catholic and many other religious doctrines. So we need to find a way to open up this dialogue.
  20. 20. Jesus never mentioned birth control so why are Christian folks against it ?
  21. 21. Well, let’s quickly explore the 3 main religious moral objections and ponder if there is another way to see this issue 🤔 God’s Word: Be fruitful and multiply. 🤔 This was said to Adam & Eve when there were 2 humans. Today at ~8 Billion, time to declare mission accomplished! Note: Jesus did not have children, nor (most) Popes. Taking a Life: Thou shall not kill. 🤔 Stopping an egg from being fertilized is not killing anything. Actually, prevention means far less abortions. God’s Will: It is stopping God’s will. 🤔 If God wanted a woman pregnant He would impregnate her as was done with Mary. Also if we all followed God’s will literally we wouldn’t be using most medical interventions including pacemakers, which thankfully saved Pope Benedict XVI’s life.
  22. 22. A few other objections: Tradition: Many devout Catholics will believe it goes against the church’s teachings and traditions and will resist this change and provoke a backlash. 🤔 But this is how it always is with change. As we advance in our understanding and logic, our thinking and actions must too. Jesus was considered a troublemaker to his faith’s leaders. Numbers: Historically, institutions of any kind do not want to slow their chances of creating the most members they can (including birthing them). But in many parts of the world, including the U.S., the numbers are decreasing with younger generations rejecting rigid rules and adherence to doctrine of centuries and centuries past. 🤔 This is actually a wonderful opportunity to enroll the youth of today who are eager for leadership on climate issues. And also reunite various other Christian followers, who were once turned away, in a more unified message around Jesus’ teachings. Jesus was of his time he wasn’t preaching about the ways of 2000 BC— thus we also need to be of our time.
  23. 23. The hottest topic in the U.S. political divide is the one of abortion. It has divided us as a nation to the point where it has turned friends and family members against each other. But here again is where science and math can get us to a win-win: More birth control means less abortions. It is a fact.
  24. 24. Let’s Talk About Sex… Past interpretations of scripture have been that only married people who want to create children have sex. This ideal was envisioned when girls were married off at around 12 (the age Mary was when impregnated) which happens to also be when Mother Nature begins menstruation. We do not want in our modern society girls married off, having sex and procreating at this young age, so if we changed that norm it is long past time to consider changing this one.
  25. 25. Getting back to the Pope and why he would want to take this chance to go against long held church beliefs… Because unlike ages ago when the church was resistant to embrace science (Galileo) or stand up to political dictators (WWII) this pope has embraced knowledge and science in particular. He knows that to let our planet be poisoned on his watch and take the church’s followers and the rest of mankind to extinction would serve no-one. And would be an exercise in foolish pride. Which would be a sin (#7).
  26. 26. In order to save our planet we must unite all people in this one goal. Luckily there is already a model for bringing the world together: The United Nations One of the UN’s initiatives is to dispense contraception; which not only helps reduce millions of abortions a year but improves: Poverty Malnutrition Educating Girls AIDS Prevention Gender Equality Health Birth control saves lives!
  27. 27. Going back to the Pope’s mission for Integral Ecology… Each element of an improved world environmental economic political social cultural ethical issues is made more possible when women are able to access birth control.
  28. 28. Of course this is not an insignificant thing, but by making an announcement granting birth control should be available— it would change the trajectory of this issue overnight. One statement could alter the fate of humanity. (Not hyperbole- it truly could!)
  29. 29. It could also alter (no pun intended) the strength of the Catholic Church and its influence in the world. Pope Francis could use his leadership on this issue as an example of where he was willing to take Jesus’ message of love and live the example To put love of humanity and our shared home before doctrine and dogma.
  30. 30. My Vision The Pope takes in this idea, consults his scientific and ethical advisors, prays on it and feels called to make a statement that birth control is no longer at odds with his direction for the church. He then works with the United Nations and willing faith leaders to create an interfaith-platform to lead all people of good will on this same mission of: Integral Ecology I see the young folks, like Greta Thunberg and Prince William (and his Earthshot Prize) joining together with him on this goal. Like Gandhi, Martin Luther King jr. and Nelson Mandela spoke up for justice and peace in their time. This is Pope Francis' time to call us all to our better angels.
  31. 31. In times like no other with such a huge and consequential issue he might be the only person who can…
  32. 32. Save the Planet
  33. 33. Amen! Peace, Love & Joy @JoyMeredith