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The Death TALK w. Chat-About-Checklist


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End-of-life planning starts with a conversation and it can be the most life affirming you have with loved ones. Utilize the Chat-About-Checklist to help facilitate sharing with those you care about what's important to you in life and how (if possible) yo

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The Death TALK w. Chat-About-Checklist

  1. 1. Talk THE DEATH Chat-About-Checklist
  2. 2. Hi! Joy here, author of My Last Wishes…
  3. 3. Having a great life includes having a great ending too. You can leave utter chaos behind or you can have THE TALK. The CHAT-ABOUT-CHECKLIST taken from my book MLW… will help you have the some of the most important conversations with loved you’ve ever had. Utilize these topics as a springboard to share what’s important about your life and how you’d like your death to go. We often don’t get the final say about how we go, but having clear wishes left is the best gift you give those you love! Happy Chatting
  4. 4. Your Life Tell those you love that you love them Share what’s important to you Impart wisdom from lessons learned Give out thank you’s
  5. 5. Unfinished Revisit regrets: Clear your conscience with confessions Offer apologies Allow forgiveness of others Plan and live your dreams Wildest Dreams
  6. 6. Thought on Death Ponder your beliefs in an afterlife Reflect on your religious/ spiritual philosophy Discuss any concerns about death/dying 
  7. 7. Legal Issues Create your will/trust Put in place a living will &/or powers of attorney Name executor & proxy and review your wishes 
  8. 8. Medical Wishes Discuss and put in writing thoughts on: Life support D-N-R directives Organ donation Autopsy Give copies of AMDs to family and doctors   Elmhurst Memorial
  9. 9. Last Days Envision: Where are you? Hospital or Home?  Who’s near? What surrounds you? Would you like hospice care? Who should your loved ones notify at the end? 
  10. 10. Service Which would you prefer burial or cremation? What sort of service/ memorial? Have arrangements been made? Any extra touches?
  11. 11. Loved Ones & Stuff Establish guardians for your kids (& pets) Consider granting a blessing to remarry   Who do you want to inherit your money & stuff?
  12. 12. Information List your vital stats Where are the important papers & passwords? Who are the need-to-know people?  Where are the keys/any other pertinent items?
  13. 13. Lastly Leave some love behind How do you want to be remembered? What do you want your legacy to be? Convey any last wishes...
  14. 14. Trust me, even if you need to prompt them a little, your family wants to know how your life is going, what’s important to you, and how (if possible) you want your end to play out. So think about it, organize yourself, and then have THE TALK; you won’t be here to hear it but rest assured your family will be thankful you did. For more information and as a tool to capture your thoughts, check out MLW… you’ll love it! Wishing you a happy, happy life and, when your time comes, a good death. ©